10 Amazing Gadgets That Will Replace Cars


It’s been around a hundred and thirty years since the first cars were devised and manufactured. Although the appearance has changed considerably, the basic functions of this horse-and-buggy replacement has remained the same. They’ve only improved with time. Cars have become sleeker and faster over the years. They now conserve more energy, have more storage space and are available in a larger variety for more consumers than ever before. Yet, these 10 Amazing Gadgets will replace cars as we know them today.

The Hub has searched far and wide to find new technologies on the forefront of revolutionizing the way families and individuals move themselves around. Here, you’ll find one-wheeled motorcycles that can balance themselves while driving and be easily stored. You’ll see automotive alternatives from the same company that changed the way we listened to music, used the phone, and personally computed. There are replacements that fly and futuristic vehicles that harness the most powerful energy on the planet. Beyond that, there’s even some forms of mass transit that will take to the roads with faster travel times than ever before.

It’s an ever-changing world out there and after over a century in which the car has reigned supreme, we might start seeing a change in the automotive social order. It will be both incredibly exciting to witness and awesomely beneficial for us to take part in. Adjust your mirrors, step on the gas, and say bye to the past you knew.