No Jail Time For Cash Me Ousside Girl? 15 Most Recent Pics Of Danielle Bregoli

You might have better luck to cash Cashmeousside Girl ousside of court these days. Unbelievably, her fifteen minutes don't seem to be up yet and the paparazzi were in full effect at Danielle Bregoli's most recent court dates, snapping away pics of the famous foul-mouthed teenager. Earlier this year, Danielle appeared in a Florida courthouse and plead not guilty to five, count 'em, five juvenile felony charges. Clearly, she's been keeping busy. The charges included filing a false police report and grand theft. Along for the ride, Danielle brought her mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli, who was the victim in some of the charges and her bodyguard.

If you're not thrilled with the thought of some bratty, disrespectful kid "earning" tons of money and fame simply for being bratty and disrespectful, you're not alone. It's even worse than those reality celebs who are "famous just for being famous" because Danielle is famous for being a first class terror on the Dr. Phil show. In an age where teen moms are worshipped and pawn store workers are glorified, Danielle has just given hope and career aspirations to all unruly teens out there... they could potentially just be an unintelligible catchphrase away from fame, fortune, and their own reality shows. Heaven help us all.


15 14-Year-Old Felon

If you actually watched the full episode of "Dr. Phil" where in Danielle Bregoli, a "star" was born, you would know that the troubled teen was accused of stealing her mother, Barbara Ann's purse and car (separately, of course) as well as calling the cops and falsely accusing her mother of using heroin which turned out to be powdered sugar that Danielle artistically sprinkled on Barbara's bathroom countertop. That all happened in 2016. Earlier this year, she was found in a car with marijuana. She also was accused of stealing the makeup artist who was assigned to Danielle's home from Dr. Phil's squad but we're assuming that the folks at the good doctor's show cleaned that mess up in exchange for extra material on the show and the juicy ratings to follow. In June, Danielle accepted the charges, making her an official felon.

14 Despite The Serious Charges, She's Quite Pleased With Herself


She's got something to smile about. Maybe she's the kind of girl who always looks to the brighter side of things or maybe she's just a kid with a lot of cash. She was all smiles in court for whatever reason, despite being guilty to filing a false police report, for one. Danielle will have the record of a juvenile felon but perhaps the reason she doesn't care too much is that she's set to be a millionaire before 2017 is over. On another note, it's hard not to notice that Danielle doesn't seem too concerned with her appearance for court. Most people dress up, wear their Sunday best or at least their Monday best. Danielle rolled up to court in jeans, a tank top and sweater duster, wild hair, flip flop sandals and looked to be giving zero cares.

13 L.A. Lifestyle

Danielle faced her charges in Florida but she recently traded her address in the Sunshine State for one in the Golden State. Since she's in Los Angeles so much due to her demanding schedule and various business dealings, she and her momager/theft victim/fellow Dr. Phil guest Barbara Ann, gave up alligators and swamps for seagulls and palm trees and seem to be enjoying quite the cushy life in L.A. They are regularly filmed and photographed, soaking up the Southern California sun, walking the posh streets of Beverly Hills, going out to eat at fancy restaurants and being treated like the big deal that they shouldn't be. It's easier to stretch out fifteen minutes of fame directly from L.A. than trying to reel it in all the way from Florida.

12 Could She Have Survived In Jail?


Getting down to business, Danielle is a girl who talks a big game. Most teens talk big games. They are realizing they are no longer kids and feel a desperate need to prove their worth. But most teens don't call the Dr. Phil audience prostitutes in a less polite manner. And most teens don't become felons for ridiculous charges like trying to frame their mother for drug possession by using powdered sugar. But Danielle did all of those things. She's been caught on film swinging her tiny fists in the air more than a few times and she's also been caught on the business end of an old-fashioned whooping a few times. So could this pint-sized troublemaker have survived in jail if she had to go? Hopefully, for her sake, she would share a cell with some serious Cashmeousside fans.

11 Guilty As Charged, How Bow Dah

After initially pleading not guilty, Cashmeousside Girl finally pleaded guilty to charges of grand theft, grand theft auto, possession of marijuana and filing a false police report. She was set to be sentenced on the following court hearing which was scheduled for July 22nd but at the time of this writing, the results of the sentencing hearing could not be found so the fate of the teen viral sensation might have gotten pushed back. Maybe the judge should've sent her back to Turnabout Ranch? That's where Dr. Phil had sent her. Danielle seemed to actually thrive at the horse ranch and connected with the counselors there until she went back home to her mother, Barbara Ann. She even had a favorite horse she cared for named Chief. But it looks like the glitzy claws of L.A. fame might be in Danielle too deep for her to turn about now.

10 Lunch With Kim


"See I can play nice too," Danielle wrote on Instagram for this photo followed by emojis of an angel and a black heart. She met Kim Kardashian at The Polo Lounge where they both happened to be lunching on the same day. While this photo looks like the two are best buds, apparently Kim was taking photos with many people that day and Danielle was introduced to her as just another fan. Danielle hasn't been shy about speaking her mind about anyone including Kim's brother, Rob. She made a video earlier this year giving her take on the Rob and Chyna drama with some pretty embarrassing words for Rob. Despite her bored-looking expression, maybe Danielle really is a big Kim K. fan. Kim is famous for no good reason with a reality show and it looks like that's where Danielle's goals are, too. Shoot for the stars!

9 Meet And Greet Gangsta

Did you know that you (yes, you!) could be so lucky as to meet this rising star? It's true! She may be all thug at heart but she still doesn't mind having some money tossed her way for a meet and greet. In May, she was paid over 41K dollars to greet guests at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami. If that figure makes you want to bang your head against the wall, hold on because the opportunities for Danielle to cash in on this trainwreck situation seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. Her new felon status will likely make her only want to work that meet and greet scene faster since it will be harder for her to get a normal job.


