In 2015, Scientists Claimed They Could Bring Back Dinosaurs Within 5 Years. Time's Almost Up.

A tweet claiming scientists are five years away from recreating dinosaurs that went viral last week is actually from four years ago.

Scientists are doing some pretty remarkable things around the world as you read this. Discovering cures for diseases, taking giant leaps forward in AI technology, venturing further and further into space. All of these are things that we want and need, for the most part. However, there are some scientific advancements that probably need to be reassessed.

Last weekend, a tweet claiming scientists are five years away from recreating living dinosaurs went viral. Pretty understandable as that is a pretty bold claim. As you might have guessed or already seen, the tweet has been replied to on countless occasions with that famous Jeff Goldblum quote from Jurassic Park. "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."


If the thought of dinosaurs returning after a 65 million year absence terrifies you, then we have some bad news. You don't have five years to prepare. If the scientists who first made the claim are on track, you only have a little over a year until dinosaurs return. Inquisitr correctly pointed out this week that the tweet that has gone viral is actually based on information from an interview that took place in June of 2015.

The original interview was conducted by People with a paleontologist named Dr. Jack Horner. Dr. Horner spoke of scientists at Harvard and Yale performing genetic work with chickens. He apparently gave a timescale of five to ten years, so if those same scientists are on track, the return of the dinosaur could well be just around the corner.

It doesn't sound as if we have much to worry about, though. Not only has there been no update since on whether any positive progress has been made, but if it has, said dinosaurs will likely not be any bigger than chickens. Still, we are not sure bringing back animals that have been extinct for millions of years is a great idea. If a real-life Jurassic Park opens up sometime in the future, we definitely won't be paying it a visit.


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