The 15 Hottest FHM Spreads

It isn’t a new concept for men’s magazines to showcase scantily-clad women on their covers, since even Sports Illustrated has their Swimsuit Edition. Yet, not all men’s magazines are on the same page

It isn’t a new concept for men’s magazines to showcase scantily-clad women on their covers, since even Sports Illustrated has their Swimsuit Edition. Yet, not all men’s magazines are on the same page when it comes to how their covers should be shot. Stuff magazine was infamous for its hyper-sexualized cover photos, but they recently changed their stance on how they want to portray women.

Although Stuff magazine is known as an electronics and gadgets resource, it seemed strange to coin it as a men’s magazine. Since research shows that women are the biggest consumers in the household, it’s interesting for a magazine to try and cater toward only a male audience. Recognizing that this is a fault, Stuff magazine announced in 2014 that they would no longer be featuring sexy models on their covers.

Yet, FHM continues to pump out provocative covers and pictorial spreads. While the magazine originates in Europe, the covers and spreads highlight more than just British models and actresses. Spreading out to include every nationality, FHM is the go-to magazine for all things provocative – including beautiful women in scantily-clad ensembles.

The magazine has had more than their fair share of celebrities, both on the cover and in their pictorial spreads. Even Rachel Ray posed for a spread inside FHM, but seeing her propped up on a kitchen counter holding a strainer isn’t exactly the things that dreams are made of. Check out our list of the 15 hottest FHM spreads, and see which of these beauties have created the steamiest pictorial shoots.

15 Lene Nystrom


Lene Nystrom, better known by her stage name Lene, is the lead vocalist of the group Aqua. As the lead to a Danish-Norwegian pop group, she is a singer-songwriter that once broke off into a solo career in the early 2000’s. Although she had a successful solo career for four years, she returned to the group in 2007 and continues to have a successful run with the Aqua reunion. Featured on the cover of the Danish edition of FHM magazine, Lene posed in an ultra sexy black swimsuit with a deep V-neck and straps. While the cover was sexy enough, it was the inside pictorial spread that had people looking at her in a whole new light. At thirty years old, she was sexy enough to compete with any of the young twenty-year olds that are usually featured in magazines. Her pictorial spread showed her in nothing but a thong and a tight tank top, laying on plush carpeting with a sultry look. With her butt in the air and a sultry look, Lene proved she still had it and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it.

14 Lisa Haydon


Lisa Haydon is a model and actress that is best known for her role in Bollywood productions, but has also starred in a number of successful comedies and dramas. While her sister had already made a name for herself in the modeling industry, Lisa Haydon has since pursued modeling and a number of different ventures. Collaborating with Sher Singh for a career in fashion, and donning numerous magazine covers around the world, Haydon has proven herself as her own woman. In 2010 she was named best model for Marie Claire, and was proclaimed the best model and most stylish persona in 2009 for the Cosmopolitan Fun and Fearless Awards. In May 2015, Haydon was featured in a spread for FHM where she sported a black swimsuit with seductive cutouts. While there have been a number of other beauties that have posed in far more provocative outfits, Haydon brings a sultry look that can’t be defined by just what she’s wearing.

13 Tracy McGregor


Tracy McGregor is a South African beauty that has made quite a life out of her modeling career. When Playboy magazine was in search of a cover model for Playboy South Africa, Tracy McGregor was the obvious choice. In an interview with the prestigious magazine, McGregor talked about what her thoughts were when she was asked to participate in the pictorial. She stated, “I said I might as well just do this, plus all the top girls in the world have posed for Playboy, so why not I?” While her shoots for FHM weren’t completely topless, she got pretty darn close with some ultra provocative underboob shots. Donning pretty pink polka dot panties and some gold pumps, McGregor is giving a “come hither” look that proves she was the perfect choice for a pictorial spread in FHM. While it may not have been as enticing as her Playboy shoot, it came pretty darn close.

12 Brittney Palmer


Brittney Palmer is a famed Octagon girl that has created waves for how hot she is on and off the television screen. While fans have fallen in love with her as a UFC Ring Girl, the public became aware of her troubles in her personal life once it became known in all of the headlines. While her marriage to Aaron Zalewski brought  audiences to feeling that this would be a storybook wedding, it turned into more of a nightmare once it was made public that he was physically abusive once they were married. In 2015, the couple got into an argument that ended with her husband throwing her around and choking her. The beating was so brutal that Zalewski was initially charged with attempted murder. Allegedly the argument stemmed from Zalewski’s jealousy, but it was surprising that he would become so insanely jealous with her. Known for her over-the-top provocative ways, taking a look back at some of her FHM spreads would get anyone’s blood boiling.

