15 Things Women Are Too Scared To Ask Their BF

Even women know that in the eyes of men, they are complicated individuals. But, did you know that there are things about men that women just can’t explain: things that they are dying to ask, but really just can’t? This is especially true when it comes to significant others. Sure, there may be questions about how everything works with your body (especially down there), but those questions are rather juvenile and easily answered. Yeah, yeah, this happens so many times a day and you can’t control it. This happens when you go to relieve yourself. Blah. Blah. Middle school stuff. What we really want to know are the things that affect our relationship with you. Because, you know, if you’re in a decent relationship, the most important thing in the world to your girl is the two of you. It’s only natural. While in an honest relationship, it’s easy to talk to your boyfriend. But even then, there are some things that we really want to ask but are too afraid to ask. Sure, we may ask these questions, but either we don’t like the answer our boyfriend gave us, or we just don’t trust that it’s legit.

After all, we already know you love us and don’t want to hurt us, so it’s possible you could tell tiny lies or bend the truth to not hurt us. Men we aren’t connected to however, can be a bit brutal. So, please, let us know the answers to these burning questions that we are just too afraid to ask our boyfriends. Answer honestly and openly, we won’t be offended. Probably.

15 "Do You Want To Be Asked Out?"

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Today, there’s this thing where half of people think women should have a distinct place in society, and the other half think there should be no division. So, guys, would you like to be asked out by women more? Or do you think it’s your job? This would really be nice to know. A lot of girls would totally be okay with making the first move, but they don’t want to take a stab at the man’s pride. Other girls would prefer to be the chased rather than the chaser. What about you guys?

Yes, this is a question we have for our boyfriend because making the first move is more than just asking someone out. Knowing whether or not you want women to be chasers says a lot, and can be useful in our relationships. In a relationship, we don’t have this “role” to fill, but to some extent, a lot of them have expectations.

14 "Female Friends? Really?"

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Here’s one for you… female friends? Are they possible? Sure, they are! But that’s not what I mean. I mean, is it possible to have female friends and never think of them in “that way?” Did your relationship start because you had a crush on them? Can you actually not be attracted to them if they are gorgeous? Do you think they are prettier than us? Hotter? How can you like us more than them when they are knockouts and we look like a homeless person?

Sure, this isn’t reality, but these are thoughts women have. So please let us know if you have pretty female friends that you’ve never thought about sleeping with. We want to know that, although you may know they are pretty just as we do, yet you’ve never once thought of them in that way. Maybe it is possible to feel the same about them as you do your guy friends.

13 "How Important Is Our Body?"


This isn’t the best way to phrase this, but the question remains. Do you care if we’re overweight? Do you have a problem with blondes? Are large breasts important to you? There isn’t a decent man alive that will tell his woman that she isn’t attractive. Most men would not say that he minds that she’s an A cup and a size 16. So we can’t blame them for not telling us this. But we can blame you!

So, let us know. If you have a girlfriend with a small chest, does it make you yearn for one with a large chest? If your woman is obese and you still love her, do you secretly wish she’d lose weight for any reason other than her health? I know a lot of guys want “heavy” women. Some want curvy, some want thin. But what I’m asking is how important are your preferences? Do they affect your relationship? How much does the outside really matter?

12 "What Really Annoys You?"

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Here’s a biggie. You won’t tell us what you really don’t like about us, because you don’t want to fight or hurt us. But we know there are things. Everyone has individual things that annoy you. So what annoys you about your girlfriend? Or what is that one thing that you wish your girlfriend would stop doing?

Is it being too clingy? Is it too much PDA? Is it snooping on social media? Girls are usually pretty straightforward about things that they don’t like. Guys should start following suit. You may fight more, but in the end, it’s worth it. Honesty will eventually turn into fewer and fewer arguments. Most arguments are misunderstandings, or they are built on mistrust. So if the way she chews annoys you, you may tell her. But even more than that, if the way she treats her siblings annoys you, you better tell her, because she’s not above treating you that way either. Help her grow and get to know you better.

