15 Photos That Prove WWE Divas Love Yoga Pants

Ahhh, yoga pants… love ‘em or hate ‘em, one thing everyone can agree on is how great WWE Divas look in them. And why wouldn’t they? With those sculpted, lean and toned bodies, yoga pants show off every curve, every muscle and every definition. Most men would agree that the world is a better place now that they can see their favorite WWE Divas in pants that make them have to go take a cold shower. Let’s give credit where it’s due here.

These ladies are not only beautiful and in great shape, they have the brains and strength to make it in a wrestling world that is typically dominated by men. They have proven themselves to be formidable opponents, both inside and outside of the ring. These ladies are not sex symbols, simply seen as a toy for men to play with... oh no, these ladies are strong, powerful forces of nature who demand respect whenever they enter a room. We’re pretty sure that they love to dress up in their favorite formal wear when going out on the town, or out to dinner with their significant others; but while they’re in the gym working those bodies, wrestling in the ring, or just at home chillin’ they don their yoga pants for comfort and ease of movement.

We’ve found some photos that prove these women love yoga pants and wear them to perfection. Even though some of these ladies are now retired from WWE, they deserve mention because they are still just as hot today as they were when they were part of the WWE organization.


15 Trish Stratus

This Canadian is not only a former wrestler, she is a former fitness model, fitness master and actress. She’s been in the spotlight for so long that even though she is retired from the WWE, she is still considered one the greatest female wrestlers of all time. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 and still makes sporadic appearances. At 40, she looks just as good in yoga pants as she did a decade ago. She’s been focusing on her acting career and we think she’s going to excel at it, just like she did with her wrestling career. She has appeared in several reality shows, including Armed and Famous. So what’s her secret for a great body? Yoga, of course! She even owns her own yoga studio, so it’s a pretty fair statement that she has plenty of yoga pants in her closet.

14 Sasha Banks

Sasha is “The baddest superstar in the WWE” according to her Instagram, and her 1.3 million followers certainly agree with her. She’s been on the WWE scene since 2012, and she made it very clear from the beginning that she deserves to be on the main stage. She commands respect and she’s proven that she does indeed deserve the main stage. So, who helped her with her WWE persona? Her first cousin, none other than Snoop Dogg. He has been her biggest supporter and helped promote her character when she first arrived on the scene. She has a strict workout regimen and spends a lot of time in the gym when she’s not in the ring, so it’s no wonder those strong legs look amazing in yoga pants. A lot of her time in the gym is spent doing leg exercises like squats and leg raises. Add strength training in the mix and you’ve got a powerful workout that is hard to beat.

13 AJ Lee



Married to controversial former WWE wrestler CM Punk, Lee also left the organization in 2015. That doesn’t stop the fans from admiring her tenacity, her skills and her body. Growing up, her family was financially unstable, and she came from very humble beginnings. But she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a wrestler. And she did so much more than that – while she was in the WWE, she worked as a general manager of RAW for three months in 2012, she won the Diva of the Year Slammy Award (twice) and was voted Woman of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine. She’s also an avid animal rights advocate. Even though she’s retired from the ring, she still spends plenty of time in the gym working on her legs, which are her greatest asset. She looks great in pretty much anything – yoga pants, jeans, mini-skirts, and shorts!

12 Natalya

Natalya has been around the wrestling arena for a long time, since 2000. Her long blonde hair, and petite frame make her a favorite among male wrestling fans. She looks great in yoga pants, yoga shorts, and whatever else she can find to put on! Natalya has proven her worth as a manager and as a Diva. She is one of the biggest female names in the WWE, and even posed for a WWE summer photo shoot in teeny weeny bikinis. Don’t let her small size fool you – she is a powerful force and spends her share of time in the gym working out that petite frame. She knows how important it is to look good and she takes that job very seriously. You won’t find her eating a Big Mac or going down the candy aisle of the grocery store. Nope, not Natalya – she’ll be sipping a spinach smoothie.

11 Cameron

Ariane Nicole Andrew, or Cameron as she is known in the WWE, is no longer wrestling as of May of this year; however, she still deserves mention here as looking pretty hot in yoga pants. She began her wrestling career in 2011 and was one of the main cast members of E!’s Total Divas. She teamed up with fellow WWE hottie Naomi to form the Funkadyctyls. She may not be wrestling any longer, but we can bet that won’t end her time in the gym working on her booty. She has a strict regimen in the gym and with her diet, which results in an amazing yoga pant look. If you’re looking for more great pictures, you’ll find plenty on her Instagram page. Who knows, maybe she’ll come back to WWE – we can only hope, right?

10 Summer Rae

This tall blonde beauty was also a main cast member in the E! reality series Total Divas. She has only been wrestling since 2011, but she has established herself as one of the main WWE Divas and is a household name. She may not be as strong or muscular as some of the other Divas, but she still looks great in a pair of yoga pants. Her Instagram account is full of selfies, so if you need more of a fix, head on over there. Along with most of the other Divas, she spends a good portion of her day in the gym, strength training and doing plenty of cardio. We love seeing her both in and out of the ring, and hope that she doesn’t have plans to retire anytime soon. She is a ray of sunshine on a cold, dreary day!

9 Lana

This tall blonde has a smokin’ hot body that looks great in pretty much everything, but we especially like her in yoga pants or shorts, as she's seen wearing here. Don’t think about asking her out on a date, though. Her 300-lb wrestler husband “Rousev” may get a bit perturbed! She has appeared on Total Divas, as well as Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. She has proven her worth as a manager and as a wrestler, and she has gained the respect of all of her co-workers, both male and female. Spending her childhood in Latvia, she grew up dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer, and that’s just what she did, both in Latvia and in New York. Dancer or wrestler, she understands the importance of keeping her body in shape; and we think she’s doing a pretty good job! She doesn’t waste her time in the gym at the water cooler. She’s working her body to its limits and it shows with every pair of yoga pants she wears.


