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15 Most Heinous Acts Committed By The Suicide Squad

15 Most Heinous Acts Committed By The Suicide Squad

When it comes to the members of the Suicide Squad, there’s a fine line that the artists have to walk to keep them redeemable in the end. Most of the characters who have joined the ranks of the Suicide Squad have done bad things, but it’s almost always by accident. This way, they can be troubled and dark without being murderous villains. After all, they can’t truly be evil, can they? Otherwise, no one would cheer for them, and who wants to read about antiheroes who you absolutely despise? To accomplish this, the writers have to create situations for these characters to show that they have darker sides than a superhero, but they also have some good in them.

In terms of the film, only a few of the Suicide Squad members have ever done anything that could be considered evil. Slipknot (Adam Beach) is too minor to have done anything, let alone something really evil, though it’s possible that he’s in Belle Reve for being a serial r*pist but that was never confirmed in the film. Katana (Karen Fukuhara) is basically a hero, so she’s got almost no skeletons in her closet. Diablo (Jay Hernandez) is also a good guy. He just struggles to control his powers at times and that has caused him some problems.

For most of the members on this list, to find the real dirt, we had to look deeper in the annals of the Suicide Squad’s comic history, digging up some lesser-serving members who have done some truly heinous deeds. Some of them are questionably evil, actions that fall into a grey zone that we’ll discuss, while others are just flat-out brutal. We’ve done our best to rank them but, when you’re comparing heinous acts, it’s a pretty sadistic process and we’re so nice. We’ve done our best. Here are the 15 most heinous acts committed by the Suicide Squad.

15. Deadshot – Killed His Brother



The first act here is a blatant accident, but the result is pretty dark. As you know, Deadshot is one of the best gunmen in the world. He prides himself on never missing a shot, but that’s not exactly true. He has “missed” one shot and it really made an impact on who he is. Deadshot’s pops was an abusive jerk that terrorized their entire family. Deadshot’s mom got it into his brother’s head that they should kill the father. The plan was in place and Deadshot was outside, so he couldn’t get involved. When the brother went to shoot and kill the father, Deadshot tried to stop it. The plan was to shoot the gun out the brother’s hand before he pulled the trigger, saving him from a life that would inevitably find him in prison for murder. Sitting in a tree outside, Deadshot took aim and fired, but, as he did, the branch that he was sitting in broke and the bullet struck the brother, whom Deadshot loved so dearly and looked up to, in the head, killing him.

14. Poison Ivy – Fed Harvest



Poison Ivy is another character who doesn’t have a whole lot of evil on her resume. Most of her actions are for revenge or battling corruption. That was up until we were introduced to Harvest, a crazy plant monster that Poison Ivy had been feeding her victims to. Over time, the victim’s souls and the plant merged into a sentient being that hated Poison Ivy. So who was she feeding to this plant? Pretty much anyone; ex-lovers that she got bored with, henchmen of hers who proved themselves incompetent and even people who simply “returned her smile.” Poison Ivy admitted that she took pleasure in feeding people to the plant, leading to their slow and painful deaths. It’s a pretty dark storyline for an otherwise pretty PG-rated villainess, but it gives us a hint that she might be a little more evil when she’s not in the panels of a comic book.

13. Bane – Broke Batman



Bane wasn’t a long-time member of the Suicide Squad, but he was recruited by them once, so he qualifies for the list. This villain has done a lot of crazy things in his time, but we would be remiss not to mention his most iconic moment. Bane is a smart dude. He knew that if he challenged Batman to one on one combat, he would probably lose. They say that Batman, with preparation, is almost unbeatable. So Bane decided to free all the criminals in Arkham Asylum and have Batman try to round them all up, which he does, but it takes him several months. Upon his return home, he is ambushed by Bane and the two get into their, now legendary, fight. In the end, Bane raises a battered Batman up above his head and smashes the bat’s back down onto his knee, breaking his spine and rendering him a quadriplegic. This was one of the darkest and most famous moments in Batman’s career, something that was roughly played out on the big screen in The Dark Knight Rises.