11 "Do You Check Every Girl Out?"


We often hate walking through town with you. We pretty much don’t check other guys out, mostly because we’re too busy checking other girls out and wondering if you are too. We look at them and compare ourselves to them. We know this is so wrong, but these days, we are bred and raised for comparison. So let’s get to the bottom of this… do you check them out?

Can an attractive woman walk by you without you thinking about her in that way? Do you admire certain parts of her body in ways you could never think about a man? If so, you are checking her out in ways that will make your girl feel insecure. I don’t know that looking at her chest or booty is such an awful thing, but it will indeed hurt your woman. But still, you need to be honest about it or you’ll never get anywhere. So, do you check out every “pretty” girl you see? If so, is it intentional or primal?

10 "Are You Actually Thinking Of Nothing?"

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Every girlfriend has asked at least once, “What are you thinking about?” Don’t ask us why, it just happens. We see a funny face or blank stare and really wonder what is causing it. Is he thinking about another girl? Is he thinking about something he doesn’t like about us? Is he thinking about the new MCU movie, or some comparison between Goku and One-Punch Man? We don’t know, and so we ask.

The number one answer we get is “nothing.” As a woman, this seems absolutely impossible. But we’re not men, so maybe it’s possible in your waffle brains. But if you’re thinking about something like DBZ, then let us know. If you don’t want to tell us, then just say, “Dumb anime stuff,” and laugh. When you say nothing, girls often hear, “Something I don’t want you to know.” It’s lame, but it’s true. So, just tell us what it is or tell us it’s stupid.

9 "Do You Want To Be Asked For Help?"

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We can probably smash that spider, we can likely open the pickle jar, we know how to change a light bulb. But more often than not, if you’re around, we will ask you to do it. Why? Because we need to stroke your ego and prove your masculinity. So, what about you? Do you like this? Does it make you feel all manly and needed or is it annoying? If it is, we’ll just do it ourselves. If not, have a heyday. We really don’t care. Our pride will let you open the jar even if yours is affected by the act.

Each guy may be different, but at least tell her. “Hey, thanks for asking for help. I love feeling needed,” or, “Honey, I appreciate you asking but I know you can do it yourself, you’re so strong.” When said in “your” way, I guarantee that she will accept it. Just let her know, let us know, and let me know!

8 "Are You Always In The Mood?"

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Time to break this myth once and for all. Are you, as our boyfriend, always in the mood to get it on? We all know that sometimes girls just aren’t in the mood. At times, we aren't even in the mood for a kiss or for a massage. Some days we aren't in the mood for anything! It happens. I mean, we don’t even always want to watch a rom-com. Gamers may want to game 99% of the time, but during that 1% of the time, they just can’t.

Is this what it’s like for men? Are you always up for taking it to the bedroom, for a little romantic time, or for a make out session? Or do you just not feel like it sometimes? Surely you can’t be up for it all the time. Is that humanly possible? Do you believe that you want it more often than your girlfriend or that you share a similar level of desire? Have you ever told her no before because you just didn’t want to? Come on, guys, we really want to know.

7 "Do You Really Miss Us?"

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We’re going to be gone for the weekend. We get everything ready and give you a kiss before walking out the door. You say those three words, “I’ll miss you.” We, who will be missing you, wonder if it’s true. Because for a while, we may not miss you. If we’re having fun, we will wish you were there to enjoy it too. If it’s a drag, like a funeral, we will wish you were there to help us through it.

But what about you? Do you really miss us when you’re having fun or doing something really awful? Does the answer change if your girl is clingy? Does it change depending on how long the relationship has been going on? We need answers. Wait, what if you’re with a girl that really likes playing video games, watching superhero movies, laying around half-naked, and eating junk food all day? Does it make a difference if she wants to do what you are doing while she’s gone?

6 "Do You Watch It?"

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Legend has it, all men watch p*rn or look at unclothed women on the internet. Thousands of women will tell you that their guy does not do this, because he told them he doesn’t. Are they lying? Are you going to rat them out? Or are there men out there with enough respect to not look at any other woman in that way?

