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15 Rich Celebs You Forgot Were Arrested For Shoplifting

15 Rich Celebs You Forgot Were Arrested For Shoplifting

It takes a special kind of celebrity to shoplift. Think about it. You’re rich. You have the world in your hands, but this dress just looks too damn fly not to own. You need it. Should you get it? You haven’t checked the price tag yet because that’s something that poor people do. We already went over this; you’re rich. Yeah, you get it, but instead of pulling out your wallet and buying it like the rest of the slobs walking around out there, you just steal it. You’re a celebrity after all. You’re basically doing them a favor by even visiting this crappy, non-famous store. We can’t be certain that this is how these types of things play out, but it would be amazing if they actually did. Unfortunately, as is often the case, there’s some form of illness behind the incidents on this list. Most of the celebrities here were either in a very difficult stage in their lives, battling depression or some other form of mental illness, or they’re just painfully stupid.

Since celebrity status often has nothing to do with talent, something this list will most certainly highlight, some of the celebrities on this list probably don’t deserve to be called celebs, but yet they are. Since they can’t do anything good or respectful to give their name positive press, something like a petty shoplifting charge is enough to get the media saying their names once again. There are celebrities who steal significant items, but most often it’s something small and inconsequential, which makes us shake our heads even more furiously. How dare someone rich steal. They have the ability to buy almost anything and everything you need. Why on earth would you choose to steal three chocolate bars from the Kwik-E-Mart? Yet, lo and behold, each year we see some dumb celebrity in the news for another shoplifting charge. Baffling, but this is the reality of our times. Here are 15 filthy rich celebrities arrested for shoplifting.

15. Winona Ryder – $5,500 Worth Of Clothes



Let’s get Winona Ryder out of the way right away because this is most likely the most famous incident on the list. 80s superstar Ryder is one celebrity who, like many herein, has battled depression and shoplifting became an outlet for her. For whatever reason, Ryder decided to act out and her way of acting out was to steal $5,500 worth of designer clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue department store. The following trial was highly publicized and she was ordered to pay a restitution fine to the store, work 480 hours of community service and serve three years of probation. After the event, Ryder struggled to find work for a long time as she was uninsurable in Hollywood. Recently, no small thanks to her performance in Stranger Things, she is enjoying some kind of renaissance in her career and has since received treatment for her clinical depression and drug use.

14. Nicholas Brendon – Grand Theft And Robbery



Nicholas Brendon is best known for the character he played on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander, but he’s also been on Criminal Minds as well. Now Brendon has never been arrested for shoplifting, necessarily, but theft and robbery have been two of the many charges on his rap sheet. In 2015, Brendon went through the worst of his addiction and alcoholism problems. On a number of occasions, he trashed his hotel rooms and refused to pay for the damages, even demanding upgrades because of who he was, a “TV star.” For the ruckus he caused during these events, he was charged with grand theft and robbery. All of his issues seem to stem from some deep-seated depression, so we hope he gets all the help he needs. He went on Dr. Phil, which seems like a terrible idea, but whatever, it’s his life.

13. Kim Richards – $600 Worth Of Target Merchandise



It pains us to call people like Kim Richards a celebrity, but it’s a sign of the times we live in. Richards was a child actress, so at least she used to be worthy of that title, but today she is best known for being a nuisance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which, of course, means she’s stinking rich as well. Well, being rich doesn’t cure you of your wants and what Richards wanted on one particular day was $600 worth of Target merchandise. Rather than use some of her millionaire money, Richards decided to just walk out of the store with the stuff. Predictably, she was arrested outside and brought to jail. Unfortunately, they don’t keep “celebrities” or rich people in jail for very long, so she was let go and allowed to terrorize our TV sets more. We can only hope that she gets caught trying to steal some more in the future and they lock her up for good.

