15 Former And Current WWE Women We Wish Would Take It All Off

Watching hours upon hours of WWE programming per week, we can’t help but to drift in our thoughts while watching the shows at times. Like come on, three hours of Raw, two hours of SmackDown, one hour of NXT, various hours of WWE Network programming and three hours of WWE PPVs (which seems to be playing weekly as of late). That equals a lot of freakin’ hours devoted to the brand.

So yes, it is normal that our minds tend to drift. One way it does so is with the beautiful women. Times have changed and the current women aren’t baring it all like they used to back in the Attitude Era, but that doesn’t mean we're not allowed to fantasize and ask, what if? With the current climate of the WWE and its PG Era, baring it all is pretty much impossible, but we'll have some fun nonetheless on speculating who we’d love to see undress. We will also include some of our favorite WWE alums on this list of WWE stars we wish would bare it all.

So without further ado, let us begin. Here are 15 former and current WWE women we wish would take it all off. Enjoy!


15 Nikki Bella

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We start off the list with one of the more popular women on the current WWE roster. Nikki Bella would certainly be a number one choice to bare it all on several lists of wrestling enthusiasts. Over the years, Nikki has transformed from being a pretty face to one that can kick some serious butt in the ring.

When Nikki signed a deal along with her twin sister Brie, we’re not even sure the WWE knew at the time exactly what they would get out of the twins. One thing’s for sure, they surely couldn’t anticipate one of them taking on Stephanie McMahon in a high stakes matchup, while the other would turn out to be one of the most dominant WWE Divas Champion in the history of the company.

Since coming back from injury Nikki looks better than ever both in the ring and physically. This just adds to the allure and possibility of her taking it all off one day.

14 Alexa Bliss


The recently turned 25 year old seems to be one of the hottest commodities over on the SmackDown Live show. It’s pretty obvious, Alexa has arrived and is ready to achieve some big things.

Like many other women, the WWE launched her career down in NXT as a manager. Before that she used her innocent look as an in-ring performer dawning a cheerleader gimmick. She really found her footing as manager in a heel role and never looked back following the stint. The company pushed her away from Blake & Murphy and soon enough, she was absolutely thriving on all levels.

Her heel work has set her apart thus far. Not to mention her new Harley Quinn-inspired style. If you’re a fan of Suicide Squad, chances are you’d love to see her bare it all with the Quinn inspired attire. Don’t hold your breath however, as the chances of that happening are highly unlikely.

13 AJ Lee

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AJ had quite the fanbase during her run with the WWE; she was by far the most over WWE female Superstar at the time. Lee admitted herself that her merchandise sales were comparable to some of the top male stars in the business (yes, she was that over, which is why pockets of wrestling fans were enraged when Lee announced her retirement in 2015 following WrestleMania 31). Her fans had every right to be upset. The former Divas Champion isn’t even 30 years old nowadays, living the retired life residing out of Chicago, Illinois alongside her husband, the loveable and hateable CM Punk.

One way wrestling fans wouldn’t mind seeing her name back in the tabloids is by taking it all off for a magazine or something. Though, this seems highly unlikely so we can just dream about it instead. Realistically, a WWE return would seem more reasonable but even that seems like a crazy stretch at this point considering the falling out her husband had with the company.

Maybe she’ll pursue a UFC career?

12 Debra Marshall

If you lived the Attitude Era, chances are Debra Marshall was high up on your list of women wrestlers you wanted to see bare it all.

The 90s was a wacky era in the WWE. Women’s wrestling was the polar opposite of what it is today, as the division was instead littered with gimmick matches along with loads and loads of “R Rated” content. Love it or hate it, it simply worked during that climate of pro wrestling which celebrated reckless behavior week in and week out. At times, the women segments were the highest rated of the entire program.

During that era, Sable, Sunny and Debra led the way in terms of TV-14 content; fans flocked and gravitated towards their antics. Debra began as Jeff Jarrett’s manager and later rose to new levels of success because of her look. Had she taken it all off during that time frame, her stock might have grown even larger.

Today, she still looks great which begs the question: where would she rank in your top 15 nowadays?

