There's A More Natural Way To Get Rid of Body Odor

Most of us likely suffer from body odor every now and then, but what is the best way to eliminate it and keep it at bay?

Most of you reading this are likely doing so while sitting in scorching heat. There is something of a heatwave sweeping through a lot of countries right now and that means a lot of things. All of our grass is drying up and dying, our fans and air conditioners are getting pushed to their absolute limit, and above all else, most of us are sweating an awful lot.

Unfortunately, where there's sweat there is often body odor. Although all of us suffer from BO from time to time, it has a certain social stigma attached to it. If there is a group of people on a train or a bus accompanied by a certain aroma, you'll naturally be hoping and praying that it isn't coming from you. The good news is that in this heat, that smell is normally coming from almost everybody.


How do we stop it though? Well, the quick answer to that is with deodorant and antiperspirant. There is a stigma surrounding that too though. Although it hasn't been categorically proven, most people believe that spray-on deodorants can increase your risk of cancer. They also aren't great for the environment and let's be honest, do they even work all that well anyway?

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Refinery 29 recently published an article on a new breakthrough in the world of deodorant. Not a spray, not anything alkaline-based that might irritate your skin, but a charcoal-based product. A number of companies have started adopting charcoal deodorants as apparently, when combined with a proprietary ferment, it can eliminate the source of the smell of BO, rather than just covering it up like most deodorants.

If you have issues finding the right deodorant for you and like the sound of this, there are a few extra details to bear in mind. One, companies have been adding scents to the deodorants so you don't need to worry about walking around smelling of charcoal. Two, and more importantly, there is apparently an adjustment period. In fact, for a week or two you may actually smell worse. Beyond that though we are reliably informed that the charcoal deodorant should work perfectly.


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