12. Katt Williams – Theft Of Gold Coins And Jewelry



If it’s not one thing, it’s another with Katt Williams. If he isn’t getting beaten up by a child on camera, he’s stealing gold coins from a house in Atlanta. Even though his career is disappearing quickly, Williams is still worth eight figures, which is a lot of money. So why would he steal $3,500 in gold from a home? Because Katt Williams is a stupid and troubled little man. No, this isn’t shoplifting because it took place in a home, but Williams thought it was a store. He treated the home like it was a jewelry store just giving away its goods. When he was confronted by a civilian, he threatened to beat them up, which is hilarious especially after watching the video of the aforementioned fight with a young boy. There are very few adults out there that Williams could beat up. That being said, it’s sad to see the formerly great comedian fall off the cliff he’s been falling off the last seven years or so. He used to be so promising.

11. Tila Tequila – Shoplifting Charge Of $2



Tila Tequila is a borderline adult star, who has leveraged her attractive naked body to star on stupid reality TV shows and sell her awful music. She released a video of herself stealing goods from a convenience store, which was quite obviously faked. Yet even still, because of how stupid she is and how stupid her video is, we will discuss it. This entire thing was staged and faked, but she claims to have lost her wallet and decided to steal gum and chips while a security guard watched her. It was likely a weak attempt to get her name in the press without taking her clothes off, but she says that the theft resulted in a shoplifting charge. The security guard is smiling as he confronts them, so he didn’t appear to be too concerned but whatever. The worst part is that Tila is so dense that she truly believes people will fall for her crap. Totaling about $2 in goods, even Tila’s thefts are not worth anything.

10. Vanilla Ice – Theft Of Bicycle, A Pool Heater And Furniture



You may question how rich Vanilla Ice still is, but he is rich. The former rapper is apparently worth close to $20 million. Yet, even with all that money, Ice has got to steal sometimes, if only to prove he’s still a thug. One day, while Ice was just chilling out, he walked over to a neighbor’s home that was being renovated and started to steal from it, stealing whatever he could carry, a bicycle, a pool heater, furniture, whatever. When the police came to question him, he said that he found it on his own curb. They didn’t buy what he was putting down, so he was ordered to pay $1,300 in restitution and forced to complete 100 hours of community service.

9. Jax Taylor – Theft $300 Sunglasses

maxresdefault (2)


No, Jax Taylor is not filthy rich. Hell, he’s barely a celebrity, but since people do watch Vanderpump Rules, we felt we should include this goofball. Estimates put his first season net worth at about $150,000, but since the show is in its fifth season, we assume this has gone up since then. Well, Taylor, while he was shopping for some sunglasses in Freaky Tiki Tropical Optical in Honolulu, chose not to pay the $300 ticket price for a pair of shades and just walked out. Perhaps he was just so elated to find a pair of glasses that could fit his enormous face that he forgot to pay. Seriously, check out how big this guy’s face is. He was arrested at his hotel about one block down the road and charged with felony theft. What a complete idiot. Let’s never say his name again.

8. Jennifer Capriati – Misdemeanor Shoplifting Of $15 Ring



Jennifer Capriati was a tennis star from a very young age. She was also a millionaire from a very young age, but that didn’t stop her from trying to steal a $15 ring from a kiosk in the mall on day. Early on in the tennis great’s career, she and a friend were trying on rings when Capriati just walked away with one still on her finger. The mall security tracked her down and gave her a citation. Since she was a minor at the time, Capriati wasn’t charged, but she was detained. The tennis sensation and her family tried to pass it off as a mistake, but have you ever put a new ring on? You can feel it on your finger. How do you put one on and forget about it a few seconds later?

7. Britney Spears – Shoplifting Wig, Lighter And Hat


In 2009, Britney Spears, the singer worth about $60 million today who has earned almost $700 million in her career, decided that she didn’t want to pay for things anymore. First came the tantrum in a s*x shop. When told that she couldn’t try on underwear in the changing rooms, Spears chose to try them on in the middle of the store. When she was stopped, Spears huffed and puffed and left the store, snatching a wig off a mannequin as she went. Then a month later, Spears was caught on camera walking out of gas station with a lighter, even gloating that she stole it. One year later, Britney and her entourage entered Fred Segal’s to look at some hats. Britney saw one she liked and walked out of the store with it on her head. When police apprehended her outside, she said she “forgot” to pay. Maybe when you’re so used to stealing that kind of thing happens.

