Lauren Drain: 20 Pics Of The Ex-Westboro Baptist Church Member

Surely everyone here has at least heard of the Westboro Baptist Church. It's a right-wing Christian group full of crazies who think God hates America...and Muslims, and homos, and Princess Diana, and much, much more. The very worst people though are those who have left the church. And why is that? Because they had access to paradise and turned their back on the "truth".

One of those doomed "Earth dwellers" is the daughter of the head of media for the church, Lauren Drain. Lauren was a child when she was brought into the fold of the church. Her father came as a documentarian and then converted, dragging his family along with him. But she realized after a number of years in the creepy cult, that hate was not the way to get through life.

And now, she is one of the hottest fitness models around! Her family must hate her so much! Now she's enjoying life away from the church. She's allowed to wear whatever clothing she wants...or no clothing in some photos. And while I'm sure she misses her family, surely everyone loves the fact that she left that horrid home. Lauren Drain is a Westboro Baptist Babe and here are 20 photos of her in action!

20 Babewatch

Going out for a board down by the beach, I have to say that the luscious Lauren Drain would fit in perfectly in an episode of Baywatch. In reality, she would completely show up any former Baywatch babe. Lauren Drain is all natural, as opposed to the likes of Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. And boy is she ever toned. To think that, growing up, she was never allowed to show any leg, or cleavage, or to even wear tight or provocative clothing. I think it's safe to say that if she didn't leave the Westboro Baptist Church, she certainly would have been kicked out for a photo like this. All I can say is that it must be some sort of blessing to us all that she left and pursued her fitness career. One could even say "thank God for Lauren's decision".

19 Gotta Stretch

It is absolutely staggering to think that such a beautiful, and stunning woman came from one of the most bigotted, racist, right-wing evangelical churches in the world. I'm glad to know that they clearly cared to some extent about physical fitness. I guess after so many years of stretching her tolerance muscle with her intolerant family, she finally wanted to stretch her actual muscles. And who can really be saddened by that fact? It's amazing what can happen when you add that vacant, parted-lip look that so many models use also. And it's nice to see it used on a woman who hasn't cosmetically enhanced herself in any way. And even if this is a slightly photoshopped Nike ad, it doesn't change the fact that Lauren Drain's look must really make a lot of people want to be fit...with her.

18 Out For A Run

I don't care if this is meant as product placement for Nike. Sure, the shoes are nice. But those pants! Wow! There is certainly a good reason for the existence of Lulu Lemon. And that good reason is called Lauren Drain. The mint green top is a little off, but I guess it somewhat matches the check mark on the shoes. And the fact that it's a crop top makes the colour matter all the less. And, in all seriousness, who is actually paying any attention to the top when those yoga pants give such a...wonderful view? I'm sure it would be a privilege to be jogging behind her when she's out on the town. And it really must be said that if Lauren Drain is not yet actually a model for Nike, then they should really consider giving her a job. I'm fairly certain that a lot more people would be interested in their shoes.

17 Buxom Biker

Whoa! Now, who doesn't wish that they were that motorbike? I certainly wouldn't mind, I'll be totally honest. I happen to think that being ridden by a biker like her would not be much of an issue. The leather is great. All bikers wear leather. And those boots are awesome. But it's more the very, very tights pants that make this photo so appealing. Let's just say that contours are very important in this photo. She's not exactly giving the most attractive facial expression here, but I think most people would be hardly concerned with that. She's got a lot more going for her, it seems to me. It's amazing how even well-defined her calf is in those boots. Lauren's got quite the tantalizingly toned body. And the thought of her kicking it into high gear is pretty exciting too.

16 Flower Power

Wow! Imagine turning away from the most racist, homophobic, and hated church in America...and then holding up the peace sign with flowers in your hair. Lauren Drain is making up for lost time here, for sure. It's as though she's purposely messing with her family in this shot. Showing off her amazing body, and promoting peace at the same time. Two things that her former church congregation would despise her doing. And she does it with a wonderfully sweet smile. And who knows. Maybe those bracelets are in support of some other groups of people that her former fellow church-goers despise. Either way, all that matters is that she is undeniably smokin', and embrace of peace and love has made her far more appreciative in the eyes of the world. Surely most readers are appreciating her right now.

15 Pretty In Neon Pink...

Why hello there! This is a wonderful throwback to the neon pink of the 80's. Especially with that hairdo, and the atmospheric pink lighting in the shot. If she was wearing hammer pants, then this shot would make perfect sense. But, of course, if she was wearing hammer pants we wouldn't be able to look at her lovely legs. But even if we couldn't get a look at her legs, that would hardly matter since she's pretty well falling out of her sports bra. I could just imagine the look on her father's face looking at this photo. I mean, he already thinks she's going to Hell now, but boy I bet this would really condemn her in his eyes. But hey, daddy's little girl grew up to be a knockout, and not surprisingly she decided she'd rather show that off than be trapped by her crazy family.

