10 Most Expensive Restaurants In India

Going out to eat is one of those little luxuries that anyone can enjoy - knowing that you can try something new, savor a meal that is guaranteed not to be burnt, and not even worry about the dishes afterwards.

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Sometimes, going out to eat is just about grabbing a quick bite somewhere comfy, but other times, it's about being as decadent as possible. If fine dining, impeccable service, and the best food in the world is what you are after, then you'll have to pay for it - but it's definitely worth it in the end.

10 Ocean - The Private Dining Room - Sahara Star

This incredible restaurant in Mumbai looks like a scene from a fairytale with kings and princesses. From the diverse menu, you can have Asian, seafood, North Indian and Mediterranean cuisine, amidst the breathtaking décor, all of these make it worth the ₹30,000 (420 US Dollars) for two people dining at this place. 

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They endeavor to give everybody who crosses their doorstep a memorable experience by providing luxurious services, food and drinks as well as making sure that from the moment you are crossing their doorstep you are being taken care of. If you’re in Mumbai and you want to have an experience you will never forget, you should visit Ocean - The Private Dining Room!

9 Wasabi By Morimoto - The Taj Mahal Palace

A place frequented by celebrities in Mumbai, the Wasabi by Morimoto restaurant is well known for its luxury dining, especially for their soft shell crab sushi roll as they provide customers with Japanese cuisine. Clients love it for the cozy atmosphere, and the great dining experience, as well as the outstanding view. The difference between this restaurant and others is that it offers an authentic Japanese experience, the food being prepared with original ingredients from Japan, every single dish being freshly made. That is why a dinner for two at this restaurant costs approximately ₹12,000 for two people.

8 Orient Express – Fine dining

Offering complex European cuisine, this place is known to be one very extravagant restaurant, with valet parking and luxury dining. Looking like a train car from the classic book, the medium cost for a dish for two people is roughly ₹12,000, which is the equivalent of 170 US dollars. It is important to make a reservation well before you hope to go to make sure you will have a top-notch experience, as it is usually quite crowded, being one of the most famous places in New Delhi. The impeccable service, live music and the overall décor in the Orient Express make all the expenses worth it!

7 Yuuka - The St. Regis Mumbai

Yuuka is another exceptional restaurant when it comes to luxurious dining in the heart of the city. Being known for the Japanese cuisine, they promise to reinterpret it and reshape the face of Japanese cuisine in India. Very elegant dishes and carefully picked complimentary drinks – every single taste is brought through to give guests an outstanding experience. Among the things people love at this restaurant are the courteous and very accommodating staff and the décor. Clients often cross their doorsteps for dishes like sushi, salmon, truffle, okonomiyaki tempura and pay approximately ₹8,000 for two people.

6 Adaa - Taj Falaknuma Palace

Customers love this place, due to the amazing service and carefully made dishes. Its opulence and grandeur are something that you will immediately notice because everything screams luxury and it offers a fabulous view of the city. 

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Apart from enjoying dishes from the Hyderabadi cuisine (Mutton Biryani, Haleem, Masala Chai, Set Menu, Garlic Naan) for a price of almost ₹10,000 for two people, you can enjoy the surroundings or have a drink outside. Don’t forget to make a reservation for this place a couple of weeks in advance as it is always booked!

5 Souk - The Taj Mahal Palace

This opulent restaurant offers Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine in a romantic décor meant for celebrations, birthdays or just for spoiling yourself after a hard week at work or on vacation. You get an amazing ocean view, where you can enjoy dishes such as Lebanese pizza, lamb chops, baklava, and chocolate cake. Moreover, the rooftop ambiance is one that is the cherry on top of all of the positive aspects of this place and make it worth the ₹5,000 for a complex meal for two - including appetizers, main courses, beverages and of course, dessert. Customers always appreciate the outstanding service and the extraordinary fine dining experience.

4 Royal Vega - ITC Grand Chola

The décor of this location is outstanding because it depicts a very luxurious atmosphere so right from the moment you enter the restaurant you are welcomed by the hospitality of the staff. The North Indian and Mughlai cuisine makes it a hot stop for customers who want an authentic taste of Indian dishes. Most often they love trying Chloe, Thali, Kheer, and Kashmiri Pulao and they usually pay, for a dinner for two, around ₹5,200 (approximately 80 US dollars) for a full meal including dessert and beverages. They offer a wide range of vegetarian meals from everywhere in India and they use the concept of seasons for a varied menu, straight from the Indian Royal Kitchens.

3 Le Cirque - The Leela Palace

Another fine dining restaurant, where you can find French and Italian cuisine, for a price of around ₹5,000 (70 US dollars) is Le Cirque – The Leela Palace, in New Dehli. Known for its romantic atmosphere and incredible dishes, this place can make a statement if you invite your significant other for a special night out. Needless to say, it is known for being a great place due to the amazing view, as you can overlook the skyline. The décor suits the name of a “palace” as well as the fine dining recipes, such as crème Brulee, macaroons, morel mushroom risotto, and others.

2 Vetro - The Oberoi Mumbai

This European and Mediterranean cuisine restaurant is loved among customers. Another aspect worth mentioning that makes this place worth a visit, is that they have an outstanding wine list and they offer a wine tasting experience as they have a glassed walled tasting room where a sommelier talks about the flavors of various special wines – their origins and nuances. Overall, Vetro offers a lovely fine dining experience, where great taste and quality are perfectly combined! For dinner for two, you can pay around ₹4,500 to ₹5,000 (70 US dollars), which includes appetizers, main dishes, beverages, and dessert.

1 Lantern Restaurant & Bar

A fine-dining choice for a Chinese meal out! The Lantern Restaurant & Bar is located in the fabulous Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Bangalore. This restaurant serves some of the best Chinese food, from dumplings, noodles, mapo tofu to spring rolls and cocktails in a five-star luxurious ambiance. There is a very comfortable, cozy atmosphere so that you can relax and enjoy your meal. Moreover, you can eat outside in the lovely outdoor area near a gentle waterfall. You get all of these amazing perks for a lower price but still one that expresses luxury - ₹1750 (25 US dollars). You should give it a chance if you’re close by and you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine!

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