15 Things Girls Obsess Over (But Guys Couldn't Care Less)

It’s nothing new. Women are known for over analyzing and caring too much about something that doesn’t matter as much as they make it to be. This goes for all aspects in life but it has a really big effect when it comes to relationships. It’s not a bad thing that women care too much but sometimes the outcome of it can be damaging and for no reason at all. It’s important to distinguish what matters and what really doesn’t for you and your partner’s own sake because at the end of the day, men can care less about what women care too much about.

Guys are always complaining about how much a girl complains because it all comes down to the fact that they don’t know what she’s having problems with. They don’t know because she could possibly be making a big deal out of nothing. This is most likely the reason. In other words, whatever she’s worrying about most likely doesn’t exist which is why he doesn’t know what to do about it since there isn't a problem to begin with. Then she gets upset over how careless he’s being but the truth is, he’s lost. He’s lost because he has no idea what the problem is. It’s all in her head.

The last thing a guy wants to deal with is drama and negativity. Caring a lot about something that doesn’t need to be addressed causes tension that shouldn’t be there. The time being spent fighting and arguing can be spent in a better way. Rather than putting too much emphasis on the bad side of things, why not focus on the good side of things. By realizing what guys can care less about, couples can improve by spending their time in a more productive way that will be beneficial for them in the future. Plus, this will decrease your stress levels by a lot. Read below to find out what guys actually don’t care about.

15 Make-Up


Of course he wants his girlfriend to look good but he can really care less about how she did her eyeliner or what color lipstick she’s wearing. As a matter of fact, he can care less because he doesn’t know much about makeup. If you ask him if you should go with ruby rose for your lips, he’ll say okay. If you ask him if you should go with soft pink for your lips, he’ll say okay. The point is he doesn’t care. The only time he’ll point something out is if you’re wearing something out of the norm. So if you’re always wearing natural makeup then suddenly decide to try deep blue eye shadow, he’s probably going to say something. It’s not to hurt you, he’s just being honest. After all, don’t you want him to care? Well that’s probably the only time he’ll care. Otherwise, go ahead and wear however you want to wear your mascara. If he loves you for you, he won’t say a word.

14 Being Super Healthy


Women can be a little on the shy side when it comes to eating out with her man. She thinks he’s judging her by what she ordered, how much she ordered and how she’s eating it. The truth is he doesn’t care. In fact, most guys love a woman who likes to grub. With that being said, you don’t have to be really proper and look like a model by ordering a salad and water with lemon. The only person who’s caring about what you eat and how you eat is you. Of course, manners are always important so it doesn’t give you an excuse to be a nuisance at the table. Just know that you can be yourself and take care of yourself without exaggerating by trying to look really healthy and proper. Unless that’s one of the traits he likes about you or that's just who you really are, men usually are fine with a normal girl who eats like a normal human being.

13 Extravagant Gifts


Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? We all know women enjoy getting surprises, especially from their man. But when it comes to him, he doesn’t mind if he gets something or not. When they’ll really care is when you get them something you know they like such as his favorite electronic brand, or a poster of his favorite movie. Other than that, men don’t take it personally if you didn’t get them something spectacular. One of the reasons why is because they can also be a little clueless on what to get you. So they understand if you can’t come up with something out of the box.

Just like they want you to get them something they genuinely like, they want you to tell them what you genuinely like and want. At the end of the day, he does want to make you happy and feel wanted but he’s not sure where to start so he needs your help to figure it out. As for him, you don’t have to break your head into pieces thinking he’s going to care about what you get him. He’s not going to take it seriously.

12 Hygiene


It’s important to take care of the basics when it comes to personal hygiene but let’s say it’s 100 degrees or you just got back from the gym and you’re sweating like there’s no tomorrow, he doesn’t care. If you even try to wear makeup at the gym to look cute, the only person who’s paying attention is you. Remember guys can care less if you’re a little smelly or messy. He’s not going to judge you and define you based on poor hygiene for a moment. If you generally don’t care about personal hygiene, then there might be a problem. But for the most part, women always care and men care as well. It’s just those moments where you can’t help but be human you shouldn’t worry and freak out about because he’s not really taking notice. It is sexy for a woman to put emphasis on how she carries herself but he also realizes you’re not a robot and he will look through your imperfections.

