10 Amazing Makeup Artists Who NAILED Their Costumes


When it comes to Halloween costumes, you really can’t beat the professionals. Their Halloween makeup is next level awesome. From well-known characters to their own freaky creations, these are 10 amazing makeup artists who NAILED their costumes.

It’s staggering to see the makeup transformations these pros go through to morph into their look of choice. Some even go so far as to come up with loads of looks, taking part in Instagram challenges like 31 days of Halloween or 31 faces of Halloween.

So what are our favorite makeup artists’ Halloween costumes? Let’s start with Argenis Pinal’s Wonder Woman costume. It’ll show you a whole new way to use your Anastasia Beverly Hills contouring palette! If you’re a fan of IT 2017, then you’ll love Ellimacs’ Pennywise costume. Or how about “Ghostbusters”? You’ll be amazed at this Slimer costume. There’s even a Balrog costume from “Lord of the Rings” and a Fiona Shrek costume too. As for twisted Disney princesses, you’ve never seen your favorite characters looking so freaky.

From monster makeup and zombie makeup to Noma Bar Fanta cans on your actual face and AHS Cult beehive makeup, we’ve seen it all. And we’re seriously impressed. We’ll show you how to recreate these looks for yourself, what products to use, and give you all the inspiration you need for your best Halloween ever. Prepare to be terrified and amazed all at once!

Watch our video to see 10 amazing makeup artists who NAILED their costumes, and tell us which one you think is best!