15 Careers No Guy Wants Their Girlfriend To Have

The ability to have a successful career and maintain a romantic relationship is what most of us want in life. One of the worst experiences in the world of dating is being a second priority to your partner's job. If you your partner tells you that networking events or work trips are a lifestyle requirement, it would make anyone question if the relationship is worthwhile.

As you continue your journey in life, you might have to step outside of your comfort zone to improve your skills or move to a new country to find work opportunities. One thing you need to keep in mind is some jobs will take the most of your energy.

If you are a man or woman working in any of these fields while managing to keep your partner happy, you are blessed. Before you start applying for a new position, you might want to consider if these jobs are worth the time.

Here are the 15 careers that no guy wants their girlfriend to be doing.

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14 Talent Manager

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When a talent manager works with an entertainer, a typical day involves being around some of the most influential people in the industry. Managing an artist can be a headache at times. Can you imagine supervising the career of Justin Bieber or Chris Brown? Every time they upload a controversial Instagram video (no matter what time of the day it is) you will have to call them and beg them to delete it to avoid public speculation. Being a manager is a non-stop daily responsibility.

The old life you used to have to live in an apartment can get you the keys to a fancy house. On average, Talent Managers make $80,000 in Canada and close to six-figures in the United States.

If you work with an A-list entertainer, expect to travel with them around the world, but you can also expect that to cause relationship issues.

13 Gaming Institution Employee

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The career of a person working at a gaming organization sounds exciting when in reality it is filled with stress. The work environment in the gaming industry includes a casino and racetracks. Throughout a gaming professionals day, they serve people that are inebriated and are often bribed with money by customers to help them win a game. A beautiful woman in this industry is approached by men every day.

Also, a customer playing with thousands of dollars on the table can be appealing if he has a sweet smile. Being around wealthy man can cloud a person's judgment to be committed to their boyfriend.

While there are employees that are not attracted to the fast life, they see it as a means to make good money in tips. Whether you are thinking about getting into this industry or are ready to throw in the towel, find out if there are non-customer facing positions that you can pursue.

12 Sports Physical Therapist

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If you consider yourself to be a jealous person, having a partner that works in sports therapy can be challenging. What makes this career path difficult is if it involves working with professional athletes. Not only will a female sports therapist be around men with chiseled abs but some professional athletes are flirtatious. These people usually get what they want in an industry where groupies are standard.

The other part of this responsibility is if the person’s job includes traveling with an NBA or FIFA team during sports season, that means she will be away from home for an extended period.

One of the perks of this position is the top ten percent makes an annual salary of $110,670.


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When you spend more time in some customer’s homes or at a hotel cleaning compared to time spent in your house, the responsibilities can consume your energy. This position often requires overtime that can extend past regular business hours. The salary is typically low for a person that is raising a family. Depending on the employer, a housekeeper works on-call, and the feeling of being tied to a job all the time can negatively impact a person’s self-esteem.

The sense of coming home to clean up the mess of children or clean in general can be a burden and can potentially lead to a breakup.

If you are in a relationship with someone that is a housekeeper, offer to help them with house chores. You can ask them to cook or help your children with homework while you clean the house.

11 Waitress

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Dating a waitress has its benefits like getting free food and discounts on menu items, but it is not all that it seems. Most waiters and waitresses would prefer to work at night because more people eat out at that time and you can make extra cash in tips. If you are dating an attractive waitress, the stories about men hitting on her every day will get annoying.

Also, some women are asked by their managers to wear revealing clothing to attract repeat customers. While it can result in higher paid tips, it can potentially put a strain on your relationship.

In most cases, waitresses have a rigid schedule, but if their manager is flexible, it is better to work during regular business hours. This way you can have time to spend with your special someone.

On the contrary, working at night means you will have to sleep in during the day and will go to work the same time your boyfriend gets home from work. If you're okay with seeing your special someone on weekends, we hope your relationship works out for the best.

10 Vlogger

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Almost anyone with a camera and talent can turn into an overnight sensation. The life of a Vlogger is surreal. Full-time Vloggers work long days, and their boyfriends have to be willing to follow them as they work or wait. If you are interested in this position, here's the reality of what it takes to be a successful Vlogger.