6. Bai Ling – Less Than $20 Of Magazines And Batteries


Bai Ling is a strange actress from the films Wild, Wild West and Southland Tales, as well as the television shows Entourage and Lost. She’s worth about $3 million, which is crazy considering she was arrested in 2008 at the Los Angeles International Airport for stealing a package of batteries and two tabloid magazines, a combined value of $16. Ling would use breaking up with her boyfriend as the excuse for not pulling out her wallet and paying for the items. Eventually she was charged with disturbing the peace and was required to pay $700, which makes those batteries and magazines the most expensive of their kind. Afterward she said, “Life happens to you whether you like it or not, sometimes I feel you have to be so brave to stand in front of the world, and just hope that people will have a tender heart towards you,” which is another way of saying, “I’m the victim here.” No Ling. No you’re not. You’re rich. Pay for the things you want.

5. Peaches Geldof – Shoplifting Makeup And Clothing



In the years before her death, Peaches Geldof, celebrity herself and daughter of famed Bob Geldof, had quite a few run-ins with the law in regards to her shoplifting habits. First it was a high-fashion coat that she walked out of the store wearing, while the tag was still in it. Next, she stole a dress from a clothing store but was stopped before she could leave. Then, the most publicized of the events came when Geldof stole makeup from an expensive cosmetics store. An undercover detective apprehended her and she was forced to return the stolen goods. Peaches would overdose on heroin in 2014.

4. Amanda Bynes – Theft Of A $200 Hat And Clothing



Amanda Bynes has had her share of problems. We all know that. But a couple of years ago, Bynes was caught for shoplifting twice in one day. Sick or not, that’s impressive. The first time she was caught, she went into a store and performed a really strange dance that was caught on camera, then grabbed a shirt, stuffed it into her purse and walked out. A clerk stopped her and asked her if she was going to pay for it, which sincerely shocked the one-time star. Not one hour later, Bynes was arrested outside of a fancy hat store after she put on a cap and walked out with it. Once she was apprehended by security, she went full nutso and the police were called. The hat was reportedly worth $200 but the police let her go, probably because she is emotionally unstable and they didn’t want to deal with it.

3. Anthony Worrell Thompson – Shoplifting Groceries

maxresdefault (1)


When you’re hungry and thirsty enough, no line is short enough to wait in. That’s exactly what went down in the supermarket the day that celebrity chef Anthony Worrall Thompson, worth about $30 million, chose to steal cheese and wine instead of paying for it. Chef Thompson knows a good cheese and wine when he sees it, so he must have loved this particular batch. Shortly after walking out of the store, Thompson realized he was home free. This created a fever and the only cure was more stolen food. So he went back again and again. After the fifth time of stealing items, he was arrested. He probably stole about $100 worth of items or about 12-minutes of revenues from the several restaurants he owns. Worth it.

2. Lindsay Lohan – Grand Theft Of $2,500 Necklace



Of course Lindsay Lohan is on this list. Five weeks out from her court-ordered drug rehabilitation, Lohan walked out of a store with a $2,500 one-of-a-kind necklace. Maybe Lohan was struggling with money as many reports indicate, but she still was worth enough to cover the cost of the jewelry if she wanted it so much. Even today, after years of not working, Lohan is worth about half a million dollars, so we don’t want to hear it. This charge in combination with not completing her community service and violating her probation got Lohan sent to jail for 30 days, which is a joke of a sentence. Want to know a bigger joke? She only served five hours of that sentence because of prison “overcrowding.” How come normal people don’t ever get that kind of luck?

1. Amy Schumer – Grand Larceny


Amy Schumer might be more heavily criticized for her joke stealing these days, but she has been arrested for stealing much worse. Technically she wasn’t filthy rich when she was stealing, but how do you leave grand larceny off this list. Schumer claims that when she was younger, she and her sister would steal items from department stores and then return them for cash. She did this for some time until she was eventually arrested. The police charged her with grand larceny, but when it was found out her uncle is a senator, the charges were downgraded. Schumer states, “[The cops] were like, ‘You’re lucky you have this last name.’ And they pleaded it down, to like disturbing the peace or something.”

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