10 Accidentally Inappropriate Signs That Will Make You Laugh


Signs are everywhere. They direct us, tell us where to go and keep us safe on the road. Frankly, from speed limit signs to stop signs, they are usually pretty boring. But, now and then you may come across a hilarious sign that breaks all the rules, maybe without even meaning to be.

Even church signs can be funny when they threaten to baptize people who park in the church parking lot. Churches have become famous for their hilarious signs and had coverage from numerous websites.

Street signs have the most potential for hilarity. One road in the Alaska is lined with the funniest signs. The reason behind the outrageous signs on this street is more chivalrous than you would think. The funny signs are meant to keep drivers awake as they make their way up the steep road. The signs include a mosquito carrying a man away, “beware of fallen coconuts” signs and “freeway ends” signs.

When it comes to hilarity, street signs are only trumped by bathroom signs. Usually, in a restroom, you would expect to see signs asking you to wash your hands or directing you to the correct bathroom. But, the restroom signs that we found were not ordinary in the least. From signs depicting people standing up and leaning over to pee to signs urging people not to poop in certain trash cans, one thing is clear. People could use some help in the restroom etiquette department.