15 TV Couples That Would Never Work IRL

While there are definitely a number of television shows that don't feature a romantic storyline, it seems like almost every show likes to throw in some sort of relationship. People enjoy watching a show that features a relationship to root for, even if it is the most unlikely couple. Although there are a number of relationships that never actually made it to the end of the series, fans still have some old favorites that melt their hearts upon watching reruns.

From actors with incredible chemistry to storylines that simply show the couple in the best way, it's interesting how many television couples audiences have fallen for over the years. Yet, just because the couples have made it work on the small screen doesn't mean they would actually stand the test of time in the real world. When the characters are put into a neat little bubble in their prospective television show, it's a lot easier to see how they would be able to make it work. Yet, there are definitely some outside factors that would negatively affect their relationship if it were the real world. There are also some glaring personality problems that are often diminished on television but would definitely be glaring issues if it was a relationship in the real world. It can be easy to overlook this when watching these couples on television, but check out our list of the 15 TV couples that would never work in real life and see how quickly the bubble can burst.

15 Lucifer And Chloe 

When Lucifer first premiered in 2015, people likened the series to a cross between Constantine and NCIS. Television audiences loved seeing the special effects of wings and devil faces and putting it with a crime scene twist was just the right amount of drama for an entertaining night in with the tube. Despite the storyline being completely absurd with the devil living on Earth to help solve crimes, TV audiences love tuning in to see the romance storyline between Lucifer and Chloe Decker. She is an impossibly beautiful woman that just so happened to be an actress before becoming a police officer that ultimately made detective. In the real world, Chloe wouldn't be able to see beyond his delusions of being the actual devil and his womanizing ways would be the end of their relationship.

14 Olivia And Fitz

When Scandal first premiered in 2012, audiences almost immediately fell in love with the storyline regarding Olivia's relationship with Fitzgerald Grant. Despite the fact that he was married when they first met and she was technically his employee because she was running his campaign, the world still wanted these two to somehow make it work. Throughout the series, Olivia has allowed a few other men into her bed, but people still held out hope that she would end up with Fitz in the end. With the series wrapping up, everyone is still speculating how it will all end for Olivia Pope. Yet, looking at the details of her relationship with Fitz puts a completely different spin on it if the relationship were in the real world. With both of them having such dominating personalities and having a severe amount of baggage, there's no way they would be able to work out their differences in the real world.

13 Jack And Kate

When Lost first premiered in 2004, television audiences were mesmerized by the mysterious storyline regarding the plane crash and the island. Each new episode seemed to just add to the mystery of the show, with all new elements being introduced with each new season. From inhabitants on the island to the island monster, it seemed like there would always be something to figure out on Lost. Yet, the real mystery for many television audiences revolved around the love triangle between Kate, Jack, and Sawyer. Millions of fans wanted Kate to end up with Jack because he seemed like the safer route for her. He was a doctor, he was the real leader of the group, and he seemed to truly want the best for Kate. Yet, their personalities were so oddly mismatched and Jack would never have truly fallen for Kate and all her drama if it were in the real world.

12 Monica And Chandler

When Friends first premiered in 1994, there were some that criticized a show where men and women could have platonic relationships with one another. Yet, those criticisms quickly changed when everyone started dating each other. It became a swapping romance TV show with each new season and a number of the romances didn't seem likely. One of them was when Chandler and Monica started hooking up and ultimately made it down the aisle. While it was a great moment for the show, it would have been a completely different scenario if it were in the real world. Monica had way too much history with Chandler since she was Ross' little sister and it's difficult to think that she would have really been able to get over his comment about being "Ross' fat sister."

11 Rick And Michonne

When The Walking Dead first premiered, the romantic storyline regarding Rick Grimes had to do with Rick's wife, Lori. That's actually another TV couple that wouldn't have worked out in real life and it wasn't just because of how she was having an affair with his partner, Shane. Those two were poorly suited and didn't seem to have any real romantic connection besides having a child together that they were both desperate to keep safe. After Lori's death, Rick was in a tailspin depression and then out of nowhere, he started forming a relationship with Michonne. Besides the fact that they are both fierce warriors in the world of the zombie apocalypse, these two have absolutely nothing in common and it definitely wouldn't work out if their relationship were to be taken out into the real world.

10 Monica And Richard

When Tom Selleck was first introduced in the Friends series, TV audiences were overjoyed at seeing this handsome new love interest in Monica's life. Yet, the romance storyline definitely had some big red flags due to the 21-year age gap between Richard and Monica. Not only was he way older than her, but there was some history between the two. Richard was actually friends with Monica's parents and was the family eye doctor. Richard watched Monica grow up and she even swam in his pool when she was quite younger. Not only is it incredibly creepy to become romantically involved with someone that is old enough to be your father, but the creep factor is exponentially increased by Richard's friendship with her parents.

9 Bernadette And Howard

When Howard Wolowitz was first introduced on The Big Bang Theory, he was seen as the incredibly creepy friend that was oddly confident when it came to approaching the opposite sex. While the other characters were hesitant to even go to a bar, Howard was the first to jump on checking out a "ladies night" or themed bar. Yet, his pickup skills definitely needed some work since it constantly bordered on cheesy and overly vulgar. When Bernadette came into the picture, the two couldn't be any more different. The only thing they had in common revolved around the relationship they had with their mothers. This TV couple made it work and ultimately wound up having a family together. Yet, their conflicting personalities would never make it out in the real world.

