Chrissy Teigen Clashes With Angry Vegetarians On Twitter

Chrissy Teigen is the undisputed queen of Twitter. With a razor-sharp wit and comebacks aplenty, the model knows how to hit back at her haters in one fell swoop. There's nothing we like more than laughing at the trolls that Chrissy manages to take down, absolutely zero damns given. Last week, the soon to be mother of two retweeted a post from Hempler Foods Group which asked what bacon was the best.

In true social media fashion, those opposed to eating meat jumped right on her when she captioned the post, "4. Chewy crispy fat, crispy juicy meat." Celebrities like Teigen are old hat at social media, so it was no surprise when users started trying to come at her. "How can y'all eat bacon. Disgusting," said one. Clapback Teigen wasn't about to take that laying down, replying, "Peacefully, ideally." As the war of words went on, the 32-year-old star began replying to people. One user took it too far, denouncing her ability to be a mother. "I have lost ALL the respect I had for @chrissyteigen before this disgusting thread of comments. Unfunny, disgusting human. Unfortunate that a person with such a lack in compassion is also a mother," says Asvini in response to a now deleted Tweet.


The majority of the internet was on Chrissy's side, praising her for her no-nonsense attitude when it comes to being a proud, loud bacon loving goddess. After all, should someone's dietary preferences really be thrown at them in a bid to paint them as a bad parent? We're not convinced, and neither was Teigen. "You sound extremely self-important to even announce this. We get it. You're amazing." The vegetarians on Twitter were out in force though and weren't about to let Mrs. John Legend off without berating her some more, going so far as to send her pictures of potbellied pigs. After several tweets being thrown from both sides of the camp, Teigen finished off with this mic-dropping moment.

"I always think that one day, I will probably give being a vegetarian a try. The thing that would stop me? I never want to feel as entitled and judgmental as the ones losing their minds in my mentions."

Can't we all just get along? Apparently not when meat is involved. Stay tuned, it won't be long before it all happens again.


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