15 Hottest Teen Stars That Are Already "Legal"

Let’s face facts. In our world, there will always be a premium put on the looks of young and attractive people. The first years after turning eighteen, the age of maturity in most western countries, is seen by many as the peak years of a person’s looks. Sure, we all know that isn’t the case as we mature, as women become all the more beautiful as they become sure of themselves, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating the form of a young woman.

There are so many ways in which people can become famous at a young age these days. As such, there are more and more women that are still in their teens that become well-known each year. Whether they are actresses appearing in the latest movie or show or are musical artists whose talents give us great tunes to enjoy, society appreciates their work and in some cases, looks. More than that, there are also “reality” stars, YouTube stars, athletes, or writers, which means that there are lots of opportunities for people to gain followers. As such, there are more known entities these days than ever before, which also makes it obvious that there are more attractive young women. Below is a list of 15 hottest teen stars that are already of legal age.

In order for someone to be up for consideration for inclusion here, they need to be a female that has earned at least a notable following. Of course, as we already touched on, it doesn’t matter what they did to make a group of people aware of them. Next, they need to be either eighteen or nineteen at the time of this writing. We’ve also decided that women that are just about to turn eighteen were also up for consideration as they are so close to adulthood. We want to make it clear that we don’t know any of these women personally so we can’t attest for their age. It's a good think that Google comes in handy at these rather desperate times.


15 Harley Quinn Smith

For those of you who are unaware of this young starlet, Harley Quinn Smith is the daughter of director Kevin Smith and his wife Jennifer Schwalbach Smith. Appearing in her father’s film as a baby, she played baby Silent Bob in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She is best known for working as an actress under her father’s tutelage. Playing small roles in movies like Jersey Girl and Clerks II, she was introduced as Colleen McKenzie in Tusk and would go on to portray the character as one of the two leads of Yoga Hosers. A blonde bombshell with curves to spare, she has a lot of potential as an actress and beautiful young woman.

14 Maisie Williams


There is no question about it. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television. A series that has killed off many of its lead characters, there are a few that have shown staying power including Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams. Arguably one of the biggest television stars alive today, the character she has brought to life has been a favorite of fans around the world for her tenacious spirit and undying loyalty to her family. Also branching out, this young star has appeared in shows like Doctor Who and movies like The Falling and Cyberbully. Nineteen years old at the time of this writing, this young woman is utterly gorgeous and has one of the friendliest faces in all of Hollywood.

13 Camren Bicondova

If you ask a lot of people who the sexiest character in the DC Universe is, their answer will be Catwoman and there is definitely a strong argument to support that statement. A slinky beauty who wears skintight spandex and goes wherever she pleases, she is perfectly adept at kicking ass and seducing a mark. It therefore makes perfect sense that when a young version of the character was cast for the show Gotham, they would hire a young woman that has grown into a true beauty in her own right. Portrayed by Camren Bicondova, she is one of the most popular people on the show and we’re sure she has legions of fans that completely understand why Bruce Wayne is wrapped around her finger.

12 Lauren Taylor


As an actress, 2015 was a banner year in Lauren Taylor's career. She was cast to voice one of the main characters, Harper Rich, in an animated version of the two-season long classic Richie Rich story released by Netflix. On top of that, she also became one of the two main characters in the Disney Channel show Best Friends Whenever, where her character and the other lead are given the ability to travel through time. Of course, as part of the Disney machine, she got the opportunity to branch out which is why she was able to release two songs called “Carousel” and “Treat Me Right.” A blonde who looks very pretty now and seems poised to become even more attractive as she matures, there is no doubt that there are many who’ve developed crushes on her over the years.

11 Amandla Stenberg

Cast as Rue in the first film in the Hunger Games franchise, Amandla Stenberg was very much in the spotlight considering that that series has a massive following. She goes on to make several film appearances in the years since she has been involved in movies like Rio 2, As You Are, Lemonade, and two films yet to be released including a lead role in one. Also a veteran of TV shows like A Taste of Romance, Sleepy Hollow, and Mr. Robinson, the latter two of which she appeared in multiple episodes, she seems to be very much in demand. Eighteen years old at the time of this writing, this gorgeous young woman looks radiant wherever she goes and has looks that are bound to drive a lot of people wild.

10 Madison Pettis


Another veteran of the Disney Machine, Madison Pettis played Sophie Martinez in the series, Cory in the House, which aired originally on the channel. Also one of the stars of The Game Plan, she is a great example of why all actors should develop a relationship with the “House of Mouse.” Cast in the Canadian comedy series, Life with Boys, which lasted for two seasons, she has proven herself capable of receiving a bevy of roles while still having a lot of room to grow as an actor. Currently eighteen years old, she has yet to have any major roles in 2017 but looking as pretty as she clearly does, we’d be shocked if opportunities didn't pop up for her before too long.

