15 Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is Every Man's Worst Nightmare

Demi Lovato is the kind of celebrity that likes to speak her mind, regardless of what other people might think about it. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and she has been very honest about her life and her struggles. Because, let’s face it, she’s been through a lot. Her mental health struggles and her struggles with an eating disorder are topics that she does not shy away from. Yet she doesn’t back down, she doesn’t quit and she certainly doesn’t let her critics get the best of her. While there’s no doubt that she’s read plenty of awful things about her looks, her appearance and her talent, she’s still standing.

With that being said, it’s also no secret that Demi Lovato has had a difficult time in the dating department. She’s tried to make several high-profiled relationships work but for some reason or another, she always finds herself broken-hearted. It’s no wonder that she sings so many songs about her awful relationships and how she’s been done wrong so many times in the past. It seems like Demi might be staying single for a while.

Some people say that Demi Lovato might be a difficult woman to deal with behind the scenes. Is she? Of course, we don’t know for sure but looking at how she’s treated some of the men in her past (and even some of her fans!) we wouldn’t say that she’s the easiest person to deal with, too. Here are 15 reasons why Demi is every man's worst nightmare.

15 She Dates Tough Guys

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Demi Lovato likes to date guys that can keep up with her. It’s never the other way around. She’s the one who likes to be in control and she makes no apologies about it. Yes, we know that she used to date actor Wilmer Valderrama. If we are to believe all of the rumors about their relationship, it wasn’t a healthy one. That’s why she’s been dating guys that are nothing like him.

Just recently Demi was hot and heavy with MMA fight boyfriend Guilherme Vasconcelos. Apparently, the two spent a lot of time in the gym together. Before that, she also dated Luke Rockhold. In other words, Demi likes to be with tough guys. When it comes to actor boyfriends, she’s been there, done that and doesn’t want to do it again. And honestly, we don’t blame her.

14 She Is Very Outspoken

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Anyone who has been following Demi’s career these last few years knows that she is one of the most outspoken celebrities in the entertainment world. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and she likes to tell it like it is on her social media accounts.

If there’s an event or tragedy going on in the world, Demi likes to be the first person to talk about it. If there is a certain issue that is on people’s minds, Demi doesn’t shy away from giving her opinion. If you want to date Demi, you have to be prepared to have some very serious conversations with her. She’s not like other girls. She wants to change the world and make it a better place for her fans. Demi also wants her voice to be heard.

13 You Have To Work Hard To Keep Up With Her

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And yes, if you want to be with Demi, you have to work hard to keep up with her. Just ask her last several boyfriends. She spends a lot of time in the gym and she needs a man who understands just how important it is to remain active and to stay fit at all times. Spending time in the gym is just as important to her as spending time in the bedroom.

In fact, some would even say that she spends more time in the gym than in the recording studio. And that’s no lie! Have you seen her dangerous curves lately? She’s been working hard. It’s no wonder that she loves to pose in her bikini and sharing shots on her Instagram account. She has every reason to be proud of the body she’s worked so hard for.

12 She’s Started Feuds With Other Celebs

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It’s no secret that Demi Lovato has had a hard time maintaining any friendships with other female performers in the entertainment world. She’s lashed out at Taylor Swift in the past for having “cliques” and openly admitted that she was disappointed that Ariana Grande didn’t invite her to the One Manchester concert during the summer.

Despite the feuds, she likes to remain positive. It’s nothing but love on her end. It’s not that Demi is a mean girl. She just likes to call out all of the injustices in the world. Demi once said, “No matter what you're going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you'll find the positive side of things.”

11 She’s Had Her Personal Struggles

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Demi Lovato doesn’t deny that she’s seen her fair share of ups and downs during her short life. She’s been through a lot, including her body insecurities, her substance and her alcohol abuse problems, and self-harming. A lot of people are even surprised that she’s still working in the entertainment industry, considering everything she’s been through. Her life hasn’t been an easy one.

Again and as we’ve mentioned before, Demi is not the kind of person that you can take lightly. Sure, she’s got loads of personal issues, but she won’t let anything stop her from reaching her personal goals and getting in the way of her happiness. She once explained, “I don't let anyone's insecurities, emotions, or opinions bother me. I know that if I am happy, that's all that matters to me.”

10 She’s Lashed Out At Her Fans

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Believe it or not, Demi Lovato has lashed out at her fans in the past. She once slammed a fan for sketching an inappropriate photo of her. Now, it’s not that she didn’t like the photo (because it was done very well!) but she did not appreciate the fact that her body looked nothing like what it appears in real life. And for Demi, she wasn’t having it. She made it pretty clear to her talented fan that if he wants to sketch her, he better get her proportions right.

A lot of people thought that Demi might have been too harsh on her fan, but she likes to tell it like it is. Considering all of the issues she’s had in the past with her body appearance and her weight, she doesn’t want people having the misconception that she is skinnier than what she really is.

9 She’s Emotional

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Simply put, Demi is not afraid to cry, she’s not afraid to show her emotions and she’s certainly not afraid to express her anger. We’ve seen it through her actions and we’ve definitely heard it in the lyrics of her songs. In other words, Demi is the kind of girl who likes to wear her heart on her sleeve. What you see is what you get. There’s no filter when it comes to her feelings.

