20 Weirdest Outfits Worn By Kim K That Made Us Question Her Fashion Taste

When it comes to high fashion, nine times out of ten, Kim Kardashian West nails it on the head. She works very hard to look great from head to toe and wears clothing from the most exclusive of designers. Stylists would give an arm and a leg to work with her, and she has enough closet space to house a shopping mall’s worth of merchandise. Not that she would shop there.

But with all she has at her fingertips, even Kim can mess up now and then. She is only human, even though she comes off as a goddess. She likes to take fashion risks at times, and they don’t all make the grade. There are hits and misses, and when she misses, the Internet goes hog wild. Unlike us regular folks, Kim gets slammed on social media when she makes a fashion faux pas. The pics live on forever, so we can go back and see some of Kim’s worst looks whenever we want.

Here are 20 times Kim wasn’t at her best. Of course, even at her worst she looks better than most of us could ever dream to be, but a little fun by poking fun won’t hurt Kim’s brand. She has another outfit ready to be put on, and the next time we see her, we’ll be saying how amazing she looks.

Do you think these 20 outfits deserve the thumbs down too, or are you with Kim? Either way, seeing all of Kim’s many looks is interesting, whether they are fashionable or forgettable.

20 Smurfette-Chic

Blue may be beautiful, but head-to-toe Smurfette-shaded style is so un-chic. Kim K. usually knows how to use color to her advantage, but this allover blue look is making us feel blue instead. That hairdo may have been a fun change, but once those pesky roots grow in, Kim will have to spend far too much time at the salon to achieve the perfect shade. With so many other colors in the rainbow, she ought to embrace the variety rather than sticking to one color only. The pieces are cool, but a little mixing and matching would improve her look significantly. Papa Smurf may get a kick out of this ensemble, but Kanye isn’t feeling it and neither are we.

19 Rough Ruffles

This is one time we want Kanye to “wear the pants in the family,” because clearly Kim doesn’t know what looks good on her curvaceous body. All that pronounced ruffling is rough, and her waist and hips are getting the worst of it. The crazy print on these pants is not helping much either. If Kim is trying to make a fashion statement, it is something along the lines of “I look like a ruffled wreck.” With so much money and so many options to her disposal, one would think Kim could find a better pair of pants to put on. What a "waist" of material!

18 Saran Wrap Shoes

Why wear thigh-high boots at all if we can see right through them? Perhaps this Saran Wrap trend was a good idea in someone’s warped mind, but when put into application, the look should get the boot. Aside from the oddity of it all, Kim’s feet and legs must be sweating like nobody’s business under that unbreathable fabric. They must squeak as she walks, causing people to turn around and see what all the commotion is. And when they see what’s causing the surprising stir, they won’t want to follow in Kim’s footsteps. Plastic may work well for water bottles and grocery bags, but when it comes to footwear, plastic is not fantastic.

17 Sweats And Stilettos

Is Kim headed to the gym for a workout or a fashion show? With this mismatched look, it is hard to tell what was on her mind when she got dressed that morning. If she paired her skimpy T-shirt and comfy sweatpants with a pair of cute sneakers, we may not have much to discuss, but when put together with white high heels, her look becomes questionable. Not to mention, Kim’s, super-long hairdo must have Vidal Sassoon rolling over in his grave. RIP. The next time Kim wants to go super casual, she will have to ditch the stilettos and grab a pair of Nike’s instead.

16 A Wrinkle In Time

If Kim just rolled out of bed, we would not be surprised. Sure, a leather skirt is not your typical bedtime wear, but when it comes to Kim, nothing is off the table. Because with this terribly wrinkled look, Kim seems like she just woke from a catnap and is on her way to a meeting. Seemingly braless, this whole ensemble is screaming for a makeover and fast. Even Kanye would criticize his wife’s look and give Beyoncé the award for best outfit. Kim, you could (and should) do a lot better. Go back to your walk-in closet and give it another go.