11 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is known for letting it all hang out in pictorial spreads, and even posts her own provocative pics on various social media sites. Yet, there was a time when her star hadn’t yet reached its full potential. The first season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired in late 2007, and fans were just started to get to know this new type of celebrity. In 2009, she was featured in a swimsuit spread for FHM South Africa, but looking back the pictorial seems tame compared to her Paper magazine fully nude shots. Regardless of the fact that it seems a bit tame, there’s no denying how sexy she looks in a white string bikini (pre-babies). Not as heavily made up as she usually appears now and looking a bit slimmer than we’re used to, she looks like a much more fresh-faced beauty than her contrived look of today. That early in her career, it was a photo shoot that helped her to appeal to a much wider audience.

10 Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook is an English model that branched off into acting, and has starred in a number of different roles on television and film. She was featured in the film, Piranha 3D, and even had a stint on the NBC sitcom, One Big Happy. She is currently filming a show for Channel 5 in the UK, It’s Not Me It’s You, and is often seen making headlines with her boyfriend, Jeremy Parisi. Known for her voluptuous body type, she often flaunts her buxom bosom out and about in the streets of Europe. She’s posed numerous times for FHM magazine, but it was her spread in the October 2012 issue that turned the most heads. Posing in black lingerie on all white linens, even the bed seemed enticing. From the seductive look to the voluptuous body, it’s refreshing to see a model that isn’t the same old toothpick form often seen in models.

9 Carly Baker


Carly Baker was first introduced to the public as a ring girl, and became UFC’s first European ring girl. She gained a huge amount of notoriety for her signature look, and even starred in an ultra steamy video strip for ZOO magazine. She was featured in the December issue for FHM magazine in 2015, posing provocatively in a black and white striped leotard. While it had an ultra high neckline, the spread proved that she didn’t have to reveal her cleavage to be portrayed in a sexy way. Other ensembles include a sheer black swimsuit and a simple tank top with sexy black stockings and a garter belt. While the pictorial was ultra sexy, it does seem a bit tame compared to her fellow models that have been featured in the magazine. To give some insight into her thoughts on provocative shoots, she was asked whether or not she would pose for Playboy. She responded, “I wouldn’t say no—who could turn Hugh Hefner down? But I’d have to give it a good think.”

8 Mayra Veronica


Mayra Veronica is a model, singer, and television personality that rose to fame on Spanish TV. As a Cuban-born American model, she became a favorite on Univision’s Don Francisco Presenta. She has appeared in a number of music videos and commercials, which helped to gain the attention of FHM magazine in the U.S. Making FHM’s "Top 100 Sexiest Women In The World" list four years in a row, she became an instant favorite since she first appeared in the magazine in 2003. Back in 2007, Scott Kritz, FHM Editor-in-Chief, gave an interview to Hot Indie News saying, “Mayra has the star quality found in very few artists today. We knew from our first photo shoot with Mayra back in 2003 that she was the type of artist who would evolve into a pop phenomenon. The degree of sexiness Mayra exudes in this photo shoot alone is nothing short of incredible.” While she’s been in the magazine a number of times, it is her thong shots that are the definite money makers. In a stage of undress and with a winning smile, she is definitely a Latin beauty that deserves a top spot for FHM pictorial spreads.

7 Keeley Hazell


Keeley Hazell is a British model that had a huge amount of success in Europe, and then moved to the U.S. to pursue an acting career. Although she landed a feature role in Horrible Bosses 2, it’s her modeling features that are still the standouts of her professional career. She has donned the cover of FHM magazine more than six times, and she is a favorite for pictorial spreads inside. Each cover seems to be more provocative than the next, from donning keyhole underwear to sheer lingerie. A number of the covers feature underboob shots, which seems like a favorite pose for this British beauty. Yet, it’s her straddling position sitting down that truly shows off all of her womanly curves. From her full bosom to her soft curves, she definitely knows how to pull off that girl-next-door look with ease. While she hasn’t yet fulfilled her dream of being a regular film actress onscreen, with looks like hers she is well on her way.

