15 Subtle Times She Was Fishing But You Thought She Was Friend-Zoning You

You want to ask her out, but, you’re afraid because you still haven’t been able to figure out that age-old question which guys have been trying to figure out since the dawn of time: ‘does she like me as more than a friend?’

So, you need a little help understanding what all those late night ‘study sessions’ at her place really mean. She’s not being obviously flirtatious, but she’s definitely finding ways to spend time with you and even put in positions that are best reserved for her boyfriend. But, you’re still wondering whether she’s fishing or friend-zoning you?

Here’s the deal. Sometimes women can be just as shy at expressing their interest in you as you are to them. Fear of rejection is something that we all have in common. Even so, there are still certain things that we’ll only do with guys that we’re interested in. Think of dinner by candlelight or falling asleep at your place. If you think that’s friend-zoning, then you’re absolutely crazy and most likely will end up alone. These are two clear signs that a girl might think of you as something more than a good friend, even if she doesn’t say it or accidentally find ways to touch you. Some girls just want to get to know you first to see if you’re ‘boyfriend’ material. Of course, the best way for you to tell if someone is interested in you is to simply ask... or keep reading this article to see whether she’s fishing or regulating you to the friend-zone forever.

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15 She Messages You Everyday

Most people don’t even text their mother everyday. So, if a girl is saying ‘hi’ or finding things that she just has to tell you then rest assured that she likes you. Our phones might be glued to our fingertips, but for most of us that doesn’t mean that we actually use it to keep in touch with people, other than posting cute cat photos on Facebook or Snapchat. When it comes to talking to someone one-on-one, you have to be pretty special if she’s making sure that she’s staying on your mind. So, don’t take it lightly. And, don’t make her wait by trying to play it cool. Message her back when you see the text and keep the conversation going. Eventually, one of you will find the confidence to ask the other out.

14 She Never Uses The F-Word Around You

There’s one word that never makes it to her lips and that is ‘friend’. She would much rather introduce you by your name, nickname, or ‘this guy’ than give the clear-cut definition that you two are only friends at the moment. She’s holding out that you two might be more than simply friends and she’s not ready to stick you in the ‘friend zone’ by referring to you as simply a friend. Trust us that if she didn’t like you, she’d have no problem addressing you as a friend and letting you and the rest of the world know that that is exactly what you two are. Yet, if she seems lost at finding words to describe your relationship it could have something to do with the little crush she has on you.

13 She Invites You Over For Movie Night… And Asks You What You Want To Watch

She’s not just having you over to watch her favorite chick flick. She wants you to be interested in the movie and have a good time as well. Women are predisposed to try to make others around them feel comfortable, but when a girl is interested in you she’ll go the extra mile and make sure that the movie is one of your favorites, the beer is to your liking, and she’ll chill out on her couch in red lipstick. When you two get together, pay attention to what she’s wearing. Getting dressed up for a ‘chill session’ is a clear sign that she is vying for your attention and wants the two of you to be more than just friends. No ‘friend’ puts on red lipstick to watch a Marvel film that they hate.

12 She Needs Your Advice

She calls you for the fifth time this month asking you for advice. You think you’re simply being a good friend; which you are. Yet, how does she feel? Why didn’t she call her mom, sister, or the gaggle of best friends that she surrounds herself with? She might want to know what you think because she genuinely cares about your input first before all those other opinions. Sounds like something she’d feel for a boyfriend, huh? Also, if you’re giving out advice on marginal issues that she really could have figured out with Google then she might just be calling to hear the sound of your voice. This is especially true if you notice that the conversation goes off topic quickly to cheerful chitchat. She knows how to get you on the phone and hold your attention.

11 She Asks If You Want To Go To The Gym Together

What better way for a girl to show off in spandex and crop tops than at the gym? If she’s invited you to sweat it out with her she might only be looking for a gym buddy or maybe she’s trying to hint that she’s interested in you. Oh, and let’s not forget that she’ll be doing squats in form-fitting clothing right next to you. If she gives a sideways smile, she wants you to know that she’s letting her body do the flirting. Yet, try to keep your cool and don’t sweat it too much. Enjoy the time with her. Make her laugh. Help her... er... improve her form. And, of course, ask her out for dinner afterward! It’s as they say on Instagram these days, couples that work out together stay together.

10 You Two Always Hang Out Alone

If she consistently invites you to hang out and her friends are always around, then guess what, you’re a friend. Now, if you show up to go out for drinks, dinner, or just to chill at her place and you notice that it’s always just you two, then she probably has feelings for you. Girls know that spending time alone with guys could send the wrong impression. So, most girls will be sure to avoid sending mixed signals by consistently having you over their place alone. So, if you notice that you’re spending a lot of time hanging out on her couch, you’re less likely to get burned if you tell her that you have a crush on her. After all, that time spent alone together, she’ll probably tell you that she likes you too.

9 You’re Her Shoulder

Aside from needing your input about her life decisions, she also looks to you as a shoulder to cry on. She leans on you and we’re here to tell you that emotional connection could put her feelings for you closer to the ‘boyfriend’ category than merely a friend. She looks to you as someone she needs in her life to help her through tough times. And, that’s a pretty emotional bond. If she’s crying on your shoulder about boys (or the same annoying boy), then yeah you’ll probably find that you’re simply an emotional crutch to her. However, if it’s about anyone and anything other than a boy, you probably mean more to her. Plus, your shoulder is probably a sweet smelling space for her to nuzzle her head into too.

