10 Alleged Mistresses of Professional Wrestlers


As is the case with other celebrities, it’s not uncommon to hear of instances of infidelity among professional wrestlers. They’re generally famous, financially successful, in peak physical condition, and on the road away from their families for most of the year. In fact, wrestlers actually end up hooking up with each other more often than you might think.

Of course, most of this is speculation. There are random rumors, anonymous accounts, and one-sided stories that say all sorts of things about the wrestlers we know and love, and it’s difficult to decipher what is real and what is total BS. For our part, we tried to hone this list as to eliminate completely unsubstantiated claims.

Also, so there are no total surprises, chicks can cheat on dudes just like dudes can cheat on chicks - so there will be some “manstresses” in here too. I know, I know, it’s hard to accept, but as Danny Trejo said in Anchorman, “Times are changing, ladies can do stuff now, and you’re gonna have to learn to deal with it.