10 Amazing New Inventions You Need To See


We are constantly being bombarded with advertisements for a variety of products that all claim to be incredible, and ready to revolutionize our lives. But with advertisements being shown everywhere we look, it’s hard to weed out the amazing inventions from the tacky gadgets. How many times a day do you see yet another new advertisement for a brand new cellphone that’s just like your current one, but slightly bigger? In our video, we’ll show you an amazing cellphone that can actually heal itself. No more cracked screens for you! Some inventions are simple, but brilliant, like the Catnani. If you’ve ever tried and failed to keep your cat off the counter or table, maybe using a robot can help. Speaking of robots, we have all used the expression “it isn’t brain surgery.” Well, it turns out that brain surgery is being automated to such an extent that it’s much easier and safer than it was in the past. In terms of medical advancements, we’ll also show you the synthetic molecule that is going to keep you safe from super bacteria. We’ve all wanted our own sonic screwdriver, but the Scio molecular scanner might be the next best thing. It may not be made out of biomaterials, but the artificial pancreas can be a lifesaver for people with diabetes. And if you’ve ever felt silly as you tried to snowshoe, the flux snowshoe will have you standing tall and striding across the snow with ease.