15 Facts And Photos Of Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears is one member of the Spears family that a lot of people simply can’t figure out. That’s because she’s not as transparent as the others. And she’s certainly not always in the spotlight like her big sister Britney Spears is. We all feel like we know everything there is to know about Britney, and Jamie Lynn simply is not nearly as public about her private life. But that might be for one very good reason: Jamie Lynn likes to be in control of her life. She’s doing things her way, regardless of what people have to say about it. She really broke the mold when it came to the Spears family, and she is dedicated to doing whatever makes her happy.

Still, Jamie Lynn still has millions of fans from all over the world that follow each and every step she makes. Even though she doesn’t have the acting career that she used to have, people still follow her on Twitter. And while she’s definitely not in the same category as her sister Britney when it comes to her singing, she can pull her own weight. She’s got what it takes to be a huge star in her own right. The only problem is that Jamie Lynn might not want all of that attention. She’s got her own life, with her own family far, far away from all the chaos that’s in Hollywood. With that being said, here are 15 photos of Jamie Lynn Spears and her life outside of the celebrity bubble today.

15 She Shunned Hollywood

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Jamie Lynn Spears could live in Hollywood just like her sister Britney Spears if she wanted to. The only thing is that she’s not interested in living inside what many people would call the celebrity bubble. She’s seen what it has done to her sister and she’s definitely seen what kind of stress it put on her parents. That’s why Jamie Lynn has opted to live her life as far away as possible from that mess in her home state of Louisiana instead.

Jamie Lynn enjoys a quiet life in her small town with her husband, Jamie, and her 9-year-old daughter, Maddie. Even though she has millions of fans who follow her on social media, she gets to do all of the simple things in life, like go to the movies and the grocery store without the paparazzi nearby.

14 Her Family Life

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Jamie Lynn Spears won’t say that she’s a redneck, but she’s definitely a country girl at heart. She loves all the things that country girls get to do, like hunting, fishing and taking out the family motorbikes and ATV for a spin. She also goes to mass every week and sends her daughter to Catholic school.

There’s a good chance that Jamie Lynn knows that she wouldn’t have the same kind of lifestyle she has now if she chose to stay in Hollywood. She gets to do everything she wants to do without having the paparazzi follow her each and every move. And the best part about her life in Louisiana is that her husband and her daughter get to live normal lives away from all of the intrusive cameras, too.

13 And Baby Makes Four

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Jamie Lynn Spears recently announced that she is expecting her second child. This will be her first child with her current husband, Jamie Watson. While she hasn’t made any comments about her pregnancy yet, she did say that she’s excited for her family and of course, the future. With a daughter who is a pre-tween and a new baby arriving, she will definitely have her hands full.

Jamie Lynn shared a photo on her Instagram account and captioned it with, “Happy to announce that Maddie is FINALLY going to be a big sister. 2017 was filled with some of the biggest challenges of my life, as well as some of the biggest blessings, so I made a choice to lay low this year to focus on truly becoming my best self as a person and as an artist."

12 Her Parents Dragged Her To Auditions And Rehearsals

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Jamie Lynn Spears was introduced to the entertainment world at a very young age. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much of a choice about it, too. That’s because her parents always took her to her sister Britney’s auditions and rehearsals. She was there from the very first moment Britney Spears launched her successful and controversial music career.

Of course, Jamie Lynn’s parents had big plans for her, too. They wanted her to be as big of a star as her sister was. But Jamie took her time. She wasn’t interested in all of the glitz, the glamour and the pressure that came along with being a star. She wanted a normal childhood and a normal high school experience. Luckily for Jamie Lynn, she got both. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t have to pay a price for being a Spears, though.

11 What About Her Career?

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Jamie Lynn Spears has made it no secret that she wants to be a country music star. She knows she’s got the voice and she’s certainly got the talent, now it’s only a matter of how she can get her feet off the ground. And while she’s dabbled a little bit in the country music world, she’s yet to make a name for herself in the industry. Still, she’s doing whatever it takes to make it work. She knows the future is in her hands.

As a matter of fact, she once said, “I'm still the same artist; it's just different sides of me. I'm learning to be a little bit more confident in myself and I think that's something that all of us girls struggle with. It's really about defining your confidence.”

10 Did Being A Teen Mom Ruin Her Career?

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A lot of people think that Jamie Lynn’s teen pregnancy might have ruined her career. During the time she found out that she was pregnant, she was one of the biggest stars on television, thanks to her role on Zoey 101. Yet, she was forced to give it all up to leave Hollywood and raise her daughter as far away from the spotlight as possible.

And while she could have made a comeback, Jamie Lynn never did. She opted to stay in Louisiana instead. If it weren’t for her teen pregnancy, who knows where Jamie Lynn would be today or what she would be doing, for that matter. She could have been another Britney Spears, for all we know. In some ways, it’s safe to say that her pregnancy saved her from going down the same path her sister did.

9 Does She Still Want Stardom?

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Jamie Lynn Spears wants a piece of the cake and she wants to eat it, too. In other words, she wants to be as successful as her sister Britney, but on her own terms. That’s why she struggles with opening up about her private life to the public. Although Jamie knows very well that in order to be a successful artist these days, you have to be a celebrity, too.

