15 Expensive Beauty Products, Only The Likes Of Kim K Can Afford To Maintain Her Look

They say celebs are just like the rest of us, aside from the fame and fortune, that is. While we watch what we spend on the extras like makeup and beauty items, many A-list stars go all out and splurge on the finest of lipsticks, liners, lotions, and lashes.

Money may not grow on trees, but it sure makes its way into the designer wallets and bank accounts of some of today’s most bankable stars. They have lots and lots of loot, making it A-okay for them to spare a hefty chunk of it to make themselves more beautiful than they already are. And when these celebs want the very best of the best, they are certainly not holding back. Money is simply no object when it comes to looking utterly flawless and fantastic. Without the right look, celebs get shamelessly slammed in the press and by trolls on social media.

While we may never get to try these super expensive beauty items, at least we can see that they work incredible wonders on the richest celebs. The Kim Ks of the world can surely snag these special items, but the rest of us will have to make do with NYX.

Check out these 15 gorgeous celebs and their overpriced beauty routine. Some rich folks spend their money on mansions, but you’ve gotta look like a million bucks as you enter the front door. Would you pay such ridiculous prices just to look pretty if you had the means?

15 Jessica Simpson — $52,000 Lash Lunacy 

It is no secret that singer-turned-businesswoman Jessica Simpson is super-wealthy, but who knew that she spends so much of her hard-earned dough on her eyelashes? Yep, this blonde beauty shells out $52,000 per year on her extensions, making us all wonder how we ever got along with a basic tube of drugstore mascara all this time. She reportedly gets a new set of her luxe lashes bi-weekly at the tune of $500 for each special set. It must be good to have so much disposable income, but surely Simpson could find a more economical way to bat her beautiful lashes. What an eye opener!

14 Kylie Jenner — Wallet-Busting Brushes

Makeup mogul and brand new mommy, Kylie Jenner, is all about the lips, but she sells other types of makeup and makeup tools too, including a set of very expensive luxury brushes — The Silver Series cost a hefty $360. While Jenner would have no problem at all forking over such a wild wad of cash for some measly makeup brushes, surely most of her clientele isn’t rolling in the dough like she and her family are. Perhaps Jenner will offer something less pricey, unless these brushes are something really special — aside from the fact that her name is on them.

13 Chrissy Teigen — Super Special Serum For $470

Model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen always looks stunning, but her beauty comes at a cost — $470 to be exact. She loves to use a special serum called La Mer The Concentrate which is said to have restorative power and soothes visible irritation to the skin. The bottle is small, but Teigen must find its benefits to be huge. Hopefully her handsome hubby likes the results as much as she does. Let’s hope she doesn’t go through those little bottles too quickly or the bills will pile up. Then again, they won’t be going broke in their lifetime, so Teigen’s skin may as well look good until she is old and grey.

12 Kelly Osbourne — Diamond Digits Cost $1 Million

Let’s not forget the nails. Manicures are always important for the well-groomed and stylish celeb, but some manicures are truly over-the-top. Kelly Osbourne sported a $250,000 black-diamond manicure, as well as a white diamond one for an astounding million bucks! While these looks were on display for red carpet events and Osbourne’s nails were most likely paid for by production, the idea of so much temporary bling seems ridiculous. Although Osbourne must have felt like she had the whole world in her hands, if even for a short time. No heavy lifting when you’ve got so many rocks to rock!

11 Lea Michele — Big Spender On Brushes

The brunette beauty, Lea Michele, could go barefaced and look like a million bucks, but since she’s got the loot, why not take her look up a notch with fine and fabulous makeup and tools to enhance her look even further? Expensive makeup is one thing, but the way it is applied makes all the difference. That is why Michele swears by her Artis Brush which costs $62. The oval design makes applying foundation, highlighter, blush, and bronzer easy, yet professional looking. The special fibres on the brush are luxe and lovely, just like Michele herself. And you thought that dinky mini-brush that comes with your blush was sufficient.

10 Beyoncé — $900 Fancy Fingertips

The queen herself loves to splurge on beauty, so Beyoncé went all out for her nails with a $900 H&H manicure to get gold nails on every pretty finger. Of course, the singer makes millions of bucks, but $900 just for a mani seems quite excessive. While she does need to look her very best on stage, in her music videos, and on red carpets, a more modest mani would likely look just as lovely. All that glitters is gold though, and if anyone is going to shine, it is Beyoncé. Most of us would rather have a piece of jewelry though, since it will certainly last longer than a week!

