20 Photos The Walking Dead Cast Wants Hidden From The Internet

One of the most popular and talked-about shows on television today, The Walking Dead is a total phenomenon. As such, the men and women that have starred on it from the time it began have seen their profile sharply rise as the masses become more aware of them. Considering that these actors are people like you or me that have suddenly had fame thrust on them, there is good reason to believe that some of them may not be prepared for that pressure. For instance, in a lot of cases, there may be images of them swirling around the internet that don’t reflect on them the way they would like. Realizing this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos the Walking Dead cast doesn’t want you to see.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion here, it needs to relate to someone that was a cast member of The Walking Dead at one time in an obvious way. As a result, any picture of these people were looked at, including those taken on red carpets, sets, photoshoots, or anywhere else they may appear. On top of that, any screengrab of them taken from any of their media appearances, including movies, shows, or talk shows were looked at and could have found their way here. Each image doesn’t necessarily need to have a cast member in it to be included here as long as it seems as though the actors we were looking at would rather people forget it exists. The only other thing to keep in mind is that we could only go off of our instincts and educated guesses since we can’t say for certain how these people feel about anything as we don’t know them personally.


20 Chandler’s Awkward Smile

Via pinterest.ca

An actor who has grown up in front of the world, that is a pretty hard thing for anyone to do. After all, who among us has not gone through a period in our life where we could charitably be described as awkward? Forced by his career to go through puberty and a period of great uncertainty in his life with millions of people paying attention, for the most part, it seems like Chandler Riggs has taken it all in stride. A photo of him at a fan event where he looks like he is uncomfortable with the lens of this camera being pointed at him, the smile on his face here makes it seem like he is less than fully confident in himself. A very understandable thing, that doesn’t make it any less cringe-worthy for him as he likely already kicks himself for some of the things he does as we all did a lot at that age.

19 Lennie Out Of Step

Via Twitter.com

We’ve all been there, you’re with your friends, and the group of you go to do something and you go along with what you think everyone is doing only to find out that you are the odd person out. Whether that is something like lip-syncing along with a song passionately only to realize everyone else has stopped or something else, in the end, as the person that didn’t read the situation right, you feel like a fool. If you are thinking back to an example of that in your life, you need to then compare it to how you might feel if the situation didn’t play out with your dumb friends. Instead, you are a celebrity who is posing for a picture with a bunch of your famous co-stars and everyone will see that you are taking the moment seriously while your pals are all being fools.

18 Michael’s Apparent Overacting

Via dailymail.co.uk

An actor whose exhibited a truly impressive amount of staying power over the years, Michael Rooker has been an active part of the industry since his film debut in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Appearing in several other notable films and shows over the last thirty years, he has made a name for himself in part because of movies like Mallrats and the Guardians of the Galaxy series. However, spending so much of his time performing in front of cameras has opened him up to criticisms of his work despite the fact that he has proven himself again and again. As such, he would probably prefer that the masses don’t examine what he does through a still image like this one where he looks quite overly dramatic.

17 Steven And His Wife

Via celebuzz.com

One of the most beloved members of the cast that have made the success of The Walking Dead possible, Steven Yeun has become a star of sorts based on his performance as Glenn Rhea. Relatively new to the public arena as he hadn’t been a big deal prior to his career taking this turn, we would argue that, so far, Steven seems to be doing a bang-up job of handling the pressure. One such way that he has dealt with the newfound interest in him is by attempting to hold on to some semblance of privacy. As such, photos of him and his wife have not spread far and wide which is why we think that he doesn’t want you to focus on an image like this.

16 Laurie’s Poor Costuming

Via listal.com

If you are a professional actor but you aren’t at a level that allows you to dictate exactly which roles you take on, there is going to be a very strong possibility that you appear in something that is subpar. In fact, unless you are one of the luckiest people alive, chances are that you will appear in a number of projects that are beneath you. Once you rise above having to take on pretty much any job that comes your way, the desire to have people forget some of your earlier work is likely going to be overwhelming. Of course, the internet always remembers, so here we have a photo of Laurie Holden looking goofy with a horrible wig in the TV miniseries The Martian Chronicles which was her first credited role.

15 Norman’s Embarrassment Collage

Via wattpad.com

Probably the most popular person to ever appear on The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus has brought Daryl Dixon to life and is so good at it that people have threatened riots if he is killed off. A stoic character that fiercely backs up those he feels deserve his loyalty, he is always there with a steely look on his face and ability to take the lives of anyone that gets in his way. A lovable character as well, he has revealed a more tender side from time to time, and the actor that plays him seems even more cool to be around. But that doesn’t mean he likes being embarrassed. Yet here we have an actual collage of shots of him putting his face in his hands in order to avoid the gaze of those around him since he has gone flush for that very reason.