Demi once explained, “I get mad. I get sad. I have all those emotions. But I just like to keep them to myself. I don't think my fans need to be bothered with if I'm mad or sad about something. I should just be concerned that they are keeping up with my music or I'm making them happy with my show.”

8 She Hates Squads

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Demi is a feminist and she loves to support and help promote other women in the music industry. But if there’s one thing that she absolutely hates, it’s "squads" or cliques. And if we want to get technical here, it’s Taylor Swift’s squad of girlfriends. She has called Taylor out for choosing friends that look like perfect models, so to speak.

She’s said, “I think in certain situations, certain people could be doing more if they're going to claim that as part of their brand. To be honest, and this will probably get me in trouble, I don't see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body. It's kind of this false image of what people should look like. And what they should be like, and it's not real."

7 She Makes Her Own Decisions

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Don’t think that Demi Lovato is the kind of woman that is going to sit around her house on a Friday evening and wait for your phone call. That’s not going to happen. She’s got better things to do than worry if you are going to reply to her texts or not. And despite all of her very public celebrity feuds, she also has a tight group of friends that she can count on at all times. Just ask her BFF for life, Selena Gomez.

Demi once explained it this way: “Now on Friday nights, if I want to go hang out with friends, I go hang out with friends. If I want to stay in and be in the hot tub and have people over to watch movies, I do that.”

6 But She Knows People Are Watching

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Because she knows that she’s a prominent singer and chart topper that is always in the spotlight, people watch every move she makes. Demi doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes she’s made in the past, especially when it comes to her weight, her body image, and her past eating issues. And she’s very open and honest about it, too. She knows little girls are watching and she wants to be the role model everyone can look up to.

Demi explained in the past, “I feel like I'm held more accountable to stay healthy now because now I'm a role model to young girls to not have eating issues and to not say, 'Hey, it's OK to starve yourself,' or 'It's OK to throw up after your meals' – that's not OK.”

5 But She Wants To Be A Better Person

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But despite everything that she’s been through, Demi says she wants to be a better person. She wants to be the kind of role model that her fans can look up to, regardless of who they are or where they come from. As a celebrity in the public spotlight, Demi knows that the world is watching each and every move she makes. That’s why she wants to make sure that she’s making the right ones at all times.

She’s even said in the past, “Where I am today, I still have my ups and downs, but I take it one day at a time and I just hope that I can be the best that I can possibly be, not only for myself, but also young people that are out there today that need someone to look up to.”

4 She Doesn’t Take Anything From Anyone 

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If you think you can shade Demi Lovato and get away with it, think again. She’ll call you out faster than you can name all of Taylor Swift’s cats. And it doesn’t matter if you are a fellow celebrity, an ex-boyfriend, or even a fan. She treats everyone the same.

But if we were to count all of the people that she’s dissed over the years, we would end up spending the entire day here. She’s called out everyone from Halsey, to Kesha, to Pink and of course, Taylor Swift. She’s also made it pretty clear that the two women don’t get along and it’s a fact that she will live with. She’s said, “Listen, there's nothing positive that comes from pitting women against each other. There are women that I don't get along with, and that's fine."

3 She’s Got Major Goals

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While a lot of singers Demi’s age have already crashed and burned, she’s still standing and she’s still certainly making the kind of music that her fans love hearing on the radio. At this point it’s safe to say that she’s not another throw-away artist that you’ll only hear about for one season. She’s a mainstream celebrity and singer that is here to stay. Say what you will about Demi Lovato, but there is no denying that she’s got so major goals and life aspirations.

Demi has said, “I want to get to the point where one day I don't have to have anything but a rug and a microphone stand on stage and still be able to sell out places like Madison Square Garden, like Bruce Springsteen does.”

2 She Doesn’t Have Time For B.S.

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If you want to get with a gal like Demi Lovato, you have to keep one thing in mind: she’s not here for anyone’s B.S. If she doesn’t like you or thinks that you are not positively affecting her life in one way or another, chances are that she won’t waste her time with you. She’s a woman who likes to control every aspect of her life, both professionally and personally. Plus, she doesn't have the time or the energy to deal with fake people. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.

Demi said a little over a year ago, “I try to keep it real. I don't have time to worry about what I'm projecting to the world. I'm just busy being myself.” Preach it, sister.

1 What’s Next For Demi Lovato?

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Right now no one knows if Demi is in love or if she’s single. The only person that knows what is going on behind closed doors is Demi Lovato herself. But if there’s one thing that we do know, it’s that she’s not going to be lonely for a very long time. After all, Demi is a full package: she’s beautiful, she’s hot, she’s talented and she has a good head on her shoulders. With that being said, she wants to find a man that is on her level. She’s not going to just pick and choose any old bloke out there. You have to know how to impress her.

She once famously said on Twitter, “I get asked questions. I answer them. Sue me. Also don't forget that words can be taken out of context when doing interviews... I am still not apologizing for saying what everyone wants to say." She is one tough cookie. Don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you.

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