10 Accidentally Sexy Moments in the WWE


During the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras (and to a lesser extent, the Golden Era), WWE put a lot of effort into pushing sexy storylines, characters, and matches, going as far as including intentional nudity and cross-promoting with companies like Playboy and Girls Gone Wild. They even staged a “live sex” show featuring Edge and Lita back in 2006, which actually came with some bonus, unplanned, and uncensored nudity.

However, not every facet of the WWE involves sex. (Some even involve wrestling!) And since 2008, the promotion has attempted to clean up its act for PG audiences. But when you combine live programming and skimpy attire, it’s a sure recipe for wardrobe malfunctions.

With that knowledge in mind, the WWE has attempted to capitalize on this phenomena by staging their own intentional malfunctions from time to time, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss today. What the following 10 WWE moments have in common are that all were real, sexy, and totally accidental.