14 Jeffrey’s Intimate Moment

Via hollywoodholler.com

An off-putting image for the man that is seen in it for two separate reasons, there is little doubt that this shot being public would make Jeffrey Dean Morgan upset. The first and (we think) lesser reason of the two is playing an extremely evil character on television. And while people realize he is an actor, he likely still wouldn’t want to look so happy in front of the masses. Further than that, however, the man is in the middle of an intimate moment with his real-life wife, Hilarie Burton. As such, he should have been able to assume that he and the woman he has linked his life to would be afforded a measure of privacy, but the paparazzi stepped in and took that away from them.


13 Danai’s Paparazzi Bikini

Via popsugar.com

Added to the cast of this series a couple of years after it debuted, when Danai Gurira debuted as Michonne, there was a great deal of pressure on her. That was because the character had been a part of the comics that spawned The Walking Dead and had been written in such a way that she was immensely popular with those that were aware of her. Completely living up to all expectations, she was able to craft a character that is extremely deadly but, at her core, has a warm heart. Added to an awesome show that is viewed by millions of people each week, the role thrust her out of obscurity. As such, she too has had to deal with invasions of her privacy which include an image like this one where her bikini body was revealed to the world without her consent.

12 Andrew’s Tiger Suit

Via 9gag.com

The star of The Walking Dead ever since it debuted, the first episode of the show was focused on introducing audiences to the character of Rick Grimes and his new world that is overrun with zombies. Taking on a leadership role shortly after coming across a group of survivors, his character has waffled back and forth between being a total bad-a*s and overwrought at times. That said, one thing he has yet to be is silly, so there is little doubt that the man that brings him to life, Andrew Lincoln, wants to be seen in a similar fashion. While he has previously played softer roles in movies like Love Actually, despite that a shot of him in a literal tiger suit isn’t anything he is going to want his fans thinking about.

11 Melissa And Dawson

Via Pinterest.com

The actor that was cast to play Carol Peletier throughout The Walking Dead, Melissa McBride was fortunate to take on a role that is as nuanced as anything we’ve seen on television. Starting out as a battered woman that was unable to stick up for herself, as the series has progressed, she has undergone a dramatic change that has seen her become someone of great resolve. That is why it is often so hard to imagine her playing different roles even though she has an extended resume that shows she was able to do just that. However, when it comes to her appearance on Dawson’s Creek, which saw her kiss the titular pretty boy, it flies in the face of how we see her so completely that we should all want to forget about it.

10 Alanna’s Bikini Beauty

Via thebarchive.com

An actor that clearly doesn’t get her due for how beautiful she is a lot of the time, we actually think that Alanna Masterson would be pretty okay with that. After all, when she was body-shamed in 2016, she didn’t wilt under the pressure in the slightest and instead opted to fire back at those ignorant trolls that were not deserving of her respect. On top of that, the character that she plays to perfection each week is not exactly taking part in any beauty contests as she is much more concerned with surviving the awful world she finds herself in. On top of that, it also seems like this picture that is so capable of changing the minds of the fools that don’t see how hot she is was taken during an intimate moment she wouldn’t want jerks seeing.

9 Norman’s Intimate Moment

Via eonline.com

Earlier in this list, we looked at how important Norman Reedus is to fans of The Walking Dead and that his personality off the screen has a hand in that, if you ask us. Not the first time that he played a part that made people respect his abilities and look forward to his next project, he has known what comes with fame for a number of years now. It therefore seems safe to assume that he knows the frustration of dealing with paparazzi all too well. But when they set their sights on someone he cares about, that would be harder to swallow. For that reason, we bet he detests that a moment of shared affection he had with Diane Kruger was photographed and spread online by those people.

8 Jon’s Paparazzi Spoilers

Via justjared.com

One of the most important figures in the history of The Walking Dead, Jon Bernthal and his character, Shane Walsh, defined a lot of relationships that have been pivotal to the series. Made a star because how great he was in the role, he used the increase in notoriety to land a long list of coveted roles, including being a part of films like The Wolf of Wall Street and Sicario among others. Still, the role that may have been his most important of late is that of Franks Castle, a man otherwise known as The Punisher, which has made him a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The star of a soon-to-debut series that focuses on that character and is named after him, keeping details of that show close to the chest is of paramount importance. That is why an on-set image like this one getting out and giving fans an idea of what is to come must be enraging.

