10 Amazing Facts About President Trump's Plane


Being President of the United States might be one of the toughest jobs in the world but it is not without its perks. You get to work from home, you can have a voice in any and all policies you care about, you have top chefs cooking for you at all times, and you can fly around the globe in the world’s most famous airplane. But Donald Trump is the first president who may view this all as a step backwards. Before the 2016 election, he was already living the life of a worldly billionaire with his own company, skyscraper and airplane.

As Donald Trump’s moved from semi-private citizen to public figure, he’s been spending more time at his temporary residence, the White House, he’s fighting for Republican causes, and he’s dropping his Boeing 757 in favor of the illustrious Air Force One. Although it hasn’t been modified and customized to fit “the Donald’s” liking, Air Force One is longer than his personal plane and, let’s face it, there aren’t any Harrison Ford movies named BOEING 757.

TheHub’s going to give you 10 Amazing Facts About Donald Trump’s Plane, in all its glory. We’re going to analyze the price tag, discuss the cockpit, and check out the bathrooms and bedrooms - lined with silks, fine wood, gold leaf. We’ll lay in the convertible seats and enjoy the state of the art entertainment system while cruising at top speeds. We’ll keep it quicker than a flight from New York to DC and if you get bored, you can tweet about it.