16 Of The Biggest Shattered Egos Of Hollywood

We know them, and they are many, the stars who, at one point, had it all, but something changed in a flash. They lost it. Some of them were megastars that suddenly came crashing back down to earth, others were stars that slowly dwindled, so to speak, but all have ego in common, massive, massive egos. One side of me can’t really blame them. They are idolized and loved across the world, they bleed dollar bills and all of them are really talen—most of them are really talented. The other side of me, however, starts to change my opinion of these actors. Sometimes, even for a seasoned movie watcher like yours truly, it is difficult to separate a character from the actor. I don’t like it but it happens.

Some of this is hearsay, but, like my mama always said, rumors are just as strong as the truth if people believe them. Not all of the stars on this list have completely crumbled and given up. No, many are still working, some are even still pretty popular, but they slipped up somewhere along the line; those egos of theirs got them into trouble. Don’t get mad at me if you see your pal on this list. I don’t make the news; I just report it. Let’s take a look at these egotistical stars, the 16 biggest shattered egos of Hollywood.

16 Katherine Heigl

15 Edward Norton

14 Mariah Carey

13 Tom Cruise

12 Gwyneth Paltrow

11 Madonna

10 Reese Witherspoon

9 Megan Fox

8 Jennifer Lopez

7 Shannon Doherty

6 Val Kilmer

5 Shia LaBeouf

4 Mel Gibson

3 Lindsay Lohan

2 Jean-Claude Van Damme

1 Charlie Sheen

Tiger Blood. Winning. Remember that very strange and very weird period for Charlie Sheen? He was making stupid Two and a Half Men money but then he went crazy, like Gary Busey crazy. Things haven’t gotten better for him. He’s had health issues and relationship issues, all sorts of issues. Charlie’s family are almost all actors, but of them all, he’s the weirdest. Papa Sheen, Martin as his friends call him, he went a bit weird too, in fact, it was filmed. Apocalypse Now kept the hotel room scene in the final cut showing Martin dancing and punching and bleeding. In those moments, you can really see a little Charlie in there. Or, at the very least, you can see where Charlie might get it from. Who can say? I’m not a psychologist.

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16 Of The Biggest Shattered Egos Of Hollywood