15 Photos That Prove The Kardashians Should Stop Breeding

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is huge, and every time we hear about them on the “news” or read about them in magazines, it seems yet another family member is going to have another child. We have lost count of all these kids by now. Pregnancies (rumored or the real deal) are prevalent in this super-fertile family, and the belly bump watch is always in full effect. The paparazzi is on pregnancy patrol 24/7.

But perhaps this famous family ought to put a pause on all those pregnancies and be happy with the family they already have. Sure, babies are a blessing, but this family is doing just fine in the #blessed department. They have more money and fame than they know what to do with and they are not slowing down anytime soon. Why bring another innocent baby into this hectic hell when based on these 15 photos below, it may not be the smartest idea to “plant another seed?”

While all the kids are super cute, that doesn’t mean that their parents are ready for them. The sisters’ schedules are jam-packed, and if nannies are going to do all the care-taking, then why do these Kardashian-Jenners feel the need to have so many babies? What ever happened to “one and done,” or better yet, “none and done?”

Take a look at these 15 pics and you will be convinced that birth control is a must for this maternity-minded family. Maybe after Khloe gives birth, the family can call it a day.

15 Emotional Rollercoaster

It’s not every day that we see so much from a family that is not our own, that is why we are constantly tuned in to E! to see what the Kardashians are up to, and if we can keep up. And when we watch this large family go through their numerous trials and tribulations, we see it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This family is always up and down on an endless emotional rollercoaster that is the wildest of wild rides. One minute, they are happy as clams and the world is their oyster and the next, they are floundering in a sea of surprises. Crying, screaming, laughing, hollering, and giving the silent treatment all in one afternoon! Is this a stable environment best suited for a bouncing baby boy or girl? Perhaps when the older “kids” calm down, they can have kids of their own.

14 Bodysuits And Baby Bumps

While the girls look super sexy, this is not exactly the sort of pregnancy photo shoot that you will want to hang in the baby nursery. Spandex does have a lot of give, but mom-to-be Kourtney may want to reconsider her choice in maternity wear if she gets any bigger, it can only stretch so far. Isn’t black supposed to be “slimming” anyhow? Nevertheless, if the Kardashian sisters are only getting preggers so they can create Instagram-worthy photos like this one, that is no reason to forgo the birth control. Surely the other moms in the area are not recreating Beyoncé music videos for their baby albums. Not to mention, those sky-high heels must be a killer on Kourt’s swollen ankles and feet. Whatever happened to an old-fashioned, loose-fitting “moo moo?”

13 Leads To Lawsuits

One reason for the Kardashians to stop all the baby-making? Bitter baby mamas who are out to get you. Things did not seem to go well at all between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Lawyers got involved due to dirty domestic disputes and cringe-worthy custody battles. Surely Rob did not think that becoming a dad would be so darn dreadful. He must be over-the-moon in love with baby Dream, but his relationship with her fame-seeking mother turned out to be nothing short of a nightmare. If this hell-on-Earth situation has not sent Rob straight to the operating table for a vasectomy, nothing will. Let’s hope Dream thinks long and hard before she becomes a mom one day. The last thing this world needs is another family in chaos at the courtroom.

12 Still Too Immature

Sure, Kylie Jenner is a millionaire while others her age are making a few bucks per week working at Forever 21, but that does not mean it is time for her to bring new life into the world. She may be a worldwide phenomenon and jetsetter, but she’s still basically a child herself. All the makeup in the world cannot cover up the fact that this chick was a high schooler just a few years ago. Okay, so she was home-schooled, but that’s not the point. Rumors are swirling that Kylie is with child, making us all wonder if there is a growing baby bump under her designer sweater. But is it time for this barely-adult gal to have a child? Can’t she just play with nieces Penelope and North instead? If she really is pregnant, it is too late now for us to offer advice, but maybe she will close the door on baby-making after she realizes how much she misses her flat abs for the perfect selfies.

11 Runways And Strollers Don’t Mix

If the gorgeous Kendall Jenner wants to keep her modeling career on track, she had better not get knocked up. Fashion designers are not known for making dowdy maternity clothing, so Kendall will be pushed aside for the next big thing to take her place on the runway. Kendall is slim and tall, the perfect size and shape for cat walking. Pregnancy may bring joy into her life, but it won’t bring a supermodel’s paycheck. Yes, Kendall seems to have a good head on her shoulders, but she is not mom material, at least not now. Let’s hope mom Kris gave her daughter a good talk about “the birds and the bees” so Kendall does not get herself into pregnant predicament. Victoria’s Secret is that they like their models on the pill.

10 Because They Do Crazy Stuff Like This

No mom in her right mind would partake in a bloody “vampire facial,” let alone post pics of the horror to social media. Injecting your own blood into your face in the hopes for a more youthful appearance is a real fright, something a person would only do if they are slightly off their rocker. If a woman has time for such a kooky procedure, when is she taking care of her kids? And if her kids saw her in this condition, they would be scarred for life! Kim may love her kids, but clearly, she loves herself a whole lot more. So much so, that she is willing to go to the extreme in order to attain even more beauty. Show us you should procreate by putting down the needle and getting into the nursery.

9 They’ll Scare The Kids

Mom, is that you? When contouring is more important than cradles, you know you are not cut out for procreation. No child wants to see their mother go from a familiar face to a made-up clown. Not only is it super-time consuming, but it may just confuse the kiddos. A woman who must disguise her face to such a degree will send an iffy message to her children too. Do they look okay the way they are? Kim ought to do herself a favor and lay off all the heavy makeup. Once she goes more natural, she may realize that she is happier and more carefree, thus making her even better mom material. But if she spends 3 hours a day in hair and makeup, who is minding the little ones? After this next kid comes into the world, she and Kanye may want to put the baby-making to rest.