6 Michelle Keegan


Michelle Keegan is a British actress that was a regular on the acclaimed show, Coronation Street, and BBC’s Ordinary Lies. Using the success from her television acting to branch out in her career, she went on tour throughout Europe to play Tinkerbell in a production of Peter Pan in 2014. In 2011, she posed on the cover of FHM magazine, but that wasn’t the only time she appeared in the magazine. In 2015, Keegan was awarded the title of “Sexiest Woman in The World” by FHM magazine, and it’s not difficult to see why. With her dark hair and eyes, Keegan has a super- sultry look with friendly features. In March 2013 she was featured in an FHM spread that coined her the “Girl of your Dreams,” in a variety of stages of undress from unzipping her frock to showing off some sex appeal with a little quirkiness. In the spread, she was asked, “What’s your signature move?” While you’d think she would have a bunch of sexy moves to rattle through, she responded, “Stand there with a drink in my hand, swaying. If I dance, I try to make a joke out of it.”

5 Amy Willerton


Amy Willerton won the title of Miss Universe Great Britain and was involved in the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. She is a celebrated model and television personality, and even competed in the reality show, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. She has been featured in FHM magazine a number of times, including an ultra sexy-cover with a deep V-neck black swimsuit. Yet, it’s her spread pictorials that really stand out for their sex appeal. One of the favorites includes a white and black ensemble with high heels. With flawless legs and an ultra-toned body, Willerton features long flowing blonde locks and a sultry look. With one strap hanging loosely on her arm, she proves that she doesn’t need any background setup to help make her standout as a beauty icon. Since she finished at 5th place during her stint on the British reality show competition, audiences saw that she isn’t just a pretty face. With a competitive spirit and the willingness to get down and dirty, nothing is sexier than a woman that can stand on her own (even in the jungle).

4 Rachel Stevens


Rachel Stevens was first introduced to audiences as a member of the pop group, S Club. The popularity of the group helped to launch her solo career, and she debuted her first solo album in 2003. As a celebrated singer/songwriter, she became a highly sought after television personality. She competed on the British version of Dancing with the Stars, and came in second place on the BBC One series, Strictly Come Dancing. She was also a mentor on The X Factor and a judge on The Voice of Ireland. In 2014, Stevens was awarded the title of FHM’s “Sexiest Woman Of All Time.” While she’s been featured on the cover and inside the magazine a number of times, but it is her July 2014 spread that had the most tongues wagging. Featured in lingerie, she posed in a number of highly provocative positions in each photo. She is quoted in the magazine as saying, “I like being sexy in a more sensual way, in a womanly way, instead of an in-your-face-way.”

3 Halle Berry


Halle Berry is one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood, and has broken barriers throughout her career. From being one of the few black Bond girls ever to be portrayed onscreen to being the only African American woman to win the Best Actress award at the Academy Awards, she has proven that she is far more than just a pretty face. While she’s done numerous magazine covers throughout her professional career, it was the spread in the 2012 July issue of FHM magazine that was a standout for this sultry actress. The cover features Berry in a white swimsuit and boxing gloves, and the pictorial spread highlights this same look. While it might be a bit difficult to wear a swimsuit with a completely loose and cutout front portion, it definitely looks good in the photo. Showcasing her natural breasts, Berry shows that form trumps function in this super-sexy swimsuit choice.

2 Elle Liberachi


Elle Liberachi is a British model with a French and Italian heritage. She has adorned the cover of numerous magazines throughout her professional career, and has had a number of covers and pictorial spreads for FHM magazine. It was her spread in FHM South Africa for the October issue in 2009 that was arguably the sexiest. Completely topless and wearing nothing but a pair of black stockings, she showed off some serious side boob and a bare bottom that raised more than a few eyebrows. This isn’t exactly a new concept for Liberachi, since she has often posed topless for FHM and other magazines. Yet, this 2009 issue takes it to another level. Whether laying down to show off her bare bottom or sitting up to let her breasts be covered by nothing but her long flowing blonde locks, Liberachi looks like a true sex Goddess to be worshipped by all.

1 Vida Guerra


Cuban-born model Vida Guerra was first introduced to audiences through her appearance in the U.S. version of FHM magazine in 2002. Yet her appearance in the magazine led to a number of other opportunities that furthered her career as a model and public persona. Long before Kim Kardashian was known for her overly buxom butt, Vida Guerra was the go-to person for those enticed by an extra large backside. Guerra was featured in a number of music videos and even made club appearances due to the fame brought to her by her pictorials. She was featured a number of times in the magazine, from swimsuit shots to a photo shoot complete with sudsy bubbles. Yet it was her red lingerie pictorial that was arguably the steamiest shoot in the magazine. What could be better than one photo of Vida Guerra – three versions of her in a red string thong-lingerie set! To bad it was just to hot to show here but we're sure you can find it if you look hard enough.

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The 15 Hottest FHM Spreads