11 Talking About Your Feelings


We’re not talking about communicating your emotions to him about the relationship, we’re talking about insignificant things like how frizzy your hair is, or how your best friend cheated on her boyfriend. Don’t be bummed when he has nothing to respond with because he’s not paying attention since he doesn’t care. If does respond, give him a reward because it probably took a lot of effort for him to pretend like he cares. But while you guys are watching a movie and cuddling, don’t start nagging about how the lady at the salon didn’t do your nails right. Talk about what’s going on in the movie or how you like the movie. He’ll certainly respond knowing you’re present and both on the same page. But if you start talking about how you’re feeling about something insignificant, he’s not going to be interested and there will be this awkward silence among the two of you.

10 Your Friends Don't Like Him


Even siblings. He can really care less if your friends or siblings or anyone in your circle aren’t impressed with him. The only people he cares about making a good impression to are you and your parents. Other than that, sure it would be better if everyone got along, but if they’re not best friends, he doesn’t mind it. It’s not going to prevent him from how he feels about you and it’s not going to take a toll on his self-esteem. Some guys individually do care more than others but in general, not impressing your peers isn’t going to break him. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about hurting your boyfriend’s feelings. However, if it does matter to you for your boyfriend and friends to be close, then try to find a solution. Just don’t add his feelings to your worries because he’s fine with or without your friends.

9 Changing Things Around


Guys can be pretty clueless and everyone should know that by now. By being clueless, it can cause a lot of tension between the two in the relationship because it’ll feel like he doesn’t care when really he doesn’t even notice. For example, if you got a new hair cut or changed up your room, he’s not going to notice. Maybe he will notice but he won’t care as much as you want him to. He’ll say things like “that’s nice” or “good job,” but will it alter his feelings in any way? Not really. It should be noted that this shouldn’t be taken personally. Perhaps he’s a really good boyfriend and he exaggerates how much he cares just to make you happy which is good, but does he genuinely care? Not as much as he is portraying. So don’t worry if he didn’t express a lot of emotion when you showed him your new shoes or changed up the interior of your car. He cares, just not as much as you’d like him to.

8 Making The First Move


Traditionally, guys ask the girl out and take initiative from then on. Sometimes though, he is waiting for her to make a move to make sure they’re both on the same page and same goes with women. However, it takes a while for her to actually make the move first because she’s scared he’ll judge her for it. The good news is he doesn’t really care or take notice about you initiating and taking the lead. In fact, guys have expressed how they appreciate it if she does make the first move for once. This doesn’t only apply to asking him out, but in general such as deciding where to eat lunch, what store you should go to for errands, making plans for the weekend, etc. Men already have the pressure of being the leader in the relationship and they do like it but sometimes it can get out of hand when she’s taking advantage of his role as the man. So it’s nice when every once in a while she makes the effort and takes charge.

7 Texting


You know how many articles state good morning and good night texts mean he’s really into you? Well that’s a lie. It sounds sweet but the more you think about it, the more annoying and unrealistic it actually sounds if he were to do that every single day. Good thing guys can really care less about texting you in the morning, at night, or just in general. One of the most frustrating things to a woman is when a man leaves her hanging by not contacting her all day. The thing is he’s either busy or he simply doesn’t find the need to text you. He rather work all day and wait until he gets home so he can call you instead. So take note: if he calls you more than he texts you, that’s a really good sign. Guys do appreciate it when she sends him a nice message every now and then but he prefers you to send him something that’s important such as a reminder, or an emergency. Otherwise, just wait for him to call you or a time that you can call him. Texting takes up too much energy at the end of the day especially if he’s already busy.

6 Being Perfect In Everything You Do


Don’t worry if you can’t dance like a backup dancer of Beyoncé. He doesn’t care. What matters is if you show confidence and being the best you can. He doesn’t take it seriously if you can’t perfectly dance, cook, draw, sing, sleep, etc. Unless he’s a jerk and looks down on you for not performing up to his standards, you shouldn’t care so much about doing something perfectly. In fact, if he does care, leave. There’s a difference between belittling you and trying to help you be a better person. It takes time to distinguish the two but eventually with more experience, you’ll know when he cares for good reasons.

