Top 10 Heaviest Wrestlers Of All Time

The sport of wrestling as we know it is a place where big men get in the ring and mix it up. Usually the guys that we watch in the ring are huge, and are very quick and muscular as well as being extremely athletic. It is amazing guys that big can do what they do. Then there are the "giants", who are wrestlers that are just enormous, but still have the ability to move around and do a few moves. Then, on occasion in wrestling, there has been a wrestler who is just incredibly fat, but somehow can still move around the ring. The finishing move for this guy is just falling on top of someone for the pin.

These wrestlers are the heaviest in wrestling history. Although we are using the weights that they reported, and we know that they might be inflated a little bit, we know these guys truly are mammoth.  While they might not be the healthiest looking guys out there in the ring, most of these wrestlers had a lot of success in the ring.  But for all you kids out there, eating an enormous amount of food and blowing up to 700 pounds is probably not the best way to get into professional wrestling, or to live a long life for that matter.

Here is TheRichest's list of the Top 10 Heaviest Wrestlers of All Time.

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10 Nelson Frazier Jr – 487 lbs

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Frazier weighed in at 487 pounds. He sadly passed away last year at the young age of 43. He's well known to wrestling fans of all sorts of eras under all sorts of names.  He wrestled as Mabel, Viscera, and Big Daddy V.  He was remarkably agile for such an enormous guy and had a fair amount of success as a wrestler. While in the ring he looked menacing, word is that in real life Nelson was a really nice guy. He was a true wrestling vagabond and  wrestled for many different leagues all over the world, even performing in a Japanese wrestling league.

9 The Big Show – 500 lbs

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There isn't a wrestling fan in the world who doesn't know the Big Show, who weighs in at a whopping 500 pounds, but still just comes in 9th on this list. When 500 pounds is 9th you know there are some heavy dudes to come.  He wears his 500 pounds a bit better than a lot of others on this list as he stands 7 feet tall. He has been enormously successful in the ring with 7 world championships and 11 tag team championships to his name. He also has had some success as an actor. The Big Show, even at 500 pounds, is one of the more mobile wrestlers on this list.

8 Akebono – 514 lbs

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Okay, so maybe it goes without saying, but would you really want to be in the ring with this guy? Akebono was quick on his feet, and was huge, weighing in at 514 pounds. There was nothing fake about this guy, at all. He was 6'8'' and was one of the best sumo wrestlers in Japan, then when that was over he briefly appeared in kickboxing and mixed martial arts. After that he became a wrestler and had a lot of success. While he doesn't wrestle in the United States anymore, he still competes in Japan, where at age 46 he is still a terror in the ring.

7 Andre The Giant – 520 lbs

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All right, this is getting a little nuts. When Andre the Giant is number 7 on the list you know some serious weight is on its way. Andre, who weighed in at 520 pounds, is arguably the most famous wrestler in history. He truly was a legend. He not only was incredibly successful in the ring but was well known for his role in "The Princess Bride" and many other movies. Stories of his drinking and eating exploits were legendary.  Andre was still somewhat mobile at his weight, but the thing he really had going for him was how much of a mammoth he was.

6 Yokozuna – 568 lbs

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Weighing in at 568 pounds, Yokozuna was mammoth. He was portrayed as a sumo wrestler, but that wasn't true, he actually was from Samoa, and a very successful one at that. Even though he was not Japanese, he was managed by Mr. Fuji, who would follow him into the ring throwing rice and waving a Japanese flag. He won two individual championships and two tag team championships with Owen Hart, his unlikely partner. He was on his way to becoming a true legend, but tragically died in a hotel room in his early 30s.

5 Man Mountain Mike – 600+lbs

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This guy was just plain old huge. Man Mountain Mike truly lived up to his name. While there was no doubt the guy was fat, he could still move around a bit. He wrestled in a variety of leagues in the 60s and 70s and believe it or not used to wrestle in a tag team with Haystacks Calhoun, who is next on the list. Now that is terrifying. After wrestling for quite a while, Mike retired and opened "Man Mountain Mike's Dry Cleaners." Can't make this stuff up. Like most people on this list, other than Big Show and Akebono, Mad Mountain Mike died young.

4 Haystacks Calhoun – 625 lbs

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Haystacks was the man back in the golden days of wrestling, he was one of the most popular wrestlers of his time. He was a 624-pound hillbilly that somehow still managed to be cool.  He was thought of as the pioneer of the big guys in pro wrestling. Word is that he weighed 300 pounds by the time he was 14 years old. The thing about Calhoun was he actually had a wide variety of grappling moves, and for a guy that was well over 600 pounds he could get around the ring just fine. His finishing move was called the Big Splash. Tell me that doesn't sound terrifying.

3 Giant Haystacks – 630 lbs

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Giant Haystacks was originally from England and wrestled all over the world. He truly was a giant, not only did he weigh 630 pounds but he stood almost 7 feet tall. He was a laborer and a bouncer until a friend suggested he take up wrestling and get paid for being so enormous, which obviously was a good idea.  He was a true vagabond and wrestled in many leagues. He joined the WCW in 1996 and began a feud with Hulk Hogan, which tragically was cut short when he was diagnosed with cancer.  Giant Haystacks passed away at the age of 52.

2 The McGuire Twins – 770 lbs (each)

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Okay so in this sort of list it had to happen sooner or later. While everyone else on the list is huge but still a bit athletic, or at least freakishly strong, the McGuire twins were just really, really fat. They made the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's heaviest twins.  Can you imagine wrestling these guys? Or, actually, can you imagine these guys wrestling at all?  One of the twins sadly died at age 32 while riding his motorcycle to Ripley's Believe It Or Not.  Once again, you simply cannot make this stuff up.

1 Happy Humphrey – 800 lbs

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Humphrey was huge, 800 pounds huge. He was also known for his strength. He was a farm worker before he began to wrestle, and actually started his wrestling career in 1953 when he wrestled a bear for 28 minutes. He was weighed before matches on a factory meat scale. He once became stuck in a telephone booth in Alabama and it took 8 police officers to get him out. In another version of "you can't make this stuff up" he had to retire due to a heart condition, and then lost an unbelievable 570 pounds. He lived into his early 60s.

Sources: en.wikipedia.org

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