12. Reverse Flash – Killed His Father



Reverse Flash is one of the members of the New Suicide Squad and he has a complicated character history. There has been five versions of Reverse Flash in the comics, but the most messed up one is Daniel West. West is Iris West’s brother, which makes him Barry Allen’s (The Flash’s) brother-in-law. In this one specific timeline, Daniel broke his own father’s spine in the past, which made the father a paraplegic and caused Iris to hate Daniel for most of their lives. In an effort to fix this, Reverse Flash went back in time to change the history and get his sister’s love back. You’re thinking, aww, that’s sweet! Why is he on this list? Well, let us finish. You see, Reverse Flash wasn’t going back to make sure he didn’t break his dad’s spine. He’s going back to make sure he kills him all the way.

11. Captain Boomerang – Ripped Out His Son’s Heart



Captain Boomerang is probably the most annoying member of The Suicide Squad in the comics. His most heinous acts might just be his rampant racism or the fact that he got Slipknot’s arm blown off by telling him Amanda Waller’s bombs weren’t real (something alluded to in the film). Yet, when we’re talking darkness we have to mention Blackest Night, which saw Captain Boomerang’s dead body reanimated and brought back from the dead. His son, Owen, who took up his alias as Captain Boomerang briefly, decided to preserve him and kept him in a pit, feeding him the bodies of living strangers. When Owen is pushed into the pit, the undead Captain Boomerang rips his own son’s heart out. Afterward, they are brought back to life and everyone lives happily ever after.

10. King Shark – Ate His Mother’s Arm



King Shark, also known as Nanaue, is a famed member of the Suicide Squad, but the director, David Ayer didn’t want to include him because he didn’t want the film or the character to be dominated by CGI, which would have been necessary with a giant shark walking around. That being said, King Shark isn’t really all that evil. He eats humans, but who doesn’t? Plus he’s a monster, so who can blame him? Yet, there are some dark patches. First of all, Superboy goes to Hawaii to arrest King Shark, which he does. Soon after being captured, a group called the Silicon Dragons rescues King Shark in the hopes that he will join their ranks. But he’s a cold blooded shark. Rather than join them, King Shark kills them and escapes. From there he goes over to his momma’s house for some home cooking, and, by that we mean, he ate his mother’s arm off. Sure, she offered it to him, but this is a new level of crazy.

9. Killer Croc – Ate His Aunt



Killer Croc is not a traditional member of The Suicide Squad. He was basically added in by David Ayer because King Shark wasn’t included. Either way, Killer Croc’s in the film, The Suicide Squad, so he’s good enough for our list. Really, Croc isn’t all that bad of a guy. He’s had his dark moments, yeah, but he’s had a rough life. He was raised by his aunt, and she was a miserable wretch. She tormented him every chance she could, called him nasty names and never made him feel loved in any sense of the word, so when he got a chance to get revenge on her, he took it. He killed her and ate up her body. That was also the moment he became a criminal. Killing and eating someone will do that to you.

8. The Penguin – Tormented The Chef



At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Penguin really isn’t so bad. That being said, you never would want to cross him. Worst of all, you never want to ridicule him. The chef is a minor character who insults the Penguin at one point, but he apologizes and nothing happens. Later on, however, when the Penguin is out for dinner, he is about to profess his love to his date, when he hears laughter. The chef, who is talking to someone else happens to be looking at the Penguin as he laughs. This sets the Penguin off. He gets the man’s wife deported, has his best friend framed and arrested, buys the restaurant and fires everyone, bulldozes his favorite park, rents the apartment beside him and becomes a terrible neighbor and sets up a liquor store across the street to tempt this man who is also a recovering alcoholic. After all of that, the Chef kills himself.

