15 Epic Celeb Photobombs We Could Never Forget

In the celebrity world, we are swarmed with perfect photos, whether they're from photo shoots or red carpet events. For the most part, when celebrities are posing for pictures, they're almost always perfect. But isn’t it so much more fun when something goes wrong? Every now and then, we get some gems in the form of celebrity photobombs.

There are some pretty epic celebrity photobombs out there and we are loving every minute of them. These are the type of photos that can give us a laugh when we are forced to see one celebrity selfie after another. The best thing that anyone can do when they see a picture being taken is to photobomb it, and we have some pretty awesome examples of just that. This is the place to be if you want to see some epic photobombs. After all, what is better than starting off the day with a good laugh? We've picked some of the funniest celebrity photobombs out there to help you get through your day!


15 The Queen Of Photobombs

These unsuspecting girls were just posing for a traditional selfie when in walked the Queen of England into the photo. We’re not sure they even realized the Queen was in the same room as them. You don’t get a more epic photobomb than this one. The fun part about these types of photos is that they probably didn’t realize the Queen was even in the photo until they looked back at their camera roll later on. The funnest part about these images is that they make for great stories you can share with others for years to come. These girls are going to have an awesome memory with the Queen in it and that’s not something everyone can say.

14 When Jennifer Lawrence Attacks


Obviously, this is an awesome photo for many reasons. We have Taylor Swift doing a regular red carpet interview while Jennifer Lawrence sneaks up behind her. If you actually see the video behind the picture, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t approach Swift at all. She just creeps up behind her like a scary monster and then runs away laughing. It’s so typical Jennifer Lawrence to so something so hilarious while other celebs take themselves so seriously. And the fact that she's pulling this face in a gown makes it all the better. Swift wasn’t even aware that she was there and probably didn’t even know about this epic photobomb until the next day. Isn’t that the best part of a photobomb?

13 Pacey Witter Strikes Again

Anne Hathaway is the victim of many photobombs; maybe it’s because she is rumored to be a very uptight actress. We’re not sure, but she looks absolutely divine in this photo. It would be an amazing snapshot except for Joshua Jackson's hilarious face. We love it. This photo just makes our hearts pitter-patter as we remember the underdog character from Dawson’s Creek. This won’t be the first photobomb you'll see with Anne Hathaway, we promise you, it’s happened to this poor girl more than once. She just can’t catch a break.

12 Jennifer Aniston’s Photobomb


How could you not love this picture? If anything, Jennifer Lopez should be honored that Jennifer Aniston photobombed her selfie. Just as Lopez is about to take a selfie at a classy event, Aniston pops her head right in. Celebrities are always so polished, and we often have them up on a pedestal, so we don't always expect this kind of silly behavior. We’re not even sure Lopez realized that she had been photobombed until much later. She doesn’t seem to realize that Aniston is right behind her. This is sure to be one of the best memories of the event. These two Jennifers need to work together more often.

11 Here Comes Jennifer Lawrence...Again

We can’t stop laughing while we look at this photo, it’s just too perfect. Jennifer Lawrence strikes again! She seems to always have such good timing. We’re not sure if this Hunger Games crew was a guest on the Conan O’Brien show or if they're at an event, but it makes for a pretty epic photo. Conan O’Brien, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth are trying to take what would be your typical snapshot, except for Jennifer Lawrence’s head. It’s a hilarious photo and one that is made funnier by Hutcherson’s shocked face.

10 Jack Black Is The Shark


Angelina Jolie has no idea who is creeping behind her and she probably doesn’t want to find out. Don’t you feel like the music from Jaws should be playing in the background of this photo? It’s a great photo because Angelina Jolie has no idea Jack Black is not only creeping up behind her, but from the looks of it, he's checking out her behind. Jolie is looking as polished as ever while Jack Black is looking a little rumpled for an event. It might be because he’s crawling around the floor trying to photobomb celebrities. Things like this just lighten the mood, and we wonder if he was planning on scaring her because that would make it all the better.

9 Poor Anne Hathaway 

Anne Hathaway really can’t catch a break, can she? Jared Leto couldn't be more excited after winning an Oscar. We have to wonder how many celebrities he photobombed that night just out of sheer excitement. Once again, Anne Hathaway is the victim of yet another photobomb. She looks so polished and poised in this photo and has no idea that there's a crazy-looking Leto behind her. We can’t fault Leto, however, since he was having a great night and had every right to celebrate. Even if it did mean ruining Hathaway's glam shot.