9 Madison Beer

Say what you will about Justin Bieber, and trust us we’re not huge fans. He is responsible for introducing to the world the second Madison to make our list. A singer that came to the attention of many after he tweeted out a link to a video of her singing, she took full advantage of that opportunity. Going on to sign with Island Records, it is simply amazing to think that her skill and hustle in light of the tiniest bit of notoriety earned her a career that legions of people wish to have. Having released four singles to date and appeared in the songs of other artists, she could have a hit song at any moment now. Also, cast in a film known as Louder Than Words in the past, there seems to be almost nothing in the media she wouldn't be happy to try her hand at. A beautiful brunette that takes one hell of an amazing photograph, there was no doubt in our mind that she needs to be included in a list like this.


8 Daya


Born Grace Martine Tandon, this singer goes under the name Daya professionally. A ballsy move considering that it begs people to compare her to other singers with a single name like Cher or Madonna, she must have known something that the rest of us didn’t. Already able to release a song that appeared on top twenty-five of the Billboard Hot 100 in her short career, that actually took place before her debut studio album hit the streets. Currently eighteen years of age, she has already been nominated for a long list of awards and was actually able to take home a Radio Disney Music Award, which we admit we’ve never heard of before, and a Grammy too. A young woman with a face to die for, her brunette locks and tight figure make her a knockout wherever she goes.

7 Elle Fanning

When Dakota Fanning earned rave reviews and a long list of awards for her work in I Am Sam, there was no way to know that her sister would follow her lead and become a star in her own right. Now known for roles in movies like The Nines, Reservation Road, Super 8, Maleficent, Trumbo, The Neon Demon, and much more, Elle has had a very enviable film career herself. Also appearing in a long list of shows like Judging Amy, two of the CSI series, House M.D., Criminal Minds, and Dirty Sexy Money, she spent years as a go-to guest star. Born with a slender frame and exquisite face, she has a look that has been popular for models over the years and seems like she could have made money off her looks alone had she wanted.

6 Malia Obama


In the entire American political world, there may not be a position that could ever be more difficult than being the child of the President. A role that you likely didn’t have any choice in, it puts you directly in the spotlight as the family of the most powerful person in the country before you have the maturity to really cope with it the way your parents can. On the other hand, if you are the eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, two people who have millions of fans, it may not be all bad. Two of the most attractive and rather influential political figures in our history, it also makes perfect sense that their daughter, Malia, inherited their good looks and therefore belongs on a list like this since she is now eighteen.

5 Paris Jackson

Currently, Paris Jackson has one major claim to fame, being the only daughter of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Of course, being the child of one of the best-known musicians of modern time is a bit of a mixed bag as it puts you under an unforgiving spotlight. But as she matures into a young woman, she seems to be doing well. Currently nineteen years old, this dazzling young woman with sparkling eyes and a body that seemingly doesn’t have an extra ounce of fat in it has begun modeling and acting. A striking woman that immediately demands attention wherever she goes, it makes perfect sense that she will make a mark in whatever industry she tries her hand at.

4 Rachel Mari Fenton


Remember in the intro where we wrote about the many ways in which someone can become famous these days? Rachel is definitely a fantastic example of that as she became a known entity because of her inclusion in a series of YouTube videos. A longstanding part of the Fine Brother’s channel, which currently has more than fifteen million subscribers, she appeared in a series of videos labeled Teens React, which is exactly what it sounds like. Her job was to react to things like classic video games, music videos, viral videos, and anything the people behind the channel thought may cause people to click the link to their page. She was a pivotal part of the series. A beautiful brunette with an infectious smile, even though other people on this list may be better known in some corners of society, there is no question that those familiar with Rachel find her attractive.

3 Kylie Jenner

The youngest member of the Kardashian and Jenner family, Kylie, just like her older sister, seems to spend her every moment in front of a camera. Whether that is a part of the many “reality” shows she has appeared on or having her image taken to be uploaded on her various social media accounts, she never seems to shy away from an opportunity. Also a fledgling model and designer, she and her sister Kendall were included in Time Magazine’s 2014 list of the most influential teens in the world. Nineteen years old at the time of this writing and possessing curves in all of the right places, she was one of the first people that came to mind when putting together this list.

2 Ariel Winter


Cast to play Alex Dunphy in the hugely popular sitcom Modern Family while she was still a child star, there was no way that anybody could have anticipated the way this actress would mature. Also an extremely accomplished voice over performer, she has played characters in animated shows like Sofia the First and movies like Bambi II, Over the Hedge, ParaNorman, and too many more to list here. A buxom brunette with a bountiful chest, judging by her appearances in public and on social media, Ariel seems to enjoy showing off her body. On behalf of many of her fans, we’re totally okay with that.

1 Bella Thorne

A former child star that played a role in the series My Own Worst Enemy as a child as well as playing a major character in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up, Bella’s image has changed a lot since then. Known for movies like Blended, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, The Duff, and Big Sky, she has also appeared in shows like Big Love and Scream. Followed by millions of people, she has also taken part in many photo shoots and has been sought after enough that paparazzi seem to follow her every move. A dazzling redhead who oftentimes dresses very provocatively in movies, in public, and on social media, she has quickly become a very sexy young woman.

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