15 TV Shows On Right Now With The Most Eye Candy

American television is really experiencing a Renaissance of sorts. The level of quality in today's TV shows as well as the endless options that viewers have to choose from is something that we've really never experienced before. And TV writers and producers are clearly feeling the pressure of that, because networks seem to be constantly warring with one another over who can create the freshest, best, most interesting, most unusual content to bait their audiences with. No one with a television or a computer is really lacking for entertainment. And it's awesome to watch creative artistry that really makes you think.

While everyone can appreciate the value of a $100 filet mignon, sometimes you just want some Doritos and cotton candy. So, if you're in the mood for something a little fluffier than The West Wing – and ladies are like cotton candy to your eyeballs – then look no further. Some of them are great, some of them aren't, some of them are Emmy winners and some of them would be lucky to just win a participation medal, but all of these shows at least have one thing in common: hot girls. So out of all of your TV options, which 15 TV shows are offering up the best eye candy?


15 Riverdale

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Riverdale certainly isn't your parent's Archie comic books come to life. It's to be expected that any TV adaptation made for the CW is going to add a pretty decent helping of s*xiness to its source material, but the network's new flagship teen drama Riverdale is definitely going above and beyond in that department. Riverdale puts a darker, edgier spin on the picturesque world of Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, and that includes some seriously hot ladies with more than enough spice to give all of the boys some eye candy. Veronica is certainly known as the dangerous hottie of the Archie comics universe, but in this edition of the story, she helps BFF Betty come out of her good girl shell and give fiery redhead rival Cheryl Blossom a run for her money. Rocker chick Josie McCoy rounds out the crew, so Riverdale's vixens truly do have something for everyone.

14 Are You The One?

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MTV is kind of in a league of its own when it comes to creating insane reality shows that feature the hottest and wildest contestants they can find, and when it comes to Are You The One?, they have found another spin to put on their tried and true formula for making interesting TV. AYTO is currently in its sixth season and is still as crazy as ever. The premise is simple: MTV's professional matchmakers pair up 11 different couples into their "perfect match," then all 22 contestants are thrown into the same house and it's their job to figure out who their perfect matches really are. If they succeed they win a million bucks, and if they fail they don't. It sounds like it should be an easy prospect, but the group never gets to the end of the show without dealing with a whole mess of drama beforehand, and every season takes place in a luxurious tropical location with plenty of free booze provided, which guarantees that all of the contestants will look hot as hell while they go nuts.

13 Survivor

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Survivor is certainly a reality TV show oldie but goodie, and the series has gone on to have a whopping 35 seasons, at least partly because Survivor's producers understand that you don't mess with success. Almost everyone who knows anything about TV knows that the ultimate survivor has to outwit, outplay, and outlast all of their other competitors, and luckily for us, Survivor's casting department understands that their show is a whole lot more palatable if they collect a lot of contestants who look amazing walking around nearly naked for a month straight. The current season of the CBS mainstay is no different. They've dumped a bunch of twenty and thirty-something players into a remote area of Fiji and let them duke it out, and luckily for Survivor's audience, they bring all of the drama, competition, and day-to-day living that we've come to expect from the show, and they do it all in glorified underwear.

12 Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is kind of a dark horse TV show in the Marvel cinematic universe, but most of the time it's really hard to see why. The storylines are compelling and the characters are interesting, and the cast who plays those characters are all pretty talented and, you guessed it, super hot. The show is led by the super cute hacker turned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Chloe Bennet, and she is backed up by Ming-Na Wen as S.H.I.E.L.D. expert and total bada*s Melinda May, along with team brainiac Jemma Simmons (played by Elizabeth Henstridge) and super spy legend Bobbi Morse (played by absolute stunner Adrianne Palicki). If hot girls who kick butt is your thing, then Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. should probably become your thing, and the show itself manages to incorporate a lot of elements from the Marvel cinematic universe and bring them together without feeling like it's trying to cram as much as it can into as little time as possible.