8 Creepy Leo 


Who wouldn’t want a sexy Leonardo DiCaprio photobombing their picture? Sign us up! Here we have 50 Cent and the gorgeous supermodel Naomi Campbell looking great together at a party just before the Golden Globes. Just when they snap the picture, there's Leo in the wrong place at the wrong time, totally taking the focus off the couple. We totally think that it improves the photo completely, but maybe that’s just us.

7 Legendary Photobomb

Even legendary actresses like to have a little bit of fun. Here we have another red carpet event where everyone is supposed to be serious and polished. Nothing should ever go wrong, right? Well, that's not the case when it comes to epic photobombs! Meryl Streep clearly disagrees and we love that even the legendary actresses like to have a little fun. Here is Julianne Moore looking poised and ready for the photographers when Streep walked in and became the main focus. With a smile and a wave, she totally stole the show. The best part of these photos is how unaware the celebrities are that they are getting photobombed. You wouldn’t think that anyone would be able to upstage that stunning redhead, but you couldn’t be more wrong. An Oscar-winning actress can certainly upstage anyone! Nice work Meryl Streep!

6 Zach Braff Surprises Wedding Couple


Is it possible to have a better wedding photo than this one? It’s already an unusual photo as there is so much going on around the couple. Although it could have been a great photo of a wedding couple in the midst of traffic in the busy city of New York, it's an even better one now that Zach Braff is in it. The photographer was the one that noticed the photobomb later on when he posted it on social media and then, of course, it hit the papers. It probably brought in a ton of business for this photographer. This is going to be a fun memory for the couple over the years.

5 The Hoff

Picture yourself out at a club with your best friend, all dressed up and looking to meet some new people. You guys are having drinks all night and just having a blast. Maybe you’ve hit the dance floor and now it’s time to take some selfies of the two of you. After all, you want to be able to remember your night out. And what better way to document the night than with a David Hasselhoff appearance? These girls have no idea that The Hoff made a debut in their photo. That is until the next day when they start scrolling through their photos. These girls are getting their duck faces on and trying to look sultry when the goofy Hasselhoff decides to make an appearance.

4 Creepy Bieber


Nothing is creepier than seeing a funny-faced Bieber in the middle of your romantic photo. Here we have Russell Brand and Katy Perry back in the day when they were still married and in love. For such a handsome guy, Justin Bieber looks totally creepy in this photo. Like a stalker that is just waiting for you to get home and see he's been following you all night. Sorry, Bieber, it’s true. This is just another example of how normal, boring photo can become all the better with a photobomb, especially when Bieber is involved.

3 Britney Gets Licked

Could you imagine finding this photo on your camera roll the next day? We have no idea what is happening to poor Britney Spears in this photo. To be obvious, we're not all that surprised this kind of thing happened to Spears. Here we have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, clearly when they were still married, posing happily for photographers and fans. Meanwhile it looks like Britney Spears is being violated, possibly by Perez Hilton. Yes, we do think that’s who it is. Spears doesn’t seem too alarmed by the incident, though.

2 Bieber Strikes Again


This poor guy decided to fall asleep in one of the hotel lobby’s chairs; he must be exhausted from all his travels. Well, he’s in for a huge surprise when he wakes up and gets on social media. Justin Bieber is certainly a fan of the photobomb, and in this case, he has found an unsuspecting victim. It appears as if Bieber is checking into a hotel when he spies on some random man sleeping in a lobby chair. Not one to pass up a photo opportunity, Bieber gets in there and takes a photo with the sleeping man. He either took the man’s phone and used it, leaving behind an epic fan photo for the man, or he used his own phone — we can't be sure. This wouldn’t be the first time Bieber did something bizarre for the cameras.

1 Cindy Crawford Love

Don’t these two look so much in love? It’s a sweet picture that shows just how much these two adore each other. Love is in the air! And apparently, so is George Clooney. That would be Cindy Crawford the iconic supermodel kissing her husband, Rande Gerber. Up pops George Clooney likes he’s a Jack in the Box. We’re not sure how George Clooney even became part of the photo because it’s not like they are at an event but there he is. It’s possible that they are attending the same wedding, garden party or something like that. Regardless of where they are, Clooney sure knows how to ruin a good moment between the lovers. It’s still a great photo despite the photobomb.


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