14 Sweet Seduction

Holy swimsuit edition Batman! It really is hard to believe that Lauren Drain is an all-natural model. Sometimes it just really seems like she is too perfect to be real. And who ever thought that a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church would ever be called perfect? Of course, some of this photo is thanks to touch-ups and photoshopping, but that body is the real deal. Usually, I'm not a fan of that vacant, vapid look with the parted lips. But I have to say that when it comes to Lauren Drain, she just really gets to me. Maybe it's because her smile isn't plastic like so many models. I'll go with that as the reason. Either way, she should be on the cover of so many more magazines than she already has been. She's working with a body that beats out many.

13 Sultry Stroll

Of course, this is a staged photo shoot, but wouldn't it be lovely if this was actually just her outfit for her morning walk or jog? I mean, she's not even all that dolled up or anything. She hardly has any makeup on. And it's pretty clear that this photo wasn't touched up very much at all. This is what Lauren Drain looks like without any effort beyond a hot outfit. Who wouldn't love to take a sultry stroll with this beautiful woman? And she's not just beautiful. She is cut. Just look at those abs! She has changed an awful lot since the days of church-going and picketing the funerals of American soldiers. If ever her family went to picket an event that she was modelling or competing at, she could probably take all of them on with the amount of muscle she's working with. She could at least out run them for sure.

12 Party Time?

Looks like Lauren is either getting ready for a night on the town...or a very alluring night in. And I think I would be hard-pressed to find someone looking at this article who wouldn't want either a night out or especially a night in with Lauren Drain. There are just so many plays on words that you could make with her last name. Most of them are too naughty to publish here though, so I'll let your imagination run wild here. Either way, who could really say no to such a beautiful smile, and a fantastically revealing outfit like that? Lauren Drain has become the saviour of the Westboro Baptist Church. Because at least now we know that they can produce some absolutely wonderful works of art in the name of God. Even if she wants nothing to do with them anymore.

11 POW! Right In The Kisser!

Yeah, ok. Ronda Rousey can certainly fight. But she certainly does not look near as good in her combat gear as Lauren Drain does. Drain has got some moves, for sure. And while she clearly can't throw a punch very successfully, there's nothing wrong with being a poser when you're this hot. She's left herself pretty open and off balance, but I'm willing to bet that there are a lot of people reading this wishing that they could have her open and off balance. So, I guess that's not much of a problem. Even just the cut of her face is amazing. And even though it's strategically stupid to leave your mouth open when in the middle of a fight, I'm willing to accept her ridiculous pose here. Because if nothing else, it is very hot. And there's nothing wrong with that.

10 This Is Sparta!

Yeah, I'm just happy that Lauren Drain decided to stop for a glam shot of her doing the Spartan race. And I'm pretty sure that guy crawling behind her is also quite pleased about this moment. I know mud wrestling is a thing, but who ever thought that Lauren crawling through the mud, underneath barbed wire would be so damn attractive? And she sure looks like she's having a good time. What more could you ask for? A hot fitness model who loves getting dirty? Not to mention that she's a former church girl. There is a lot that counts here. The outfit doesn't hurt anything either. It certainly shows off the cut of her fabulous physique. Though I do have to say that I hope she tucked her arm after the photo was taken. Otherwise, I bet that wire hurt.

9 Take That Wonder Woman

Sorry Wonder Woman. You've got nothing on Lauren Drain. Sure, you can fight and you have super powers but you're just not near as super hot as this woman is. I'd run into battle with this babe for sure. Besides, it looks pretty much like she's already cleaned house. It's not like she's got her defences up, and her sword is down by her side. So maybe all she needs is the comfort of someone after a long and arduous battle? After all, she did spend years with the Westboro Baptist Church. I can only begin to imagine how god-awful that life must have been. And I'm sure she found comfort in the arms of someone as soon as she had the chance. I know I would've. I have to say though, as dirtied up as her body is, her face is very nicely made up.

8 Hubba Hubba Harley

Alright, so in this case, there are definitely hotter versions of Harley Quinn. But that doesn't change the fact that Lauren Drain is hot anyway. And the Harley outfit is certainly a welcome one. And let's face it, given how much of a crazy Westboro Baptist her father is, it probably makes total sense that she's wearing a shirt that says "daddy's lil monster". I bet that's exactly how her father feels. But also, her father is a completely horrible person. He's the reason why that crazy church has all the horrible signs that they have. And he's also the reason they have their ridiculous website. He's legitimately a horrible person. But thankfully, he and his wife managed to give birth to a gorgeous woman who managed to find her way out of the hell hole that was the church.