8 She Asks You To Do Her Favors

Let’s face it; this isn’t any guy’s favorite way to make it out of the friend zone. Yet, consider that these favors are a way for her to see just what you’re made out of. Are you boyfriend material or not? Will you be there for her when she needs you or is she wasting her time with you? You’re playing the role of boyfriend to her already (minus a few perks), so try to get into the full bf zone, by seeing how she responds to flattery or even a dinner suggestion. Just don’t hit on her in an enclosed space, like your car when you pick her up from work. Wait for her to at least be at her front door, so she won’t label you as ‘creepy’.

7 She Laughs At Your Jokes

This one can be confusing since girls are more than willing to laugh at your jokes just to be polite (even if they don’t find you that funny). You should pay attention to how hearty her laugh is. Is it genuine? Is it a full on laugh out loud that makes you wonder if she’s trying too hard to let you know that she thinks that you’re so funny? Also, is she saying stuff like, ‘I wish I could be as funny as you’? Giving compliments that show her admiration for you is a sign that she’s interested in you as more than a friend. If you’re not exactly known as the ‘funny guy’, but this one girl thinks that you’re hilarious, you might want to try asking her out. After all, she’s going out of her way to show that she’s your #1 fan.

6 She Sleeps Over At Your Place

So, she sleeps over your place not batting an eyelash or even hinting at sex. That definitely puts you in the 'friend zone’, right? Not so fast. It could also mean that she’s just trying to build an emotional connection with you first. You’re a friend with whom she feels comfortable enough to fall asleep at your place. That trust means a lot to girls and the fact that the two of you have it is a great foundation for building a lasting relationship. Show her that you’re the ultimate gentleman and maker her coffee in the morning. Ask her how she slept. Maybe even throw in a line that lets her know that your pancake flipping skills make you a great boyfriend. After all, it’s not every day that your crush wakes up at your place, so make the most of it.

5 She Gives You Cute Nicknames

Girls are bound to give guys cute nicknames when they find them to be oh so adorable in that little brother sort of way. It almost can’t be helped. Yet, if her nicknames don’t remind you of the names that your big sis’s friends gave you, then don’t write off the idea that it could also mean that she has a crush on you. It can especially hold true if she hasn’t used the ‘f’ word around you. Remember what we said about not calling you a friend? Nicknames are her way of mimicking real couples by being affectionate in a cute way. It’s a big hint that she’s into you and you can either ask her about it or give her a nickname too to show that you can flirt in cute ways.

4 She Asks Your Opinion About Clothes

There are three types of people that a girl will ever ask for their input on her clothes - her female friends, her gay male friends, and the guy that she is interested in (or already dating). So, if she’s asking you what you think about her new dress, then she either thinks that you’re gay or she’s giving you an opportunity to check out her body. Of course, she genuinely wants your input as she’s trying to make herself attractive to you. Do you like her new sundress? Or, do you think girls are more attractive when they rock a great tee and jeans? If she asks what you think specifically and not what you think so-and-so would think, she’s definitely into you and your opinion.

3 She Gets Dressed In The Same Room As You

So, she’s decided to go with that dress you mentioned you like. Now, if she slips into that dress and asks you zip her up, she’s seducing you. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Even if she’s changing in the same room as you that shows that she’s a little more comfortable than just being friends. Of course, if you two have known one another since you two were both in diapers, then maybe there’s a chance she just thinks of you as family. Yet, consider that for a second as most girls probably wouldn’t even change in front of their brothers. So, it’s more likely that if she feels comfortable with you, she’s trying to show off the goods and see if you’re as interested in her as she is in you. Be a gentleman and compliment her. Also, a flirtatious smile wouldn’t hurt either.

2 She’s Constantly Treating You Like A Significant Other

You two aren’t even dating and yet everybody thinks that you are. Subconsciously she considers you to be more than a friend and she expresses this by having you take on duties that a boyfriend would normally have. Have you had dinner with her parents? Did she ask you to be her date for a friend’s wedding? Yep, it sounds like you’re her boyfriend. If she’s treating you as a boyfriend, chances are she sees you as that in her mind. She likes you and these moments are her way of seeing how a real relationship with you would play out. Can you make conversations flow naturally at her office Christmas party? How are your cooking skills? Think of it as a test and she’s trying to see if you really are her dream guy after all.

1 Her Friends Know Everything About You

Girls only talk about the guys that they’re romantically interested in. If you two are just friends, her girlfriends might know your name, but they’ll ask questions about what you do, where you’re from, and you’ll get the feeling that they have no idea who you are. On the other hand, it’s a known fact that her friends will know your name, hobbies, and the exact details of how the two of you met if she like-likes you. They might even ask you about that basketball game you went to last week with your dad. You know the weekend that you weren’t around and her friends had to put up with her obsessive thoughts about your hair. So, make sure you pay attention to what those girls are saying to see just how much they know about you.

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