10 Awesome Golf Carts You Won't Believe

Golf may be known as a gentleman’s game, but that’s not always evident by what they are driving on the golf courses. For the filthy rich, owning a high-end golf cart is a must. These fine “mini” automobiles come with all the perks you’d expect and most importantly, have the look that turns heads. It’s the little, or “mini” things in life.

If you want one of these top rides you are going to have to pay for it with high-end golf carts ranging in price from $5,000 to more than $50,000. Of course, some are more practical than others. The BW1 Hovering Golf Cart didn’t make the list because, well, what the hell is this? Bubba Watson’s new cart rides on air, leaving zero print on the ground. This allows golfers to ride onto greens and even the water. I understand how it works, but still am not exactly sure how this works.

Others that didn’t make the list include The Smoothster, a '30s Roadster knockoff that allows for an Alpine radio upgrade. This way you can chill like an old timer and jam on your Alpine just like Eazy-E did. The Shadow is another old-school luxury style golf cart that is predictably sold in the color beige. This is for the golfer that appreciates a smooth ride and looking down at others at the same time. For those that prefer to drive a toy sports car with a plus 20K price tag, then you need to get yourself an F5 golf cart. Make sure you get the Candy Apple Red color. You know what, you should really buy two!

We’ve got big and small, serious and fun and even a Caddy here. Close your eyes and picture that perfect tee, right down the center of the fairway. Got it? Good, now picture yourself rolling down middle in your dream ride. Here are the greatest golf carts in the world.

10 The Brooklyn

Via luxurycarts.com

This is the ride (in white) that I picture P. Diddy cruising around in. Where is he going? Doesn’t matter, he’s in The Brooklyn. It fits six, which is perfect for your foursome, a case of champagne and a trophy. The headlights and grill bring thoughts of a BMW. My favorite part of this vehicle isn’t the look or comfort, but rather that rear golf bag holders cost extra. I mean, is anyone buying this for the course? I think we all know the answer to that. Only question remaining is whether you pick up the champagne before or after you accept your trophy. No wrong answer here folks; either way you are winning.

9 Shelby Cobra

Via boatsandcycles.com


One of my favorite movies is Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra, so you can understand why I got excited over the Officially Licensed Shelby golf cart. The interior is ultra-suede and there are many colors to choose from. There is only one way to cruise around a golf course in a Cobra and that’s feeling good and fast - very fast. Bonus points for anyone who purchases one of these and harasses other golfers, pulling up as they are putting and announcing “they are disease and I’m the cure.” The Cobra is a classic automobile and the golf cart is an almost exact replica.

8 Cadillac Escalade

via hardkorecustoms.com

Good news for “Caddy” people, the golf cart world has you covered. Cool Carts out of Texas have partnered with Cadillac to give you your very own model Escalade. Note that if you are not over fifty years of age and purchase this cart you may be called an old soul (or flat out old), which isn’t bad ... just worth noting. Unfortunately for teenage thieves, the golf cart doesn’t come with a hood ornament, which is a bummer; however, for an extra $150, you can buy a ball washer. I mean you’ve dropped so much cabbage already, might as well go for the ball washer.

7 Shelby GT500

via torquenews.com

Caddyshack, the popular new (or at least most recent) player in the golf cart world has introduced the Shelby GT500, modeled after the Ford Mustang GT500. Here’s the thing, you can buy the actual Mustang for the price of this golf cart (priced over $15K). Okay, so maybe it doesn’t have the same horsepower, but it does have a place to fit two golf bags in the back. This cart is for the person that really (and I mean really) likes Mustangs or for someone that really likes Vanilla Ice and wants to rap about their ride while rolling past the sand trap.

6 The LaBenz

via richestlifestyle.com

Modeled after famed luxury provider Mercedes-Benz, this luxurious golf cart has a tinted windshield and kick-ass aluminum wheels. This model doesn’t disappoint in the looks department, it actually looks like one of those small sporty Benz vehicles. It most likely doesn’t handle as well, but it does boast six seats and many drink holders. Essentially, this is a party golf cart, one made for three couples and several drinks. Hit the links early, have a few cocktails and then pull your ride into the woods for some group love making. Wait, I think I saw a movie like this once…

5 X4 Hybrid

via lacustomcarts.com

If Williamsburg, Brooklyn had a golf course and the hipsters had money, this would be the golf cart they would all have. Created by American Custom Carts, the X4 Hybrid is a modern vehicle with an old-time interior design. You can elect for gas or electric power and can travel up to 200 miles. That’s a long way; you could hop in your X4 Hybrid, play 18 holes in your favorite suburb of L.A. and then drive to Tijuana. Why would you drive a golf cart so far? I don’t know, why would someone pick Tijuana as their destination? Some questions are better left unanswered.

4 Royal Limo

via luxurycarts.com

Fans of bachelor parties, dachshunds and the eighties will love the luxurious Royal Limo from LuxuryCarts.com. Complete with smooth leather seats and an Alpine CD player, this cart is the perfect ride for anyone looking to cut cost for their prom or wants to be “that guy” on the golf course. Apparently this is a limited edition (because, duh), and has six seats: Four for the golfers, one for the driver and one for the photographer. Does David Lee Roth golf? If he does I bet he has one of these- probably cruises around only stopping for karate kicks.

3 Hummer 6 Pack Limo H3

via badassgolfcarts.com

If you enjoy being known as a douchebag on the golf course, look no further for your ride. Bad Ass Golf Carts, a company out of Vegas (of course they are out of Vegas), has a deal in place with Hummer to build these mini tanks to spec. You can get seats made of ostrich or alligator and off-road tires if so desired. The Hummer golf cart offers high speeds and high power which you are going to need if you actually take this out on the links. Being the “dick” of the course means making enemies, the type you need to run from.

2 Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit

via autoevolution.com

Clocking in at over $50K, the Soleil de Minuit is the most expensive golf cart ever made. Garia, a major player in the luxury golf cart space has created a golf ride that incorporates the best of the best. It’s even made in the same factory as Porsche and Volvo. You will love the carbon fiber roof and front-end suspension that was inspired by race cars. Pretty much every accessory is top-notch. There is also a big refrigerator for your beverage of choice or to be used as another place to store your money. It’s so hard to find places to store all of that money!

1 Ford F150 SVT Raptor

via ford-trucks.com

“UNLEASH THE BEAST IN YOU!” is the tagline when you go to Caddyshack’s site to check out the Ford F150 SVT Raptor model golf cart. This is made for cruising around and also for the golf course. It comes in the color Tuxedo Black, which is enough to want one of these. The look of this cart is a nice blend of golf cart and utility vehicle; they didn’t take it too far. Bonus is after you slice your ball into the woods you can drive your ride right into the rubbish and search for your ball. Also, if anyone gets their peasant cart stuck, you can probably pull them out. I mean, you are driving an F-150.

Sources: Caddyshack, Gizmag, Road and Track

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