10 Adult Jokes In Star Vs The Forces Of Evil


“Star vs The Forces of Evil” is a fantastic Disney XD cartoon that’s been around since 2015. And as of April 2018 it features three full seasons, with fourth one on its way. The story follows the adventures of Star, Marco, Ferguson, and plenty of other crazy characters that are battling against some of the most ridiculous monsters you have ever seen. The show has amazing character, a beautiful story, and an avid fan base that can’t wait for new episodes to come. This wacky Disney XD cartoon is also well-received by the critics!

But along with exceptional storyline and hilarious sense of humor, “Star vs The Forces of Evil” also has some moments for adults. Some of them are adult jokes while others are scenes that went totally over kids’ heads, but have a completely different meaning for everyone else. Check out these 10 adult jokes in “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” you never noticed before!