11 The Challenge: XXX Dirty 30

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The Challenge is one of MTV's longest-running reality shows that always knows how to amp up its twenty-something drama to a hundred percent. The show is your pretty standard reality TV competition show. A bunch of contestants show up to compete in challenges and whoever makes it to the end wins a whole lot of money. MTV puts its own unique spin on the concept though, by pulling its contestants for The Challenge from its other reality shows, namely The Real World, Are You The One?, and Road Rules. The kids they select to appear on these shows are usually pretty well known for being wild, crazy, and aggressive, but putting them all together on another show with a whole lot of money at the finish line adds another even more intense dynamic to it. Having emotionally unstable people with a lot of history behind them compete in a Battle Royale for money is pretty much a guarantee for some crazy shenanigans. And of course, competing in an exotic super hot location guarantees that all of those shenanigans will include showing a whole lot of skin.

10 Supergirl

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For the lone entry we have from the DC comics cinematic universe, there is Supergirl. The show revolving around the iconic title character got its start at CBS but was picked up by the CW after its first season, and in a move that surprised absolutely no one, the CW decided to s*x the show up a bit after adding it to their roster. Melissa Benoist stars as the adorable and innocent Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl, but the series as a whole is chock full of beautiful ladies who all have different personalities and styles. The show also includes Grey's Anatomy alum Chyler Leigh as Kara's adoptive sister Alex, detective and object of Alex's affections Maggie Sawyer, Katie McGrath as the stunningly beautiful and totally terrifying Lena Luthor, and Odette Annable rounding out the girl squad as Samantha Arias, fellow Kryptonian and soon-to-be rival to Kara. Most TV shows don't even have that many main female characters, let alone that many who also happen to be a joy to look at.

9 Westworld

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HBO was certainly the major trailblazer for super s*xed-up TV dramas, so it's no surprise that its latest hit belongs on the eye candy list as well. Westworld draws its inspiration from a fictional similarly named theme park, a theme park that exists in an imaginary future where science fiction and reality are barely distinguishable from one another and where the term "theme park" has taken on a whole new meaning. This is definitely not Six Flags. The general idea behind Westworld is letting the park's visitors play out any of their childhood or more adult fantasies with the park's hosts, a collection of androids that are identical to humans but are still robots on the inside, and Westworld the TV show certainly isn't shy about letting those fantasies get as adult as HBO possibly can. The show is full of talented cast members and superstar producers, but even if you're just after something nice to look at, Westworld sure is pretty.


8 Big Brother

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Big Brother is yet another long-lasting CBS reality show that has a simple concept, but knows how to deliver to its audience every time. The general idea of the show is to put a bunch of strangers together in a house where they'll be isolated from the world, filmed 24/7, and given different tasks and missions to complete, with all of them competing against each other to avoid eviction and for the ultimate prize of half a million dollars. Each season of the show usually involves a specific kind of theme or twist, but one thing you can always be sure of is seeing as much of the contestants as you could possibly want to. Aside from being privy to everything they're doing 24 hours a day, the fact that they are literally being recorded at all times means that you're guaranteed to see nearly every inch of every contestant at some point during the season.

7 Orange Is The New Black

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Most people don't associate being in prison with anything remotely s*xy, but Netflix really changed that train of thought when it introduced their flagship female prison dramedy show Orange Is The New Black. Orange Is The New Black is Netflix's most watched series and has won the streaming site multiple Emmys along with a whole lot of critical acclaim. It's so popular and well-written that it's actually kind of easy to forget that at its heart the show is about a bunch of hot girls in prison. Piper Chapman and Alex Vause are the leads of the show and the primary couple of the series, but OINTB also features a whole lot of supporting characters who get more development and screen time than most female characters in any TV show, period. From Dascha Polenco to Samira Wiley to model-turned-actress Ruby Rose, there is a huge variety of gorgeous ladies to gawk at while you enjoy OINTB.

6 Total Divas

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The long running E! reality TV show Total Divas gives the audience a glimpse into an unusual little corner of the entertainment industry. The show centers around the female wrestlers of the WWE, with the aptly named Bella twins, Nikki and Brie, leading the pack. It's an intriguing concept that has a lot of payoff, peering into the lives of women who spend most of their lives playing into a wrestling persona is something that most viewers probably haven't done before, and learning about the lives of people who have such unique jobs is something cool and different. But of course, it certainly doesn't help that it's also a show about a bunch of absurdly beautiful women. Total Divas is also a nice change-up from a lot of reality show standards (especially when it comes to E! shows), because yeah, these women are super hot, but they're not just being recorded because they're super hot.