9 Kim Kardashian West — Expensive Epidermis With Snail Venom

We all know how much Kim Kardashian West puts into her beauty routine, and skimping is never part of the program. She goes for the best of the best, and money is no object, since she’s got more of it than she knows what to do with. She is all about the contouring and bronzing, but her beauty product usage isn’t limited to her pretty face. Kim’s neck and décolleté need special treatment too, that is why she loves Lancer Contour Décolleté which costs $185 for just 1.7 ounces. It smooths out fine lines and wrinkles and firms up saggy skin with the help of snail venom! Some people will go to any lengths for beauty.

8 Margot Robbie — Costly Complexion For $700

The beautiful and talented actress, Margot Robbie, is one of the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood, and her undeniable beauty is envied by women who would love to have her drop-dead gorgeous looks. While her DNA plays a huge role in her foxy and alluring appearance, the actress takes her looks up a notch with 111SKIN Celestial Edit. This product brightens her complexion and makes her skin glow and look dewy. But such results cost plenty of money. Robbie shells out $695 to get her Hollywood-perfect looks. You won’t be seeing the star browsing the aisles of your local CVS for this special stuff!

7 Lindsay Lohan — Shells Out $770 For Serum

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been in the public eye for decades, so it is no wonder that she is willing to pay a ton to achieve the highest levels of beauty. She splurges big time on La Prairie Cellular Serum Platinum Rare, which costs an astronomical $770 for an ounce! It must contain magical elements from the Fountain of Youth to be so pricey. Apparently, this super expensive serum helps restore moisture to the skin, making it brighter, firmer, and all-around better. For that much money, it better live up to its promises! Otherwise, Lohan will have to age gracefully like the rest of us.

6 Sophia Bush — Pays Up For Pressed Powder 

Actress Sophia Bush is surely an attractive woman, but just like the rest of us, she does not want her skin to look oily or shiny. But this broad goes to the extreme when it comes to her choice in pressed powder. The average gal spends about $10 at most on her makeup compact, but Bush pays up big time by splurging on Clé de Peau Beauté Refining Pressed Powder which rings in at an astonishing $175. This makeup better be something special, otherwise Bush was fooled into thinking the more she spends the better she’ll look. Then again, she’s pretty hot!

5 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley — Never Skimps On Skin Cream

When you are as beautiful as actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it's hard to believe that it isn’t all-natural, but even the loveliest of ladies need a bit of a boost when it comes to beauty. And when you are well-off like Huntington-Whiteley, you can afford to splurge on the finest of skin cream. That is likely why she goes for the very expensive Rose de Mai Cream, which runs $210 per tiny 1.7-ounce jar. Hopefully a little goes a long way, or else this babe better pray that her career remains steady. Otherwise we’ll be seeing the sexpot slathering Vaseline across her chiseled cheekbones.

4 Christina Ricci — Wealthy And Wrinkle-Free

If you think actress Christina Ricci looks young, it may be partly due to good genes, but the rest is due to her taste in expensive skin cream. Clé de Peau Beauté La Créme to be exact. Would you pay a whopping $535 to $795.00 for age-defying care? Sure, none of us are into wrinkles, dull skin, or noticeable pores, but who has the dough to spend on such an extravagant remedy? It must be good to be a celeb who has the means to fork over hundreds of bucks for a few ounces of beautification. The rest of us are lucky if our lotion even absorbs into our skin.

3 Jourdan Dunn — Supermodel-Worthy Skin Cleanser

While the majority of us are using plain old soap and lukewarm water to wash off the day’s grime and makeup, the stunning supermodel Jourdan Dunn is all about Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser to make her already gorgeous face even more spectacular. At $66 for just over 4 ounces, this stuff must be pretty special. Apparently, it reduces the size of pores, gets rid of impurities, and is all-natural, filled with the power of pomegranate and papaya. The smell of sweet and spicy ginger lingers on Dunn’s face while the rest of us are happy to have a clean washcloth.

2 January Jones — Covers Up With $kin Concealer 

We all want to look flawless and cover up any acne, red spots, or fine lines, but $70 for a simple tube of concealer is not pocket change — unless you are actress January Jones. She looks darn good to us, but perhaps that is because she hides her pores and pimples underneath a heavy streak of expensive concealer. While $70 surely is not the highest price to pay for an item of makeup, it seems like a lot for such a small portion of a full makeup bag. Let’s hope Jones doesn’t break out much, or else she’ll be breaking the bank.

1 Rihanna — Fake Tans In The Thousands

Makeup is not just for the face, and lots of celebs use the trick of self-tanner to get their entire bodies looking fabulously fierce and creatively contoured. One of such celebs is none other than superstar Rihanna. She uses self-tanner to get her body to look beautiful. But why apply the smelly and sticky stuff yourself when you can hire someone who would be glad to do it for you? So, Rihanna has a “personal tanner” on call who contours and airbrushes her enviable body to perfection for an astounding $800 per day! Well, it sure beats working at McDonalds!

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