10 AMAZING Barbies From Around The World


Did you know that the original Barbie doll was named after Barbara Handler, the founder’s daughter? And that the doll actually got transformed from the original German doll for adults called Bild Lilli? But many countries weren’t happy with how these dolls were portrayed, so they created their very own version of Barbies. We bet you can find a Barbie doll alternative everywhere you go.

Ever heard of Hijarbie? The term took the Internet by storm, and it belongs to the 24-year-old Haneefah Adam from Nigeria. She wanted to create a Barbie doll that dressed like her. As there are no Muslim Barbie dolls in Mattel’s collection, she decided to make her own version and document her creativity on Instagram. Her account became hugely popular, and Haneefah continues to outline the beauty of Muslim Barbie dolls.

Nigeria also has one of the most best-selling Barbie doll alternatives called Queens of Africa. These Barbies embrace African culture in body and spirit. You can find three models, and each of them represents a popular African tribe. Queens of Africa are also really rocking the African fashion and are gorgeously styled from head to toe.

Another popular Barbie doll alternative is called Pullip, and you can find it in South Korea. These fashionable dolls have adorably large heads and big eyes, which are completely customizable. Pullips are a huge hit, and the company releases new dolls almost every month!