8 Leonard And Penny

When The Big Bang Theory first premiered in 2007, it became immediately obvious that the main premise of the show would revolve around a group of incredibly intelligent men and their impossibly beautiful blonde neighbor. It was a great storyline to start with because people could relate to someone having difficulty understanding some of the complex physics that the other characters seemed to know so well. They also enjoyed the romance storyline to see if the socially-awkward nerd could land the beautiful blonde actress next door. The two had a tumultuous relationship for some time, but they ultimately made it down the aisle. While it pulled itself off in the series, there's a good chance that it wouldn't work out in real life. There is such a vast difference in understanding and interests, which would make one of them bored of the relationship in the long run.

7 Bill And Sookie

When True Blood first premiered in 2008, television audiences couldn't get enough of seeing the unique storyline of vampires in a modern-day setting. With vampires "coming out of the coffin," it was so interesting to see what the world would be like if vampires were accepted into mainstream society. Yet, the most interesting aspect of this storyline was the romance between humans and vampires. People loved the idea of Bill Compton finding true love with Sookie Stackhouse, but it seemed like there was always an obstacle in their way. Although he was definitely her first love and the person she lost her virginity to, outside mythical elements continued to tear them apart. In real life, this couple would have never made it to the end and it's not just because of the whole vampire thing.

6 Rachel And Ross

Since the very first episode of Friends, television audiences were rooting for a true romance between Ross and Rachel. Ross was dealing with heartbreak after his ex-wife began a relationship with a woman and he was moaning about how badly he wanted to be married again when Rachel stormed into the coffee shop wearing a wedding dress. It wasn't until later in the series when audiences got to see the incredible history these two had — Ross pined over her for years. Their tumultuous relationship played itself out from one season to the next, which made it so entertaining for viewers. Yet, there is no way these two could have ultimately made it work if it were real life. There were way too many outside relationships that made it such a sloppy mess and there were deep-rooted issues that would never have allowed them to make it work in the end.

5 Angela And Jordan

There are some television shows that have become infamous in the minds of television viewers and that is exactly the case with My So-Called Life. When it first premiered in 1994, people couldn't get enough of a show that was seen as before its time. The characters were perfect for the era, but the complicated relationships showed a realness in life that simply wasn't on television at the time. It also gave rise to huge superstars in television and film, with Angela Chase being played by Claire Danes and Jordan Catalano being portrayed by Jared Leto. People loved seeing their young love blossom and the series finished with Jared taking credit for a love letter written by Angela's devoted neighbor, Brian Krakow. In real life, this relationship never would have gone the distance because of the stark difference in maturity level and the inevitable future mistakes by Jordan.

4 Cersei And Jaime 

Game of Thrones isn't exactly a series that's known for its happy endings or security in the characters. Yet, there are some real relationships that have played themselves out throughout the series. While Cersei and Jaime Lannister may have an incestuous relationship as brother and sister, the show is set in a time and place where people were able to dismiss this because of the fact that the Targaryens had wed brother and sister together for years in order to keep the bloodlines pure. Taking that part of their relationship out of the equation, there are still some glaring red flags that would make this romance fizzle out in the real world. Cersei has an utter disregard for human life and Jaime has a deep sense of morality that has been uncovered with each new season. Their differences would never allow their relationship to work out.

3 Mary And Watson

In the British drama series, Sherlock, the character of Doctor Watson is portrayed as an ex-soldier recovering from PTSD from deployment in Afghanistan. While the series is set in modern times, audiences have fallen in love with the way the storyline is shown so true to the original Sherlock Holmes tale. When John Watson finally met someone he could settle down with, Mary seemed like a strange pick for him. She had violent tendencies and a background in espionage that didn't make her the wallflower woman content with being on the sidelines. With Sherlock already offering more than enough excitement, it seems unlikely that Watson would want such a dominating presence in his wife-to-be. In the real world, Watson's better half wouldn't be a woman like Mary from the show.

2 Carrie And Mr. Big

Sex and the City was one of the most popular shows HBO ever produced and still does quite well as reruns. People felt utterly connected to the main cast of characters,but everyone constantly speculated on who Carrie Bradshaw would end up with in the conclusion of the series. Everyone seemed to have their own favorite boyfriend that they hoped Carrie would choose in the end (and they definitely had a huge number of characters to choose from). Yet, it was Mr. Big that ultimately got her to settle down in the series. In real life, it's quite doubtful that these two would have been able to make it work. Their tawdry past of Carrie being the mistress while he was married would have been extremely difficult to get past, and Mr. Big's commitment issues would have undoubtedly caused additional problems down the line. I mean, he left her at the altar!

1 Dan And Charlotte

In an effort to spice up the storyline on Lucifer, a new character was included to show some major family dysfunction. Lucifer's mother was able to take on a human body and after a few missteps, Charlotte Richards became the host. She had been trapped in hell for quite some time and spent her time on Earth by getting in some quality time with her children, Lucifer and Amenadiel. Yet, spending quality family time wasn't the only way she spent her time on Earth and actually started having a relationship with Chloe's ex-husband, Dan. It started off as just a one-night stand hookup but it eventually led to Dan having real feelings for Charlotte. Lucifer's mother was thrown into another universe but Charlotte remained on the show to continue on as the real Charlotte Richards.

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