10 AMAZING Kids You Won't Believe Actually Exist


There are certain children that will make your jaw drop, like these 10 amazing kids you won’t believe actually exist. Some of them have extraordinary conditions and appearances. Others have unbelievable abilities. And some are changing the world at a tender age. What they all have in common is that they’re amazing. Learn more about their unique stories in our video.

Children with rare conditions sometimes get a lot of media attention, especially when their parents are too poor to afford treatment. And then the rest of the world gets to share in their incredible stories, and donate money to get them the operations they so desperately need. Kang Kang was dubbed ‘mask boy’ by the press because of his unusual appearance that resembles a second face. And Xiao Meng was called ‘Hobbit Boy’ by his classmates because of his hugely swollen feet. Both of these Chinese boys were able to have surgery thanks to donations.

Other children aren’t so lucky, as their conditions are untreatable. Like Pan Xianhang, whose neighbors call him ‘Fish Boy’ because his body is covered in thick scales. His Ichthyosis cannot be cured. It’s understandable that some parents are devastated when their child is born with a rare condition. But Biswajit and Parul Patro showed amazing positivity when their son was born looking like an elderly man. His excessive wrinkles, sunken eyes and shrunken body earned him the nickname the ‘Real Life Benjamin Button’. But his parents were overjoyed with their ‘miracle’ son.

There are children who are so moved by facts they learn at school that they take action to help others. Like Cassandra Lin, who at just 10 years old tackled the fossil fuel issue by setting up a project to turn used cooking oil from restaurants into biodiesel to warm the homes of families in need. Ryan Hreljac was just six when he started fundraising to drill a well in Uganda. Just four years later he set up the Ryan's Well Foundation, which has now helped a staggering 1,000 communities in 16 countries.

Our video also includes children with unusual abilities, like Daliyah Marie Arana, who managed to read an incredible number of books by the tender age of four. And Charlie Parker, who started following in Steve Irwin’s footsteps at the age of three when he wrestled a crocodile. And then there’s Nandana Unnikrishnan, who has the most amazing telepathic powers. Learn about them all in our video on 10 amazing kids you won’t believe actually exist, and tell us your thoughts in comments.