5One Fan Crawled Through A Vent To Get To Ricky Martin

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When it comes to creativity, this particular fan encounter may just take the cake. The Puerto Rican singer, Ricky Martin, retold the event during an interview with British TV Show This Morning as he claims that someone once broke into a hotel ventilation system to get

into the stars room.

During the interview, Martin stated “[I was] walking around my room naked and I hear this [noise]. I’m like, someone is in this room. They were in the vents. They found a way to into the ventilation of the room. But you know what, I had to take a picture with them, and [sign] autographs and everything, because really, they were… I’m still talking about it.”

Despite Martin’s take on the event, it must be scary to realize that some fans will stop at nothing to meet their idols.


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