10 Amazing Life Hacks You probably Never Knew


Your life is likely filled with all sorts of rules, regulations and deadlines. It can all get pretty stressful, frustrating and expensive at times. To help you out we’ve gathered together 10 life hacks to help ease a bit of your burden. From food to entertainment to vehicle maintenance, we’ve got you covered my friend. We’ll start off by showing you how easy it is to waterproof a pair of old shoes so you don’t need to worry about wet feet. If you’re really into sports but don’t wear that old jersey anymore because it has a certain player’s name on it, we’ll give you a pretty easy fix. Who doesn’t love takeout? The problem is that the food always cools by the time you get it home. We’ll show you how a feature in many cars can help you out. Dropped a ring behind a shelf? Lost a screw down an air duct? There’s a hack involving your vacuum cleaner that can save the day. Many of us wear collared shirts but often reach that frustrating point where the collar has curled or bent from too much to use. Put that hefty iron away because we have a much simpler and quicker fix. If you’ve got a piece of wooden furniture that has scratches on it, don’t worry about expensive repairs and chemicals – try a walnut. Speaking of useful, that toothpaste you clean your teeth with can also give your headlights a brighter shine. If you’re at a hotel and find there either aren’t enough plugs or you forgot your charger, we have a possible fix that involves the TV in the room. Cutting the cable but worried about the lack of local channels on streaming devices? Not a problem. We have a hack that just might get you some free and legal over-the-air HD. Finally, we’ll end off as we started – with shoes. We all like to keep our shoes looking new. Avoid the costly chemicals and special cleansers and turn to your standard spot remover to keep those kicks looking new.