First off, it’s important to know whether men deem watching this as cheating or not. Every woman needs to know if their man thinks it’s just like watching any other movie. A lot of women watch p*rn regularly, yes, but more often than not it’s women, not men, that are against it. Women often feel betrayed when men want to see a woman that’s not them, especially when they find women their boyfriends keep coming back to that look nothing like them. What if you're a 250-lb blonde and his favorite p*rn star or model is a 110-lb brunette? Do tell me if “all” men watch p*rn? More importantly, are the ones who say they don’t watch it lying?

5 "Why Do You Act Different Around Friends?"

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In my experience, around 90% of men act differently around their friends than they do with their significant other. It’s really confusing the first few times their girlfriend meets their friends. He turns into a different person and she is flabbergasted. “What happened?” A few hours ago, he was a normal, sweet, confident individual. Now he’s cracking bad jokes, laughing way too loud, and acts insecure.

What annoys girls the most is that the man isn’t himself. Like, have they been living a lie the whole time you’ve been together? Or can they not be themselves with their friends? If so, why even have them as friends? Time and time again, men are accused of acting differently around their so-called “friends.” But why? Why do you overreact and make a macho fool of yourselves when with friends, then act like a sensitive poet when alone with your girl? Not asking you to be romantic in front of the guys, but why not just be natural?

4 "Why Cheat?"

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This goes for men and women, but most of the time men and women cheat for different reasons. What women want to know about men is, “Why cheat? Why not just leave?” This is the simplest solution to a problem like this. If there are kids involved and you don’t want to mess them up, cheating is not going to help, but it’s more understandable. But when it’s just the two of you and you choose to stay with her and cheat on her, that’s inexcusable. A lot of the time, women in abusive relationships cheat, when they are afraid to leave their partner. But how often do you hear about this situation with men? Never.

Most of the time, they want someone younger, they’re bored, etc. So leave her! Have some respect. I would love to hear a logical explanation for not leaving her and cheating on her. So please, please give me a good reason.

3 "How Do You Want Us To Dress?"

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There’s this thing women are confused by. They know other men would love them to dress a little “sl*tty.” They know their parents would love for them to wear long dresses and turtle necks. But what about you, their love? Would you prefer a tank and miniskirt, jeans and a tee, or slacks and a long-sleeved shirt? Sure, every girl and guy is different, but if you had to sum it up, how modest do you want her to be?

The reason you’d want her to cover up is to have respect for herself and so that you’re the only one who sees her that way. The reason you’d want her to dress sl*ttier is so that you get to look at her, but mainly because you can show her off to other guys who can’t touch her. I totally believe that everyone should make their own decision as to the way they dress, but I still like to know some boyfriends' preferences.

2 "Do You Want Us To Pay?"

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Okay, in general, when we go out together, guys are the ones who often pay. One of the reasons for this is because in the past, we have offered and the men have been offended. So, would you like us to pay? We could just do it, no questions asked. But does that hurt your pride? Do you want to be the one to provide?

If so, what do you want us to use our money for in a long-term relationship? Do you want to split the bills? Do you want to take them over? We all know money is the number one cause of problems in relationships, but that may be changing now that women are working just as much as men are. In most relationships, both partners have jobs. How does splitting housework, bills, and cooking work out? Moreover, what do you expect to pay for and what would you like us to pay for?

1 "What Do You Want To Know?"

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This one has to be the biggest question of all. What are you too afraid to ask? Girls often talk about serious things more often than guys do. They will ask questions most of the time. Guys, on the other hand, tend to keep things light. They won’t often ask the burning questions they have. Women have a few, but how many do men have?

Women like to talk about their guy and to share things with them. But men, they often clam up or only talk about junk that doesn’t even matter. But it’s time to man up and speak your mind. If you don’t have a girlfriend after doing so, then you never had a girlfriend to begin with. You were dating a huge baby and that is unacceptable. You’ll never be happy with someone like that. So tell her what you think. Ask that question that is searing a hole into your skull as we speak. Just do it, and let me know what it is!

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