She recently said in an interview, “It was a scary decision to let cameras into my life, but if I was going to do it, I just wanted to be really honest and kind of introduce myself as an adult. I think the world met me as a young girl, and they still associate me with who I was when I was 13. They still don't understand how over the last eight years what has happened and who I've become.”

8 She Was Very Ambitious In High School

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Fans and critics think they knows everything there is to know about the Spears family. Just because they are such a huge name in the entertainment world, you’d think that you would have them all figured out, right? Well, think again. There are a lot of things about Jamie Lynn’s past that even some of her biggest fans don’t know about.

For example, Jamie Lynn was a huge athlete in high school. She was a star on her basketball team and she was also a cheerleader. Jamie Lynn was very ambitious and popular and she was also considered one of the “hot” girls at her high school, too. She also managed to have both her television career and a normal high school experience at the same time. And she did it all pretty well, too.

7 She’s Not Ashamed About Her Past

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Even though Jamie Lynn Spears was reportedly offered $1 million dollars for her baby’s first pictures, she never really opened up about her pregnancy or her experience as a young, teen mom. She didn’t talk about it in interviews and she certainly didn’t let anyone see a glimpse of her life as a mom. It was only until recently did she decide to talk more open her experience and how getting pregnant at such a young age has helped her be the woman that she is today.

As a matter of fact, Jamie has made it no secret that she’s not ashamed of her past. It happened, she’s moved on and she wants the rest of the world to move on, too. She’s even said, “It's about embracing your story. You're not apologizing, or being ashamed of it, because it makes you who you are." You definitely can’t argue with that.

6 She Wants To Be A Role Model

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Let’s face it. Jamie Lynn Spears was her generation’s first teen mom. She earned her title way before any of the other MTV reality television stars came along. Yet, Jamie Lynn says that despite her past, she still wants to be a good role model. She wants to teach both her daughter and young girls that you can definitely make your wrongs into rights by going in the right direction in life. If she did it, anyone can do it.

Jamie Lynn once explained, “Obviously, my daughter keeps me motivated, but I've got a really great support system. Having my husband and my mother and my family really support me, so that I cannot only provide for my daughter, but I can set up a future that creates a better life for her.”

5 She Never Fit In With The Hollywood Crowd

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According to Jamie Lynn Spears, she never fit in with the Hollywood crowd. In fact, it was the kind of lifestyle that she simply was never interested in. Even though her sister is one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry, Jamie Lynn didn’t want the same life her sister had. She saw first hand how chaotic it was, how disturbing it was at times, and how it messed up Britney’s life at times. That’s why Jamie Lynn constantly reminds people that she’s not that kind of person. Instead, she wants to stay true to her roots and the place she grew up in.

Jamie has said in the past, “I grew up in Louisiana and I think people get it confused. They assume that I lived in California or that's where I'm from. I worked there, but I didn't live there.”

4 Comparisons To Britney Spears

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Jamie Lynn Spears know that no matter what she does or what she tries, she will always be compared to her older sister, Britney Spears. Even though Jamie Lynn is a celebrity in her own right, it’s her sister that’s a household name.

Still, a lot of people can’t help but compare Jamie to her sister and her talents and of course, her appearance. Some will even go as far as saying that Jamie Lynn could be the bigger star of the Spears family if she wanted to. Others say that it’s Britney that has that “something” that Jamie Lynn simply lacks. Either way, it’s a good thing these two sisters are close because all of these comparisons would definitely break their sibling bond in half. The Spears sisters do a good job of tuning everyone else out.

3 She Wants To Be Taken Seriously

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If there’s one thing that Jamie Lynn wants the world to know, it’s that she’s got talent. She’s passionate about being a good singer and songwriter and wants to make good music that will last more than one season on the radio. In other words, she wants to be taken seriously. She’s not interested in fluffy pop music or making forgettable songs that no one will want to talk about later on.

Jamie Lynn once explained, “I'm more honest in my lyrics than I am in anything else. It's where I feel the most safe to express myself. I write about growing up, my family, Maddie and getting pregnant. If I've lived it, why wouldn't I talk about it? I guess that's been the coolest thing – realizing that it's OK to just be myself and really tell my story.”

2 She Was Forced To Grow Up Fast

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A lot of people tend to forget that Jamie Lynn Spears was forced to grow up very quickly. That’s because she became a mother at a very early age. Of course, it was a difficult decision to make, but it’s not one that she regrets. Being a teen mom helped her grow and become the responsible young woman that she is today. If it weren’t for Maddie, she would probably be making movies now that she would later regret.

Jamie has said in the past, “I think sometimes I forget that I'm 25, and I can have fun, and be flirty, and be confident, but still be completely in control. All of my new songs are empowering, but at the same time they're fun. I think that's important for women. You don't have to take yourself so seriously all the time.”

1 What’s Next For Jamie Lynn Spears?

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Of course, no one knows what is next for Jamie Lynn Spears. That’s because she doesn't allow people to see what goes on for her behind closed doors. Her public image is a very carefully crafted one. She only allows people to see what she wants them to see, and that’s it. She doesn’t care what her critics have to say about her and that’s because she’s done a great job of shutting them out.

Yet, there’s no denying that Jamie Lynn has a lot to look forward to in the future. Her family is growing, she’s working on her country music career and she’s raising her family on her own terms. She might not be the international star that her sister Britney Spears is, but she’s got other things going for her, including her health and her happiness. Watch this space.

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