11 Charlotte

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If you do not wish to see Charlotte take it all off, chances are it’s because she’s playing her heel role to a tee at the moment. The daughter of the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair (get it out of the way: WOOOOOOO!) has absolutely thrived since being called up to the main roster, becoming the most successful woman in the entire company. What makes her journey that much more remarkable is the lack of in-ring experience she had before signing a WWE deal. Fast forward to a couple of years later and she not only possesses a tremendous heel persona but she is also insanely talented in the ring.

Asides from that, she also looks pretty darn good, whether you love or hate her. Charlotte has an extensive sporting background from playing volleyball professionally to being a huge fitness freak and getting her personal training degree. You're lying to yourself if you don’t wish she would take it all off.

10 Stacy Keibler

Stacy was a rare gem in the pro wrestling business. Despite the fact that she rarely ever wrestled and was pretty awful when she did, the fans still ended up gravitating towards her. Why, you might ask? Simply because she had that “it” (no pun intended, Y2J) factor that fans absolutely adored with her “girl next door” like features.

Her rise to fame began back in WCW when she won a competition to be a Nitro Girl. The company would ultimately use her in a bigger role when she made her debut as Miss Hancock.

The WWE was well aware of her popularity and success with WCW so they decided to bring her in. She thrived with the company immediately and her long legs dazzled millions of fans watching at home.

Still to this very day, fans would definitely approve of seeing this former WWE star bare it all!

9 Lana

Similar to the previously mentioned Stacy Keibler, Lana managed to create a connection with the WWE crowds despite her lack of in-ring involvement. During Stacy’s era this was quite the norm, though in today’s current climate that is littered with great female in-ring talents, it is quite the rarity to see a talent connect with the audience despite her inabilities to put on an in-ring match.

So how did she manage to pull that off today? Her look. That simple. The ravishing Russian is an absolute beauty and certainly one of the top in the WWE today. Even when you try to hate on her when she rips us, you still can’t help but to love her deep down inside. She just has that unique characteristic you want to know more of.

With that said, Lana taking it all off would certainly draw some attention, though that seems highly unlikely when she’s under contract with the new family friendly WWE.

So Vince, please fire her so we can witness the ravishing Russian bare it all.



8 Maryse

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Oh, the Montreal beauty; even when she speaks in her French-Canadian dialect fans listen closely just to hear her speak those beautiful words that most of the audience probably doesn’t even understand (unless you’re from France, Quebec or learned the language). She just has a way of reeling you in no matter what she says.

Since her return following this past WrestleMania, Maryse has traded in her in-ring talents for a managerial career alongside The Miz, her real life husband. Since she came along, The Miz has been red hot, winning the IC Title in her return and still hanging onto the Championship to this very day. Maryse has added another degree of depth to his character which has set him apart from most nowadays. Miz is enjoying the finest run of his entire career at the moment.

So as a thank you, we’d like The Miz to allow his wife the opportunity to take it all off. As a thank you, we will attend WWE events and applaud The Miz for one entire year. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. What do you guys think?

7 Melina

Melina is the underdog on this list but that’s probably because you forgot about her. Now that the memories are coming back, you certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the LA resident and former Women’s and Divas Champion take it all off.

Pretty hard to believe that it’s already five years since Melina departed from the WWE. Since she left the big company, Melina spent most of her time on the independent circuit, and she also worked for Lucha Underground. A lot of her exposure and monetary gains actually came from wrestling conventions, as she is still extremely popular with fans supporting her new look nowadays. She also stated on the Ross Report that she was headed back to school; quite admirable from the former WWE star.

So that leaves us with the question: would you still want to see Melina take it all off today while supporting her new look? Chances are, you people are yelling “YES” in Daniel Bryan-like fashion.

6 Paige

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She is the current “wild child” in the WWE but that only adds to the fact that fans want to see her bare it all. With Paige’s wild attitude, the chance of her taking it all off can be a possibility especially considering her rocky relationship with the WWE at the moment.

Since Paige and Del Rio began to date behind the scenes, her stock seems to have plummeted big time. She’s been off television for weeks now and has yet to scratch the surface since the brand extension, yet, she still remains a hot commodity because of the rumor mills swirling with her name attached to various rumors.

