There's A 5-Second Video That Will Crash Your iPhone And You Won't Even Know It's Happening

Better make sure to open only trusted videos on your iPhone!

The Verge's Tom Warren took it upon himself to show the world a new iPhone exploit designed to make your phone crash, and it all starts with a five-second video link:

The insidious nature of the exploit is that you won't know you've become a victim of it until it's too late. The way it works is the video continually attempts to play a loop in the background, which over time brings your phone to a grinding halt.

The only way to get out of the crash is to soft-reset the phone by holding down the power and home buttons. A hard-reset, as mentioned in the video above by Warren, would actually wipe the phone and restore it to its original settings.  That would have to be done by an in-store technician, and in the case of this exploit, isn't necessary.


The video is currently making rounds as a rather annoying prank, so be careful when opening links from friends!

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