15 Photos Of Hollywood Moms And Daughters At The Same Age

So, you already know that there are some pretty knockout celebrities kicking around Hollywood and other big-name parts of the United States. That's no surprise. And you probably know that these women have celebrity mothers or daughters who are also smokin' hot. And now, you get to see them right next to each other!

This piece is all about formerly (or currently) hot celebrity moms when they were younger, and their daughters at about the same age. It's really interesting seeing how some of these lovely ladies resemble each other or how hotter one or the other is. And there is a huge spectrum of hotness in this piece. You'll know what I mean when you scroll down.

Who am I kidding? You probably have already skipped over the intro so you could get right to looking at these hot celebrity moms and their hot celebrity daughters. Well, I can't really blame you. So, that being said, let's dive into this ocean of celebrity mom and daughter hotties!


15 Kris And Kendall Jenner And Kim Kardashian (20s)

You know, Kris Jenner is actually still not that bad (depending on the day and the angle that a photo is taken from). But I think it's no shock that her daughters are way hotter than her now, for sure. And way hotter than she was when she was younger also. Now, Kim Kardashian is the oldest of the six sisters (or however many of them there are). And she is pretty hot, depending on the day. She definitely has assets to show off. But I think, hands down, that Kendall Jenner is way hotter than all of them! I think she's the youngest sister in the whole group of "reality tv" crazies and boy does she ever have the looks! You can kind of see the relation between these women in their eyes, but the look in Kendall's eyes is just way hotter than the other two. And so is her body.

14 Reese Witherspoon And Ava Phillippe (As Teens)


Which one is which!? Seriously though, can you tell? Even if you can't I think that tells you enough that these two women are definitely related. They could probably pass as twins if Reese Witherspoon ever went back in time like Marty McFly to change some issue with her parents. Now, I'm not going to dig in about these two being very hot or anything. These pictures were taken when they were teens. But I think everyone can agree that Reese Witherspoon has certainly had her smoking hot days. And I do have to make one point of attraction that is shared by both mother and daughter here. Look at those eyes. It's incredible how very similar they are. And I think it's crazy that with all the time that has passed, they both still have the same hairdos.

13 Courtney Love And Frances Bean Cobain (20s)

I can't even believe that I managed to find a photo of Courtney Love where she actually looks hot. I'm so used to seeing her strung out on blow and meth that I forgot she was once good-looking. But, I guess this photo was taken before she was a drugged-out trainwreck. Now, if you look to the right, you'll see Frances Bean Cobain. This is the daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. You can certainly see the similarity between her and Courtney Love. It's actually pretty crazy how alike they look. If there was a photo of Kurt Cobain in here though, you'd notice that Frances Bean's eyes are just the same as her dad's. Well, except for the bloodshot look that she definitely gets from her mother. All I can hope is that she doesn't become a total wreck like her mom.

12 Demi Moore And Rumer Willis (Age 27)


Well, I guess something good came out of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. And her name is Rumer Willis. I actually forgot that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were a thing. I guess I was still too caught up in the fact that Demi Moore was robbing the cradle with Ashton Kutcher. But none of that matters. What matters is the Demi Moore was pretty smoking back in the day. Remember films like Ghost or...Striptease? Fun stuff. And you can really tell that Rumer is related to Demi. Unfortunately, though, you can also really tell that Rumer is also related to Bruce Willis. That jaw is very much a Bruce Willis jaw that kind of turns me off. I don't want to be thinking about Die Hard when trying to get...well you know what I'm talking about.

11 Brooke And Linda Hogan (30s)

Ok, wow. So it's pretty clear that Linda and Brooke Hogan share a couple of big things in common. And that's exciting, but thankfully that's where it all ends. Linda Hogan is already kind of a horrible human being. Sure, she had her time of being pretty damn hot, but it ended before she hit 30. Brooke, on the other hand, is definitely still smoking hot. Yeah, you can tell they're related, but at least you can't see too much of the "Hulkster" in Brooke's face. That would be the last thing I'd want to think about when gawking at her. I don't want to think about a balding, mullet-headed man with a gross blonde handlebar moustache. I just want to enjoy Brooke for what she is...a very, VERY attractive woman.

10 Ivana And Ivanka Trump (Age 30)


Given what year it was when Ivana Trump was in her thirties, I think she's not that bad looking. But I think you really will have no problem admitting that her daughter Ivanka is way hotter! And you know, I think that's part of the reason that no one really criticizes Ivanka in the media all that much right now while she works at the White House. Because she's just too damn attractive and everyone wants her to be that one good person who works for her father. No matter who her father is, and no matter how much less attractive you find her mother, there's no denying that Ivanka steals the show.

9 Cindy Crawford And Kaia Gerber (As Teens)

There is no denying that Cindy and Kaia are related. They are definitely both very attractive and they are both heavily involved in modelling. Well, Cindy is a little less involved now because of her age and it's not like she really needs to with all the money she's made over the decades of showing off her body. Kaia has a long career ahead though, for sure. But don't get too deep into how you feel about Kaia's looks. She's only 16, so be a little respectful, please. You don't want to get into some sort of Roy Moore situation here. But all of that weirdness aside, I'm sure you can truly see the similarity between Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber. Sure, Kaia doesn't have her mom's signature mole above the lip, but she's done a shoot with a fake one and she looks just like her!