8 They Are Still Crybabies

There is nothing worse than a crying newborn than a blubbering 20-something supermodel. Kendall should not have a baby when she is the one who could use a consoling pacifier. With all the pressure and scrutiny she is under, bringing a baby into the world would be a major error in judgement. As of now, it seems like Kendall is the only Kardashian-Jenner sibling who is not rumored to be pregnant, so let’s hope she keeps it that way. How will the baby stop crying when mom can’t get a hold of herself? When Kendall is in her 30s, maybe she can think about becoming a mother. For now, she should just focus on posing for photo shoots and strutting her stuff down the runway. Kris has enough grandkids as is.

7 You’ll Never Know How The Kid Will Turn Out

Maybe procreation is too risky when your child could grow up to morph into a totally unrecognizable version of themselves like what happened to Khloe Kardashian. She has completely transformed into a whole new woman, not unlike Caitlyn. But what if the pattern gets passed on to her offspring? Khloe may find herself unsure as to who her own kid even is. We can’t let makeup tricks take all the credit for Khloe’s complete 180-degree drastic transformation. Whether it is genetics or plastic surgery, Khloe, as well as many of the others in the Kardashian clan look nothing like they used to just a few years back. Why procreate when you can recreate yourself? When you can be a whole new you each season, why the need to bring a new life into the mix?

6 Too Much Baby Daddy Drama

Kourtney Kardashian has a hard time learning her lesson. When her baby daddy, Scott Disick, failed her after baby number 1, why on Earth did she keep getting pregnant by the drama-inducing dad? He may love those kids, but he acts like quite the kid himself. He is a hard-partier with a tendency to get blackout drunk after weekend booze-filled binges. These days, he is rumored to be dating (a.k.a. sleeping with) super-young ladies and travels all over the world. When does he see the kids? While we can’t turn back the clock, let’s hope Kourtney stops her shenanigans with Scott. Her three kids are indeed adorable, but does she have no pride? Scott is taking her for a ride and she winds up at the gyno. No more babies for these two until they can have a mature relationship. Scott, the ball is in your "kourt!"

5 The Baby Will Get The Pre-Plastic Surgery Looks

Hey Kylie, you may not want to procreate as your baby may wind up with the facial features that made your formerly thin lips frown. Many felt that Kylie looked just fine in her “before” look, but once she plumped her pout, things got big for the youngest Kar-Jen kid. Her makeup lip kit line went through the roof and lots of folks now consider Kylie to be the hottest of all the sisters. But just because Kylie now has a plentiful pout does not mean her baby will be blessed in the lip department. If Kylie has a baby, it may very well be born with pencil-thin lips. How will she explain her puffy pout? Aside from that, Kylie is spending so much time in the business world that there’s little time for breast- and bottle-feeding. Kiss off the idea of having a baby, unless you’re already preggers, of course.

4 Three’s Enough

Why shouldn’t Kourtney procreate any further? Because she has three perfectly healthy kids and that ought to be enough. How many kids does this woman need to have with her hot mess of a baby daddy anyway? Three kids can be a handful and Kourt is busy with plenty of other things, too. Adding another kid to the mix would wreak havoc on her already hectic life. Kourt ought to spend time nurturing the children she’s got rather than making new ones. Not to mention, it seems like Scott is busy doing other things and women. Just because her mother Kris had a pile of kids does not mean that Kourt needs to follow in her fertile footsteps. She needs to go on birth control pronto and put a lid on any desires to become a mom another time over.

3 She Doesn’t Need Another Baby Daddy

As the tabloids report, Kourt seems to be smitten with a super hot hunk who is many years her junior. He and she may get frisky, but let’s hope they are using protection. The last thing Kourtney needs is another baby daddy in her life. Plus, this new strapping fella does not seem like he is all too interested in settling down at this point in his life. Kourt should have her fun and live the “cougar” life while she’s still got the roar inside her. While the kids are being watched by Scott or grandma Kris, she can go out with her “boy toy” and do her thing. That’s as long as “her thing” isn’t getting knocked up. Kourt, remember how long it takes to lose the baby weight before you try for baby number 4.

2 They Only Care About Selfies

A pretty selfie now and then is fun to take and post, but the Kardashian-Jenner crew takes as many selfies as they do breaths of oxygen. They are constantly on social media posting filtered pics of themselves at all hours of the day or night. Babies need lots of care and attention, so how would they be tended to when mom is always busy on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram? When a mother should be feeding or changing her baby, but she is too busy reading her newsfeed, something’s gotta give. Procreation is for the parents who can give their all to their baby, not for those who give their all to their social media followers and fans. Have a baby after you go to a 90-day rehab for Twitter withdrawal.

1 They Spend Money On Bling, Not Baby Gear

There is more bling in the Kardashian-Jenner family jewelry collection than you will find at Tiffany’s. They have the most expensive and rare pieces and keep on getting more to add to their expensive stashes. The bigger, the better, and the glitzier, the giddier they get. Even after Kim’s Paris robbery nightmare, the girls still flaunt their baubles and do it with pride. But when a person wants to procreate, their attention needs to be placed on the needs of the baby without any distraction from a 10-carat pear-shaped diamond ring or a pair of platinum emerald drop earrings. With all the moolah spent on bling, think of what could go towards a kid’s college education instead. Clearly these showy gals are more interested in the material than the maternal.

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