8 Busy As A Bee Bregoli


A phone for each ear – how bow dah. Danielle's manager told TMZ that they were contacted by seven production companies. Out of those seven, four were highly interested in shooting a reality show starring the tiny redheaded terror herself. And of course, her mother who seems to be quite pleased to ride her daughter's coattails as long as this madness lasts. Currently, there's no end in sight for Danielle's fame. As long as the public enjoys her antics, Danielle will be around as well as the big bucks to help pad her newfound lifestyle. It's a vicious cycle and it looks like we'll be caught up in it until Hurricane Danielle and Tornado Barbara somehow lose momentum and die down. Until then, Danielle's making deals literally left and right.

7 Danielle In Demand

Just for a small example of how in demand Danielle is, she's the newest spokesperson for Fit Tea and Postmates via her Instagram account. Her Fit Tea "ad" consists of her sitting on a kitchen countertop wearing a tank top showing her twisted-up bra straps underneath. Holding a package of Fit Tea, she says, "I'm not gonna ask you to drink Fit Tea. I'm not gonna tell you to drink Fit Tea. I'm gonna demand that your a** drink Fit Tea. How bow dah."

It looks like she's riding this "how bow dah" train until the wheels fall off. And it is paying off handsomely for her. She brings in $50,000 per post on Instagram considering she has around 10 million followers. We don't quite know what to think bow dah.

6 Casual In Court


This is a girl who truly is not out to impress anyone, not even a judge who holds the fate of her sentencing in his or her hands. She showed up to a Florida courthouse for one of several court dates wearing a black hoodie with white strings and jeans, her wild red hair loose and untamed. Considering all of the trouble she has caused, one might think that she would realize it's in her best interest to look as charming and redeemable as possible when in court. For example, police were called to the home she shared with her mother and grandmother in Florida 51 times in one year. But then again, maybe Danielle knows that the judge is no dummy and has access to all of her rant videos and the episode of the Dr. Phil show which tossed her into fame in the first place. And if the judge has seen all that, showing up to court in a long dress with a demure smile isn't going to change much.

5 Carefree Birthday Dinner In L.A.

One evening, Danielle playfully chatted up TMZ's cameramen, answering questions and making remarks like a seasoned celeb pro before popping inside a popular restaurant in West Hollywood for her birthday. No signs of worry or stress from her recent court cases were visible. She just smiled as Mother Of The Year candidate, Barbara looked on, clearly so proud of her wayward soon to be a millionaire daughter. For a mother and daughter duo who have been caught on camera physically attacking each other more than once, these two have quite the unusual relationship. They seemed to have put all of the past behind them because they are like besties now, frequently seen out at some of L.A.'s most popular eateries, laughing and chatting like two old friends.

4 Marvelous Make-Under


Sporting an unusual and rarely seen natural look, Danielle smiles to someone off-screen. Perhaps it is her agent telling her that she just got offered a reality show! Almost all traces of the trash-talking teen are gone. If it wasn't for the low, inappropriate-for-her-age strapless top and super long acrylic fingernails with gold accents, we wouldn't know it was her. She's still wearing makeup and probably too much for any parent to be comfortable letting their fourteen-year-old daughter wear, but the point is that her look in general is toned down to a comfortable degree. She looks pretty and almost sweet here so we can catch a glimpse of the life that Danielle might have had a shot at if it weren't for a certain parent, a certain TV show and a certain catchphrase. Here she looks like she might say, "Could we possibly meet outside at a future time? Is that acceptable to you?"

3 Putting The Car Before The License

If looks could kill! Yowza. Danielle stands with each foot on the hood of expensive cars while she shoots eyeball daggers into the camera. She's said time and time again in countless interviews that she plans to purchase a Mercedes-Maybach for her birthday. With all the money she is making, she could do that but she still wouldn't be allowed to drive it for a couple of years. Maybe her plan is to purchase the Maybach as well as a hired driver to chauffeur her around to her heart's desire. While many fourteen-year-olds are riding in the back of minivans with "Mom's Taxi" bumper stickers on the back, Danielle can comfortably ride in the backseat of her own Maybach with a "How Bow Dah" bumper sticker.

2 Defending Danielle


Danielle looks pure munchkin compared to her hulking bodyguard, Frank Dellatto who is employed with Guardian Security. Protecting this little teenage firecracker seems to be his nearly full-time gig. It appears that guarding the lives of celebrities is nothing new to Frank, a professional bodyguard, who was previously worked protecting the famous lives of Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj but we are willing to bet that no celeb he has met has given him more trouble other than Danielle Bregoli herself.

He goes everywhere with her, even to court. Once he joined the family for Easter Sunday. She has said that she refuses to go anywhere without him. That seems like an interesting change of tune for someone who once threatened to single-handedly beat up the entire Dr. Phil audience, doesn't it?

1 Demanding Diva

Often times, when the demand lists of celebrities on tour are released, people have a good laugh or sigh and shake their heads at how entitled some people feel they are. Well, be prepared to have an extra dose of that when you get a load of Danielle's demands. For her nationwide tour which will include such acts as her insulting the audience and lip syncing to popular songs (sign us up for that!) she has a big list of "needs." Besides cash and $3,000 just for security, she requires three fidget spinners, one fruit platter but NO pineapple, four pizzas from Domino's, five Gildan or Fruit of the Loom white tank tops, with "absolutely no Hanes" written in all caps. Besides these necessities, she must have a fifty inch TV with Netflix and a DVD player so that she can watch her favorite movie, House of Wax starring the one and only Paris Hilton. Danielle was two years old when this movie came out so maybe she considers it a classic. Ladies and gentlemen, your newest star.

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