8 Susan Sarandon And Eva Amurri (20s)


First of all, Susan Sarandon does have a lot of photos that are pretty frightening. She's definitely not always attractive. It really depends on the angle, the outfit, and the day, it seems. But I think she is, in general, pretty hot. And I really have to say that her daughter Eva Amurri is also incredible smokin'! I think the main similarity between these two hotties is their eyes. There's some sort of angry but seductive quality in those eyes that is really pretty exciting. I mean...there are a couple of other similarities between these two but I don't really have to point them out to you. I think they're pretty out there and obvious to anyone looking at the photos. What I love about these two photos is that it seems clear neither of these women is afraid of dressing down and showing off. And that's just fine.

7 Janet Jones And Paulina Gretzky (Age 30)

Here's the interesting thing. Janet Jones (wife of "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky) is actually still kind of hot. But that's not really what this is about. Janet Jones was a smoke show when she was younger. She did a bunch of covers for Sports Illustrated, including a couple of the bikini issues. And I think you can see why. But then look right next to her and enjoy the wonderful sight that is her daughter Paulina Gretzky. I'm sorry Janet, but you've got nothing on your daughter. I guess the mix of Janet and Wayne's DNA really helped to make an incredibly physically flawless human being. At least physically flawless on the outside. No idea what's going on on the inside. But I don't think anyone ogling her right now cares much about that. However sad that is.

6 Kate Hudson And Goldie Hawn (Ages 36/38)


Alright, a bunch of you probably have no idea who the hell Goldie Hawn is. You can look up her acting career later if you really want, but all you need to know right now is that she was definitely a hottie in her time...even if she was a little messed up from time to time. But then you look at Goldie Hawn's daughter and I'm sorry but she is much hotter. Kate Hudson takes the cake on this one. Sure, Goldie, you had your moments. You never really liked to wear bras and you showed off as much as you could a lot of the time...but come on...it's Kate Hudson. I'm happy that both these ladies have done modelling. But I have to admit that I'm much happier that Kate Hudson has done modelling. And even just gazing into her eyes...I'd take Hudson over Hawn (and not just because of age today).

5 Jada Pinkett And Willow Smith (Late Teens/20s)

Alright, so it was difficult to find a shot of Jada Pinkett when she was in her teens. I guess she wasn't famous enough yet. No modeling or nailing Will Smith at that point so there's not a lot of evidence that she was ever a teenager on Google. So, I'm going to skip talking about Willow Smith too much given that she is only 17. But Jada Pinkett in her 20s was pretty hot. I preferred when she had her long hair, but she changed it so often over the years that you would never know what style or colour or length you were going to get when you saw her next. Willow has also had some pretty crazy hairdos herself. And she's done some very strange modelling shoots as well. It's kind of weird though. When I look at Willow's face, I can't help but see Will Smith. I think that when she does grow up, I won't be able to see anything else other than her dad.

4 Julia And Emma Roberts (20s)


Ok, so I cheated here. Emma Roberts is not actually the daughter of Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is Emma's aunt. But hey, it's still family, and it's a good enough of an excuse to show off both Julia and Emma. You know, I never was really into Julia Roberts, though I do admit that she's fairly attractive. And while I think that Emma Roberts has some pretty crazy eyes in an almost weird way, I really think she's smoking hot. Maybe it's because the first thing I saw her in was Scream 4 and maybe I'm really attracted to crazy. I don't know. But I needed to find a way to get Emma into this article. So thank you, Julia Roberts, for being the celebrity aunt of this celebrity hottie! You've just made my job way easier to do, and let me use this awesome leopard-print bathing suit shot of Emma.

3 Mamie Gummer And Meryl Streep (Age 32)

Maybe it's because I think Meryl Streep is just one of the best actors still kicking around, I happen to think that she is the hotter of these two women. She has that intelligent, arrogant and reserved attractiveness that gets me going. Maybe that's just me though. I just find intelligence attractive, that's all. Either way, whether or not you find Mamie Gummer attractive, you cannot deny the fact that she definitely looks like her mother. I mean, they have the exact same facial structure and almost the same hair going on. They both dress pretty conservatively and their smiles are also both fairly tight-lipped. I think this might be the closest of the mother-daughter teams in this whole article.

2 Billie Lourd And Carrie Fisher (Age 23)


First of all...rest in peace Carrie Fisher. I was very sad when she passed away and not just because it meant a big rewrite for the next Star Wars film. Mainly because she was a huge icon. It's true that Carrie Fisher had her hard times with drugs and addiction, but she really managed to have a full and awesome career. And what nerd doesn't occasionally think about Fisher's "slave Leia" outfit? I think you can tell that Carrie and Billie are related by just looking at their eyes. Apparently, they were best of friends, and if Carrie still looked like she does above before she died, I bet everyone would think these two were sisters. I also find it interesting that Billie Lourd shares the very same strange attractiveness that Carrie Fisher has. You can't always decide if you find her hot, but somehow she manages to rope you in.

1 Donna Summer And Brooklyn And Amanda Sudano (20s)

Donna Summer was definitely a smoke show in her day. There is no denying that for a second. And she was a huge celebrity too. So, if none of you younguns know who she is, look that sh*t up. Or skip over her and just enjoy her two daughters, Brooklyn and Amanda Sudano. Brooklyn Sudano is the surfer girl on the left and you can definitely see that she shares her mom's hair. For sure! She's also got a rockin' surfer bod and that's always fun. And then, on the right, you have Amanda Sudano. Now, I think Amanda shares a lot of the same facial features as Donna Summer. Eyes, nose, and lips I think are all pretty damn similar. And you know, I think it's a great thing to be so generous that Summer passed on her genes in such a great way.


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