15 Bad Plaid

Oversized and wrinkled, this blue and black plaid shirt looks nothing short of terrible on Kim. And while those lace-up leather pants could have the potential to look quite chic and cool, when paired with her bad-looking top, they instantly lose their fabulousness. Perhaps Kim originally had a different shirt on, but spilled her coffee on it, thus the need to make a swift wardrobe change. Truth is, even a Starbucks-stained top would go better with these pants than what she’s got on here. Plaid has been around for a long time, but in this pic, plaid is just bad.

14 Lumberjack Lady

More plaid, more bad. Here we see Kim and her hubby Kanye dressed down and ready to hit the town. Kim is going for the laid-back lumberjack look, but she just does not pull it off how she likely intended. The look seems forced, as her hair and makeup are done to perfection, yet her outfit is trying to come off as super-casual. High heeled work boots are certainly not functional, and we all know she didn’t do any hard manual labor to achieve those rips in her jeans. Even Kanye looks more authentic than Kim does in her woodsy-wear.

13 The Abominable Snow Woman

Is this a polar bear or Kim K. dressed as the Abominable Snowman (or woman, in her case)? She may be comfy-cozy, but all this coat is too much to take in. “Igloo-chic” is not a trend any of us are aware of, yet Kim seems to think she’s ready to travel to the North Pole and give Santa a private fashion show. And if this is real fur, the activists will be ready to attack her fashion choice. The sad thing is, it seems like her dress underneath that giant coat may just be gorgeous. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to see it. Not to mention the fact that she's wearing sandals with this heavy-duty coat.

12 American Horror Story

We are all for being proud of our country and patriotic, but like she often does, Kim has simply gone too far with her fashion, with the whole “stars and stripes” theme being totally over-the-top. Fanny pack and all, this all-American look should be flagged. Tube socks never look cute, and since she is not on the U.S. Olympic team, this outfit will never win the gold. If Kim wants to show her appreciation for the country, a first positive step would be to change into something more stylish. “Oh, say can you see…” or in this case, we’d rather “un-see.”

11 Caged In

Again, Kim is going overboard with the foxy theme. We all know she wears undergarments, but do they need to be on full display? This caged dress is far too tight and obviously much too revealing. She must think she looks like a million bucks, but she ought to take some of that money and buy another dress — one that doesn’t have cut-outs. Her fur is not PETA-friendly, making the look even more unattractive. With a great body like hers, Kim does not need all this fuss to show it off. Simple can be stylish, if only Kim would get the message.

10 No Silver Lining

If this isn’t a costume, we will have to assume that Kim has gone off the deep end. Even Kanye is hiding his head in shame as he must sit next to his wife who thinks she is one of the Jetsons. Is it disco night or an alien invasion? Whatever Kim is trying to portray, the silver and sparkle just isn’t cutting it. She shines as is, so why the need to go for so much glitz and bling? And again with the fur! Hasn’t she gotten the message that faux is what’s fabulous? Kim needs to tone it down and put a stop to all this silver. She’s already reality gold anyway.

9 Regal Robe

Kim usually nails it on the red carpet, but here, she looks like she just came out of some sort of regal bath. This looks like a bedazzled bathrobe, yet Kim felt the look was red-carpet cute. She has so many stylists and designers waiting to give her the royal treatment, but instead Kim opted for bathroom couture. Perhaps this “gown” is super-comfortable, but it is making the rest of us uncomfortable. Maybe she wanted to save a step for when she got home later — no need to change before bedtime. Time to disrobe and find a better red carpet dress.

8 Blondes Have More Fun?

It looks like Kim is trying to channel her old pal Paris Hilton in her cheesy blond wig and steamy pose. The male model’s blonde locks look fab, but Kim’s Barbie Doll-blonde wig looks synthetic and downright silly. We all know that Kim likes to mix it up, but this “calendar girl” look is a total slip-up. Her legs look toned and lean, but the rest of this look is not up to par when it comes to what we expect from the queen of the Kardashians. Barbie-chic is not your thing, Kim. Leave the dolls for North to play with and grow up!