8 Torrie Wilson


Wilson retired from WWE in 2008, and is certainly not the youngest Diva on the list; yet, she still remains a beauty and still looks great in yoga pants. She debuted in 1999 and became one of the biggest female wrestling stars of all time. Just because she isn’t wrestling anymore doesn’t mean she’s let her body go. In fact, she still loves to do yoga, which means there are plenty of pics of her on Instagram and Pinterest to admire. She also posed for Playboy on two separate occasions, and we can guarantee you she is NOT wearing yoga pants in those photos. And that’s all we’re gonna say about that!

7 Maryse

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Born in Montreal, Quebec, Maryse grew up in Edmunston, New Brunswick. She was the hottest girl in her class, and not just because she was the ONLY girl in her class! We think she could have gone to school in a burlap sack and they boys still would have had crushes on her. Whatever the case, she’s definitely one of the hottest Divas in the WWE. She won Canada’s “Miss Hawaiian Tropic” in 2003 and is married to wrestler, “The Miz”. She is a former two-time Divas Champion and a manager, having managed big WWE names like Ted DiBiase. Following her release from WWE in 2011, she worked to get her real estate license, and she also has her own line of clothing and jewelry. We’re not sure how she finds the time to stay in shape, but we’re glad she does!

6 Kaitlyn

Celeste Bonin, or Kaitlyn as she’s better known as in WWE, is a former wrestler, having left the organization in 2014, but as a former bodybuilder and wrestler, she knows how to work those yoga pants! She spends a lot of time in the gym and is so well known for her booty she has a Twitter account dedicated to it. You can see plenty of pictures of Kaitlyn’s favorite asset. She has won several fitness and bodybuilding competitions over the years. Just because she’s muscular, though, doesn’t mean she is any less feminine. When it comes to muscle mass, we put her in between Chyna and Trish Stratus. That’s not a bad place to be! She is married to bodybuilder PJ Braun and together they own and run a smoothie bar in Florida. She looks great in a pair of yoga pants and she has the brains to be a successful businesswoman – it’s a dream come true for men everywhere.

5 Brie Bella

Brie and Nikki Bella are identical twins who are not only WWE Divas but actresses as well. They also worked as Budweiser models. It’s no surprise that they know how to take care of their bodies – after all, it’s their biggest asset. Brie looks amazing in a pair of yoga pants and we think she’ll just get better as she ages. Although she considers herself to be ‘semi-retired’ we’re just glad she still makes appearances so we can see her strength and body definition. We’re willing to bet she’s in the gym first thing in the morning, working out and defining her body even more. This girl doesn’t go home and have fruit loops for breakfast – we can see plenty of protein and fruit on her plate. She may be young but she has earned the respect of all of her fellow wrestlers within a very short time. She’s proven that she has the brains and talent to become a household name.

4 Nikki Bella


Along with her sister, Nikki has become a household name among WWE fans and has proven her worth as well. If you want to be able to tell the sisters apart, Nikki is the one who hangs off of the arm of John Cena, to the envy of men everywhere. While her sister, Brie, is retired from wrestling, Nikki is still active and can be seen in the ring on a regular basis. In 2015, she ranked number one in the “Female 50” list put out by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. We’re not sure but we have a hunch that may have caused some sisterly envy among the twins. Don’t let that amazing body fool you – this gal is no mere sex symbol. She is a smart, sophisticated woman who commands respect wherever she goes. These sisters are fiercely protective of each other and you don’t want to mess with either one of them. You insult one of them, you insult both of them. And that’s how it should be!

3 Eva Marie


Eva Marie has one of the most distinctive looks in the WWE, and not just because of her fiery red hair, although that certainly helps. The truth is, Eva Marie is stunning from head to toe and of course, looks amazing in a pair of yoga pants. Her perfectly proportioned body is the envy of all other WWE divas, and fans alike. There are so many photos of her that it’s hard to choose the ‘perfect’ one because, well, they’re all perfect! We think she is one of the most talented wrestlers and WWE Divas in the organization today and we hope to see her career go even further. When she’s not in the ring, she’s in the gym working out that gorgeous body to ensure it remains her greatest asset. This girl knows how to work it – in yoga pants, in wrestling gear and in formal wear. No matter what she wears, she turns heads wherever she goes.

2 Naomi


Having one of the best bodies in the WWE, Trinity Fatu, or “Naomi” looks beautiful in yoga pants. She attributes her shape to a strict workout routine in the gym and a very disciplined diet. When she’s in the gym she’s doing squats, cardio and plenty of strength training. This gives her the defined and curvy shape that makes men’s heads turn. She is also an accomplished actress, dancer and singer. She has provided the voice for several WWE video games and was a main character on E!’s series Total Divas. She has proven that even with a hectic schedule she can find the time to work on her physique and follow her dreams of becoming one of the best wrestlers in the WWE. So far, she’s right on track and we’re pretty sure that this girl knows how to not only go after her dreams but achieve them.

1 Paige

Paige is one of the most popular WWE Divas among male wrestling fans and it’s not hard to figure out why. With her smoky black eyes and her killer body, this British-born wrestler knows how to rock a pair of yoga pants. We’re willing to bet she will look good in a potato sack, but hey, that’s just us. She comes from a family of wrestling professionals and made her debut at the tender age of 13 for her family’s promotion company, and made her debut in WWE in 2011. From day one, she’s remained a fan favorite, and even though she’s out at the moment with an injury, we’re sure she’ll be back soon, stronger and better than ever. WWE hasn’t been quite the same since she left and we are eagerly awaiting her return.

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