What do cowboys, submarine captains, fighter pilots, miners and the heiress to a firearm fortune have in common? Their ghosts most likely haunt these 10 Abandoned Places You Never Knew Existed. From boomtowns in the Wild Wild West to mining villages in the American Northeast, homes, trading centers and attractions have thrived or died based people’s willingness to live in and around them. As people migrate to new areas, landscapes become empty, night skies darken, and entire industries fizzle out. That’s what causes these locations to wither and decay off the beaten path. So TheHub’s gone off the grid to find them.

Trudge through the graveyard town in the shadow of Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung – a volcano poised to erupt any moment. Visit the rusty ghost ships of the Mothball Naval Fleet off the coast of San Francisco, the windswept Aircraft Boneyard in Arizona and the flooded Balaklava Submarine Base in Crimea. Sail adrift at sea long enough and you’ll come across England’s stilted Maunsell Forts. Comb through the Belgian countryside and you’ll come across the cavernous Charleroi power plant. Enjoy mazes, you’ll never find one as windy as California’s Winchester Mystery House but don’t go to the Pripyat Amusement Park expecting any of its attractions to be in working order. And if you’re arrested for trespassing, you won’t be thrown into the Eastern State Penitentiary – just thank your maker that this place has been out of working order for years.

With TheHub, you’ll be able to fully explore these forgotten back alleys and out-of-the-way outposts.