Luckily for Paige, she was not sacrificed by the WWE despite her on-going issues with the company. The WWE staying patient has a lot to do with her age, being only 24, along with her immense popularity. When she does finally return, you can expect an emphatic ovation of approval to the woman we wish would take it all off one day!

5 Torrie Wilson & Sable (Again)

If you watched wrestling religiously during the 03’ year, chances are you didn’t get much sleep. That was the year when Torrie Wilson and Sable engaged in a long and jaw dropping feud over the cover of Playboy magazine. The feud was littered with R-Rated segments that made us question exactly what program we were watching. Though we didn’t even think about changing channel and watched pretty intensely to the point that some of our eye sockets began to bleed profusely.

The Playboy copies with the two sold record breaking amounts which leads us to wanting more. Can you seriously imagine how many more issues the magazine would sell if the two decided to do another shoot today? Torrie still looks absolutely stunning nowadays, while Sable seems to be hiding out in Canada, though we can assume she still looks great.

Even if Brock takes us to “Suplex City”, we’d take it for another chance to see the two take it all off one more time. Just please, no F-5.

4 Lita


WWE fans were thrilled to see Lita rejoin the WWE years after her hiatus from the company. What have we learned since she came back? She’s still stunning as hell and might be even better looking at the age of 41 than she was back in her prime days with the company.

Today, Lita spends her time working as a panelist for the WWE and keeps things rather quiet. Though back in the day, Dumas was anything but that as she broke the mold becoming a rebellious character that wore sexy tomboy outfits along with her dazzling and high flying in-ring abilities. Lita was certainly the epitome of a trail blazer back in the 90s and her legacy is still being celebrated today.

So in order to celebrate things even further we’d request the 41 year old to take it all off for all her fans around the world. If she does not comply, we’d settle for one more wrestling match at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Either or.

3 Sasha Banks

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Looking at the beautiful women on the current WWE roster, chances are Sasha would finish first on most lists. Her look has set her apart from everyone else, though her in-ring abilities truly put her over to the next level.

When she started off as a quiet babyface down in NXT you could not have predicted what a star she would become in the business years later cementing her position as “The Boss” of the WWE.

Still only 25 and set to turn 26 in January, Sasha is truly just getting started with the WWE. Her stock will only continue to rise in the upcoming years making her popularity go even further than what it is today.

Now with all this being said, we, the WWE universe, feel that Sasha taking it all off would only benefit her career. Even though that statement makes no sense, some of us truly believe that for no apparent reason whatsoever.

It’s fun to dream sometimes.

2 Trish Stratus


Several keyboards and computer screens were probably cracked when some of our viewers didn’t see Trish’s name under the number one entry.

Trish was truly the Women’s Division during the 2000s. Before becoming a terrific in-ring performer, Trish had zero wrestling skills and was simply a manager of a Tag Team featuring mid-carders; Test and Albert. Her minor role was enough for the WWE fans to take notice and soon enough, her stock grew to newer heights and she was feuding with the likes of Vince and Stephanie McMahon, despite having no in-ring qualifications whatsoever. It truly was love at first sight with the Toronto native.

After her time as non-in ring competitor came to an end, Trish brought her game up to new levels becoming one of the top in-ring women performers of all time. She was truly the ideal mix of beauty and wrestling talent.

The one thing fans constantly prayed for but never got during her WWE stint was a chance to see her take it all off. Chances are, it won’t happen with Trish being happily retired and a proud mother.

But we can still dream. You can’t take that away from us.

1 Stephanie McMahon

If you don’t want to see Stephanie take it all off, please stop lying to yourself. Instead, during the next episode of Raw, mute every Stephanie McMahon segment and let us know how you feel about her. Chances are, your perceptions will probably change quickly. Just make sure to keep the volume down.

Stephanie truly is that villain you hate but secretly love deep down because she’s so good at what she does and pretty damn good looking as well. Looking back at the last couple of years, you’ll find it impossible to find a better heel than Stephanie. What makes all this even more noteworthy is the fact that she’s done so without being a prominent in-ring performer (she’s probably “wrestled” a handful of matches since her debut back in 99’). For these accomplishments, we must applaud Stephanie. A standing ovation would also be nice.

The chances of Stephanie taking it all off are pretty slim but that doesn’t change the fact that we’d love to see it happen.


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