7. The Black Spider – Killed His Father



The Black Spider is a reformed drug addict turned vigilante who deals harshly with criminals, especially drug dealers. But his most heinous act comes from before he was a vigilante. Well it’s the reason why he’s a vigilante in the first place, similar to many of the events on this list. Originally, The Black Spider was a drug addict. He tried to get his life on track after an early stint in prison, but drugs kept pulling him back in, Godfather III style. One night, in an effort to get some quick cash for a score of heroin, he robs a liquor store and kills the owner. Though he didn’t know it at the time, the liquor store owner turned out to be his old man. He killed his own pops for some heroin. That was also the event that made him hate drugs and dedicate his life to ridding the world of them.

6. Deathstroke – Tried To Kill Teen Titans

People say that Deathstroke isn’t evil, he’s just all about business and that may be true. This is an assassin who let his own son’s throat get slit because he refused to give up information about his client. That’s a pretty shrewd businessman. His wife would end up shooting his eye out, like Ralphie in A Christmas Story style, for his insensitivity, but Deathstroke doesn’t care. So what’s this guy’s biggest crime other than his indifference toward his own family? Probably the fact that he is the Teen Titan’s main villain. His entire life is dedicated to murdering children. That has to count for something on the evil scale, right?

5. Black Manta – Killed Aquaman’s Infant Son



Black Manta grew up with an extreme hatred for Aquaman, who he blamed for not saving him from his own trauma as a young boy. To get even later in life, Black Manta kidnapped Aquaman’s baby boy and put him in a glass chamber that was filled with water, no problem for the offspring of Aquaman. But the chamber slowly drained of water and filled with air, meaning the boy would suffocate after a period of time. Meanwhile, Aquaman was forced to fight his son, Aqualad, to the death in order to save the baby. While those two were able to escape without killing one another, the baby, sadly, died in the chamber. It was heartless.

4. Joker’s Daughter – Sewed Joker’s Face Onto Hers



Duela Dent, or The Joker’s Daughter, is a twisted character who claims to be the daughter of just about every supervillain out there. Her name as the Joker’s Daughter has stuck because of her infatuation with the villain, an infatuation that has risen to the point where she even wears his face. Truly. One day while chilling in the sewers, Dent came across the Joker’s face. The Joker had The Dollmaker remove at some point and it was discarded. Dent then tracked down the Dollmaker, the guy who removed the Joker’s face, and had him sew it onto her own face. Then she got a few vials of the Joker’s blood from him. Guess what she wanted those for? So she could inject it into her veins. Now that’s an obsession.

3. Nightshade – Killed Airport Civilians



Nightshade is a pretty good person, but she is unwaveringly dedicated to the cause. On her most fateful mission, Nightshade was posing as a member of the “Jihad” death squad in order to spy on them. Because she needed to keep her cover, Nightshade participated in the slaughter of many civilians in a massive airport massacre. This left her pretty messed up and created quite a bit of tension between her and the other members of the Suicide Squad. In fact, Amanda Waller even took her off the team after this, giving her some dirtier jobs to keep her busy. Now that’s what we call dedication, Nightshade.

2. Harley Quinn – Distributed Exploding Games



Harley Quinn is emotionally unstable at the best of times, but, when she gets down, she really gets down. In her darkest episode, Harley Quinn decided to show the world how crazy she really could be. She set up a kiosk filled with video games and gave them away for free. Obviously, her biggest customers were children. The kicker here is that the games were implanted with bombs. Just when it seems that she isn’t about to go through with her evil plan, bombs start going off around the city. There’s always a debate about how evil Quinn really is, but this proves that she can be just about as bad as anyone out there.

1. Chemo – Destroyed An Entire City



Chemo is a weird character, even silly when you really think about it. He was originally a plastic, man-shaped container that Ramsey Norton used to hold all his failed experiments. Eventually this thing came to life and started wreaking havoc. In his worst moment, though it’s not really his fault, Chemo is dropped onto a city, which caused his toxic waste to cover the streets and all the people, killing hundreds of thousands of them. Eventually Superman swooped in and tossed him into space, but the damage was already done. Everyone was dead and this strange villain ran up a massive death toll.

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