10 Alternate Stories Of Disney Princesses In Other Countries Part 2


If you’ve ever wondered what Disney Princesses would look like if they were more diverse, you don’t have to wonder any longer. Disney has made strides to include a more culturally diverse princess lineup, but it’s still fun to see the characters reimagined with different racial makeups. A group of talented artists, including T.T. Brett, juliajm15, and Dylan Bonner, have given them makeovers that completely change their looks.

These raceent images have transformed the princesses in ways that will shock you. The stunning photographs depict Anna, Rapunzel, Merida, Mulan and Elsa in ways you’ve never seen them before. One of the most notable makeovers is Ariel. A guy surprised his Indian girlfriend by having her drawn to resemble a few of her favorite characters, including the “Little Mermaid” star. When you see Ariel with her dark skin and hair, you’ll be shocked!

Elsa from “Frozen” was also recreated into an African-American woman. Everything from her skin color to her hair was changed, and her features were also altered slightly. Seeing Elsa in her new form really makes us wish Disney would release alternate versions of all of their movies featuring these recent creations!

If you’d like to see more amazing photos of Disney princesses in other countries, make sure to watch this video! Leave us a comment and let us know which Disney princess' transformation wowed you the most!