5 Jessica Jones

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In the past couple of years Netflix has really gone all out on TV shows that exist in the Marvel cinematic universe, and their commitment to creating a franchise has yielded some pretty interesting results. One of their most unique offerings is Marvel's Jessica Jones, a show that revolves around the titular superhuman detective Jessica and how she copes with life after being used and abused by a villain called Kilgrave. Krysten Ritter plays Jessica, a super strong PI who is coping with PTSD after her "relationship" with Kilgrave (in which she was an unwilling participant), and while her experiences with Kilgrave are the focus of the story, it's really Jessica's relationship with BFF Trish (played by Australian beauty Rachael Taylor) that is the heart of the show. Add in Hope Shlottman, the university student/damsel in distress who Jessica tries to help, plus morally ambiguous lawyer Jeri Hogarth (played by none other than Trinity herself, Carrie-Anne Moss) and you have a bonafide team of eye candy that packs a whole lot of punch.

4 Game Of Thrones

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Game of Thrones definitely likes to walk the line between hot and scary, and it even likes to de-s*xify a lot of its female characters like Arya or Brienne, but there is no doubt about it. Game of Thrones has one seriously hot female cast. The iconic Daenerys Targaryen and her super hot BFF Missandei are probably the most obviously hot women in the series, but Natalie Dormer's devious Margaery Tyrell gives the two of them a run for their money. Sansa is known as the "lady" of the series but even she has had her moments of hardcore hotness, for instance when she was pretending to be Alayne Stone, bastard daughter of Petyr Baelish (my god, who can forget that black hair and black outfit). Arya and Brienne are probably the least feminine of all of Game of Thrones' female characters, but all of the butching up in the world can't hide the fact that Maisie Williams is a cutie and Gwendoline Christie is a stunning 6 foot tall blonde who can even catch Jaime Lannister and Tormund Giantsbane's attention.

3 The 100

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The 100 is a bit of a sleeper hit for the CW. It's never been one of the network's top performers but it has always delivered solid ratings, solid enough to keep the show running for four seasons and counting so far. Conceptually, the show is intriguing; it feels very Battlestar Galactica meets Dawson's Creek, and while post-apocalyptic shows are definitely having a moment in American television, none of those other shows can really compete with The 100 when it comes to hotties. Lead character Clarke Griffin (played by Eliza Taylor) is a smart, super hot bada*s, and supporting ladies Octavia and Raven (played by Marie Avgeropoulos and Lindsey Morgan, respectively) are two seriously fierce warrior chicks whose good looks hide the scary as hell fighters underneath. If you like your teen dramas with a sci-fi spin to them then The 100 will probably be right up your alley, but even if you can't follow its endless twists and turns you'll always have some very pretty faces to keep your mind busy.

2 Outlander

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Being on a premium cable television network certainly has its advantages, one of the biggest being that you don't really have to worry about getting anything past the TV censors. Outlander, one of the first scripted drama shows from premium network Starz, certainly takes as much advantage of that as much as they can. You might not think of an 18th century historical drama/time travel TV show as being peak s*xy if you haven't seen Outlander, but if you watched even one episode of the show you'd realize how wrong you are. The show's main character Claire Beauchamp/Randall/Fraser is played by former Victoria's Secret model (but legitimately talented actress) Caitriona Balfe, and while the story includes a whole lot of Scottish history it also includes a whole lot of very graphic scenes. It's definitely not the kind of material that would make it past the censors, but given the attractiveness level of the main cast in general, it's definitely not bad to look at.

1 Star

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Presumably in an effort to capitalize on their massive success with Empire, FOX has offered up another helping of music drama in the form of Star. But instead of focusing on the "behind the music" story of some industry titans, Star focuses on three super hot young women who are working their way towards the top of the industry and overcoming a whole lot of hurdles on the way. The show features a lot of legendary actors and singers in its supporting cast and guest star roles, but the three girls are really the main focus here. And since the trio of cuties are all aspiring musical superstars, they unsurprisingly need to look smokin' hot nearly 24/7 on the show. Luckily, they succeed, and the show easily sells them as the next Destiny's Child.


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