7 Scary Ski Bunny

Most people look like they are having a blast when they hit the slopes for a day of skiing, but Kim looks like she’s stuffed into her couture outfit. She does not need to be this fancy for a day of skiing, but Kim always goes for the elaborate rather than the functional. All made up and dressed to the nines, this look is more appropriate for a Hot Toddy in the ski lodge than it is for the bunny trail. Her ski instructor may be impressed, but when she falls in the snow in that expensive outfit, the only trail we’ll see is one of Kim’s tears.

6 Little Bo Peep

An oldie, but goodie, this “Little Bo Peep” ensemble is fashion police-worthy. Someone call the cops, because an innocent-looking Kim looks like she just robbed a scared farmgirl of her best clothing. Smiling for the cameras, it seems like Kim thought she looked super-cute at the time, but looking back now, she must be cringing. Who could picture today’s fashion-forward Kim in a pair of wedges or a dress that is not made by Dior or Prada? Kim has come a long way (most of the time), and this pure white dress is a pure fashion disaster. Little Bo Peep wouldn’t even take a peep at this dress!

5 Penguin Problem

Kim was certainly asking for it when she stuffed her ever-expanding pregnant body into a tight black and white dress that made her look like a human penguin. The web had a field day picking apart this look, and Kim surely regretted her maternity choice instantly. What ever happened to an old-fashioned oversized shirt or dress? Why be so uncomfortable and unstylish at the same time? Black and white is a classic combo, but penguin-inspired fashion will never catch on, even if someone as trend-setting as Kim tries to make it a thing. Let’s put this look on ice.

4 Flower Faux Pas

Who could forget this classic red carpet look Kim wore while pregnant? She was compared to an old-fashioned couch thanks to the print and fabric of this unusual fashion choice. While Kim’s hair and makeup looked terrific, this sofa-inspired dress had people questioning what was left of her fashion sense. Even Kanye doesn’t look all too thrilled with what his wife is wearing. Flowers are normally pretty, but whoever designed this gown should have kept the flowers in a vase and went back to the drawing board. Even that thigh-high slit couldn’t add any s*x appeal to this dress. Well, every rose has its thorn.

3 Crazy “Cankles”

No pain, no gain? But what did Kim gain from stuffing her feet into these plastic shoes anyhow? When your feet are super-swollen and your toes look like sausages, perhaps a pair of slippers may be a smarter choice. “Cankles are never cute, even when you’ve got the perfect pedicure. Everyone needs to make sure they can walk properly, and their circulation isn’t cut off. Everyone but Kim, that is. When fashion trumps common sense, you know you’re headed for trouble. Hopefully Kim soaked those puppies in some warm water and Kanye gave her a foot rub after this cankle catastrophe!

2 Sheer Madness

Nobody can accuse Kim of being shy about her body, but a little modesty wouldn’t hurt. Why wear a dress at all when we can see right through it? Wearing black panties and nothing on top, Kim’s look is not for the faint of heart. Some may say it is foxy, but Kim does not have to try this hard to ooze s*x appeal. And sorry Kim, but a camouflage jacket cannot hide what is going on here. We can still see you — a lot of you. Next time, cover up a lot more and leave a little to the imagination!

1 Split Sweater

Well, at least we know that Kim loves her breasts! Other than that, this red carpet outfit was rather odd. Some loved it and others thought it was a sweater sin. Split on whether or not this look was fierce or a flunk, fashion critics were talking about Kim’s look, which is likely what she had in mind when she wore this low-cut number to a red carpet event. Kim always looks pretty, but this sweater dress is pretty bad. There are lots of other ways to show off “the girls,” if that’s what Kim’s goal was with this dreadful dress.

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