In addition, it’s not really attractive to lack confidence because it just ruins the mood and rubs on him, too. No one likes a negative Nancy. However, make sure he’s there to make you feel better if you are feeling a little down on yourself. No need to be perfect to have a successful relationship with each other.

5 Every Day Contact


Similar to texting, men don’t mind if you don’t talk to them every day including messaging, calling, and spending time with them. If you didn’t know, men value their freedom and independence. This is nothing personal to the girl, but guys just simply like having their own space. You’ve heard how clinginess is one of the main issues they have with their girlfriends. So too much contact can get overwhelming. If you’re not talking to him every day or not spending enough time with him, don’t think you’re making him feel bad. If anything, he doesn’t even notice you haven’t been around. Again, it’s nothing personal. It doesn’t mean he forgot about you. This is actually something healthy all couples should learn to pursue if they want a long-lasting relationship. Not only is it healthy, relationship wise, but it’s healthy for you both as individuals. It’s important to have your own life going on without the person you love. Your partner is just a sweet bonus.

4 Social Media


This is a big one. With social media running our lives today, it seems like if you’re not on it, something is wrong with you. For girls, social media seems to be a priority. If you haven’t notice, women love sharing pictures and moments of their relationship with the whole online world. Whether it’s showcasing her appreciation or seeking validation, it can get a little out of hand. On the other side, men do not prioritize social media like women do. Maybe some do but it’s rare. Guys have said the only reason why they’re online is to stay in touch with friends and family and look for girls; so if they have one, mission accomplished. He doesn’t need to show her off or publicize their relationship to show his love. In fact, guys prefer privacy when it comes to him and his lady. They believe it’s the best thing. So don’t make a big deal if he doesn’t post about you. Instead, look at it as he’s too happy being present in the moment with you to care about what others think about the two of you.

3 Professional Stripper


Every once in a while, a man appreciates what his girl can do for him in the bedroom. It’s the effort she puts that he loves. So he doesn’t need you to be a professional stripper to get his attention. He’s having sex with you because he wants you to be you. Otherwise, he would be out with his boys at the strip club looking for a one night stand. He can care less if you can’t perform a certain trick in bed or talk to him in the most dirty way possible. If he’s not into having sex at the moment, he’s probably just not in the mood. It’s not because you’re a bad sex partner. It’s true what they say; one of the ways to maintain your relationship is keeping the sex alive. But again, this doesn’t mean you have to take pole dancing classes to prevent him from leaving. He doesn’t care.

2 Your Past Relationships


Not only does he not want to hear about your past relationships, but he really can care less. No matter how many times you try to bring your exes up or compare him to them, he’s not going to pay attention. He’ll pretend like he’s listening but what he’s really doing is tuning you out. In contrast, women are curious about their guy’s romantic history. Whether it’s to compare herself to his exes or she’s just nosy, a girl won’t stop her boyfriend from talking about them. She’ll be all for it. Everyone is different, but the majority of the time, she can’t help but be interested in his past and ex-girlfriends. So as for guys, you can try making him care about your romantic history, but most likely you’re going to chase him away if you do it often. He rather enjoy the time with you than hear about his girlfriend being with other guys.

1 Having Your Life Together


Men value a woman who’s ambitious and has goals. But don’t sweat it if you’re not where you want to be yet. Unless you care because it matters to you, it’s not something to stress over just because you think he cares as well. He likes watching you hustle and work for what you want, but he won’t leave you for someone who’s already established. It’s okay if you don’t have everything together such as your own place and a really good salary. What is important is if you are doing something about it and not just waiting for it to happen or relying on him to make it happen.

He should notice and support your hard work even if things aren’t moving as fast as you would like them to be moving. Plus, as a man, he wouldn’t want his girlfriend to look down on him for not being established himself either. So the last thing he’d want to do is make you feel bad for something he’ll understand. Overall, it’s important to let him know about the things that matter to you so that way, he’ll do his best to show he cares to make you happy. Otherwise, he’s not going to take notice and you’ll take it personally causing everything to go downhill from there.


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15 Things Girls Obsess Over (But Guys Couldn't Care Less)