10 Amazing Discoveries Hidden In Popular Video Games


One of our favorite things about video games is the amount of time and effort developers put into creating entire gaming universes out of nothing. They often put their heart and soul into tiny discoveries and Easter eggs that can go unnoticed if you’re not paying attention. Take for example Doug Rattmann from the Portal series--he originally is only known because of the Ratman dens but fans loved the idea behind his character so much that he gets a background story in Portal 2. We still haven’t seen the mysterious character but we hope that he’s still alive wandering the corridors of the Aperture Laboratories trying to develop Schrodinger’s cat. Then there’s the Double Rainbow reference in Borderlands 2--how a Youtube video like that became part of the game is still making us scratch our heads, but it makes for a pretty cool scene of what Mother Nature can do if we’re paying attention. The best part is that Claptrap or Handsome Jack, whichever character gets to quote the lines from the original Double Rainbow video get a quick break from their usual crude humor and dark lives to take a moment to appreciate life and nature. Who could forget one of our favorite weapons, Mr. Toots? A unicorn that shoots rainbow lasers out of his bum--not only are the lasers pretty to look at, but they also do a fair amount of damage making the game even more fun and comical. We just wish that Mr. Toots would stop having that pained expression so we didn’t feel so guilty about using his awesome gaseous powers to lay waste to the enemies in Red Faction: Armageddon.