7 Michael’s Youth

Via looper.com

Another figure that was added to this show as it progressed and was anticipated by fans of the comics, Michael Cudlitz was fortunate enough to land the role of Abraham Ford. A man that you don’t want to trifle with by any stretch of the imagination, this character was a tough talker who could be relied upon to dispatch anyone that is on the wrong side of a battle. Seeming as though he was born to play the part based on the physical resemblance he holds to the character as seen in the books and how tough he seems, it is easy to forget Michael didn’t always look that way. Then, you see an image like the one on the left that proves that, once upon a time, he was as innocent-looking as anyone out there.

6 Sarah’s Character Hate

Via screenrant.com

An actor that had previously made a name for herself as a central character in the success of Prison Break, when Sarah Wayne Callies was added to the cast of The Walking Dead, a lot of people took note. Cast as Lori Grimes, the woman that was married to the main character at the time the show began, as the story of the series progressed, she found herself pulled and pushed between him and another man. As such, much of the drama that had nothing to do with the zombies walking the Earth on the show was wrapped around her character, and a lot of fans began to detest her but not in the desired fashion. Instead of rooting against her character, they just hated every time she popped up on screen which is proven by the fact that a producer felt compelled to respond to that emotion. Playing a character people were so turned off by for a number of years is something Sarah must not enjoy looking back on.

5 Seth’s Mugshot

Via mirror.co.uk

An actor that has been a part of some truly critically-acclaimed series in his life like The Wire and Oz, Seth Gilliam is probably pretty used to getting praised. Of course, he is a human being like any of us which makes him imperfect and very capable of making mistakes—some much more grave than others. An example of just that, this photo is a mugshot of the man taken in May of 2015 when he was arrested for possession of marijuana as well as DUI, the latter of which is a much more serious offense. Putting others at risk due to driving while not clearheaded is a reprehensible thing to do so we’re sure that Seth wishes to forget he did that on top of hoping to keep this incident on the down low.

4 Jon’s Hopefully Sweating

Via Twitter.com

Someone who is notable for taking on roles that require him to come across as someone to be very afraid of, there are a number of things that Jon Bernthal does to make that a reality. First and foremost, he is quite adept at seeming like he is prone to fits of rage and cold and calculated acts of violence at a moment’s notice. That said, another thing about him that plays a big role in his ability to intimidate is that the man is in amazing shape. In order to come across that way, it is obvious that he must work hard on his body which makes an image of him looking totally ripped like this one possible. That said, we couldn’t help but notice that his pants are drenched in the crotch area, and we really want to think that has everything to do with sweating. However, whether that is the case or not, the very fact that this shot allows someone to question if he had an accident makes it a liability for him.

3 Jeffrey Wasted

Via Twitter.com

We already touched on the idea that we believe that Jeffrey Dean Morgan should be allowed to have at least some level of privacy. But as he becomes more famous, he is allowed less and less of it. Another example of that fact, in this shot, the man looks as though he was quite a bit younger than he is today which implies that it was dragged up to the forefront as he became a bigger deal. That alone makes us believe that he must hate that this image is public as it implies that no moment from his past deserves to stay there if discovered. However, the fact that he also looks as though he has had several too many drinks could add greatly to his desire to keep this image out of the limelight.

2 Laurie’s Character Hatred

Via EW.com

The second image related to Laurie Holden to land on this list, it seems pretty obvious to us that she would be much more displeased that something like this is out there. A screengrab of an article put out by Entertainment Weekly, the idea of it was looking at the most annoying TV characters in TV history and her Walking Dead character, Andrea, comes up quickly. An embarrassment for her as it makes something she worked on for years seem like it was all for naught, we can just imagine how hard she'd cringe if she knew this happened. Even worse for her, however, is that it is out there for potential fans to read, and the write-up of what is wrong with her character is spot on and devastating.

1 Chad’s Meltdown

Via TMZ.com

An actor we have had the utmost respect for since he played a complicated and fully fleshed-out character in The Wire to perfection, Chad Coleman is wonderful at what he does. That is why we were so excited when we found out he was cast as Tyreese Williams, an awesome character from The Walking Dead comics we couldn’t wait to see brought to life. Happily, we were never let down by him as he killed it in the role, and we loved pretty much every moment he was on our screens. In his personal life, things were not always as rosy, however, as he had a meltdown while on a New York City subway. Screaming that he was Chad L. Coleman from The Walking Dead and The Wire, he then went on to yell about humanity and other things. Considering that he would later say he regrets the outburst, it seems pretty clear that he wishes you didn’t see proof it happened.


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