7 Wrapped Up

It looks like she either sprained her wrist here, or she's wrapped up and ready for a workout. Though given the look on her face, she could very well have sprained her wrist. From doing what exactly I will leave up to your imaginations. No matter how you look at it, chances are she either just got, or is going to get a good workout. I have to say that I very much like the long, almost matted hair. It's a naughty sort of look. And who doesn't mind that sort of look from such a wonderfully attractive woman? It's becoming more and more apparent that Lauren likely just had a good workout. That or something seriously wonderful is happening to her down below. Maybe she's riding a yoga ball. Or maybe she's doing squats.

6 Denim Shorts...Sort Of

These are denim shorts. I mean, they are basically denim shorts. But they are pretty well denim underwear based on the length of them. And they are certainly frayed which means they have had some use. Which surely no one is complaining about. And the crop top, yet again, is a welcome part of any photo with Lauren Drain in it, no? I certainly think so. And she really seems to love showing off her abs. And, of course, no one could complain about such a wonderful sight. And she seems to be genuinely smiling here. Which is strange since she usually puts on that vacant, open-mouthed model look. Here she truly seems to be enjoying herself. And how could she not? She's gorgeous. She's healthy. She's thankfully away from her crackpot religious family.

5 Beach Day!

How are there not more people out on the beach on such a wonderful day? And by wonderful day, I mean a day where Lauren Drain is wandering the beach for a photo shoot. That seems like a pretty wonderful day by all accounts. Who would not want to be down at a beach where Drain is wandering around in a bikini? It is pretty undeniable that she has a fairly fantastic body. Gorgeous, flowing hair to go along with it. And those pearly whites really make her smile something else. I guess it also helps that she is a fitness model. So there is every reason why she should look so good in so little clothing. If only I knew which state, or which tropical country she was in at this time. Surely nothing would've happened. But it would've been nice to be hanging around that beach.

4 Selfie!

Well, just how wonderful is this? A Lauren Drain selfie! She seems pretty excited by it. Make no mistake about it, I'm sure most readers are pretty excited also. She's got her shirt tied off to have a makeshift crop top. So, that's pretty wonderful. And then her jean shorts are hardly shorts at all. They're so torn up that they may as well not even exist. And the idea of that has got some readers pretty excited, I'm sure. But the most important thing is that Lauren is excited. She's got beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile, a beautiful body, and the whole world ahead of her. Especially now that she's managed to get herself out of the crazy house in which she grew up. Anyone who can escape the Westboro Baptist Church has good reason to celebrate. And she's hot on top of that. Double win!

3 A Little Workout

I would love to be a member of whatever gym Lauren Drain goes to. Especially if that's the outfit that she decidedly works out in. My goodness! What I love about this shot is that she's clearly underplaying the amount of weight she can lift. It's almost like she's taking it easy on us. I mean look at her (who am I kidding? Of course you're looking at her). She's clearly got the ability to lift some heavy weights. And considering the weight she already has to carry around with her up top, it's no wonder why she's so fit. How could her family ever have tried to keep her from reaching her true potential? It amazes me that people could think it's a sin to show off how damn attractive you are. That sort of thinking is the real sin.

2 Leather-Clad Climbing

Now, this is one hell of an outfit! And it's fitting that it's one hell of an outfit since her family all think that that's exactly where she's going. And what better way to dress up for eternity in Hell than in revealing black leather? At least she knows how to dress for the occasion and is willing to embrace it. And she even has a rope to climb out of the pit when she finds her way there. Realistically, there is no such place, so she'll be fine but that doesn't change the fact that her family has already condemned her to the make-believe fire pit. And she seems to now know that there's no such place as Hell...or if she still believes that it's real she at least seems pretty content about going there. She is leathered up with a beautiful smile there.

1 Jealous Of That Puppy?

Now, be totally honest with yourselves. How many of you readers really wish that you were that puppy right about now? Who wouldn't want to go for a walk with the beautiful Lauren Drain? And on a slightly naughtier note, who wouldn't want to be leashed by her, and pulled around to do as she told? Especially in that pretty, little white dress. And she looks so happy. the dog doesn't quite look as happy. But it's possible he's just looking at you right now saying "yeah I know you wish you could be me". But as much as you might want to be that cute little pup leashed next to Lauren...it is probably not going to happen. But no one said you couldn't spare a thought or two over the prospect. Doesn't she look pretty and pure? Shouldn't her family approve of that?

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