Most YouTubers dedicate hours to film, edit and piece together a video. Believe it or not, a 4-minute video can take 2 to 3 hours to make. It includes shooting multiple scenes, uploading material and deciding what their followers will like. They might even ask a few people to come over and give their feedback. If the storyline includes multiple people, it can take up to ten hours to complete one scene.

Let’s take into count that the cost of a DSLR camera is about $800 and you will have to add a tripod and microphone on the list and you realize quickly it isn't the cheapest of career options.

The fun part about dating a Vlogger is if you work together, the day will never get boring.

9 Entertainers 

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When we turn on the television and watch a red-carpet event or a favorite music video most of us often feel like we want to walk in the shoes of an entertainer. After all, what man wouldn’t want women screaming their name? When most A-list celebrities sacrifice their piece of mind, the question you have to ask is if it is worth it?

We all know what else comes along with the business. Groupies and good looking backup dancers that add to the notorious lifestyle. While it is easy to blame the industry, it is better for an entertainer not to commit themselves to one person if they cannot say no to temptation.

On the bright side, celebrities such as Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Matt Damon and Ryan Gosling are happy in relationships. If they can be committed to one person, you can too.

8 Bartender

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The day in the work life of a bartender looks natural. You smile with customers, pour drinks all day and complete simple transactions at a cash register. When we look a bit deeper, it is an unhealthy environment for a person in a committed relationship to work. Some repeat customers get drunk regularly, and people often go there to share negative stories about their life. Also, both men and women go to a bar to find someone and it is not often to find true love (if you know what I mean).

If you live in a highly populated city like Miami or Toronto where the average person is highly attractive, working at a bar is a place where people can easily cheat.

However, there are faithful bartenders out there that understand it is a job and mixing work with pleasure is not only hazardous to their relationship but can hurt their reputation as a bartender.

7 Serving in the Military

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The call of duty for one’s country is one of the best ways to make a positive contribution to the world. A man or woman that gets deployed for an extended period in Afghanistan or Iraq typically come back home single because their partner is not willing to wait. The future will be uncertain because you will never know if your partner will come home safe or not.

The other part of the military job lifestyle is the people that have to fight in wars, or political battles often come back with mental health issues. If you move to a military base to improve the relationship, most of your friends will be military husbands or wives and be used to a new foreign country will make anyone homesick. If you don't have the option of moving in with her, you will have to substitute a real date with late night Skype chats.

6 Lawyer

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Someone once told me that the first five years of a lawyer's career are the worst. Similar to most careers you might go from a small firm to a big organization to find where you best fit in. Bringing home paperwork to study a case and receiving random phone calls throughout the day from clients is a part of the lifestyle.

If you decide to be a defense attorney, and the time comes when you have to defend some customers, but your gut feeling is telling you they are guilty it can easily create mental health issues.

Depending on the position that you choose, you might face taking on a case for more money that goes against your personal ethics, but if it makes a $20,000 difference in your salary, it can be hard to resist. However, if you work on social justice cases to help your community, being a lawyer can be satisfying.

5 Low-Wage Workers

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We have all heard the saying that in a serious relationship a lack of income can be a deal breaker. A relationship is not only taking a woman on a date, but it is common now for couples to spend money traveling together. If you are with your partner, you might purchase a property to get your life started.

If a man or woman is making a small income, it will have an impact on the way they feel about themselves. Every time we turn on the television we are reminded that a nice car, fancy house and designer clothes are apart of the American dream. Studies also show that most women make more money than men in the same age group.

The best advice for this situation is if going back to school is expensive to find a community college or an online university that offers students a quality education. It might take time, but you will enhance your skills to get a higher paying position.

4 Business Owner

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The reality of a successful business man or woman is full o f late nights strategizing ideas for success. Unlike a Full-time employee, an entrepreneur's ability to close deals is a high priority. While I have seen a full-time worker date a businessman, the only way it has worked is if their partner understands and believes in their vision.

If you believe in your boss lady, you will be able to motivate her to keep going whether her chips are high or low. If you ever need inspiration watch Will Smith's movie The Pursuit of Happiness and you will understand what I mean.

On the bright side, an online business is a venture that will guarantee that you will spend more time at home instead of being out on the road looking for new business. You work from home and simply do everything from your computer which means more time for date nights.

3 Factory Worker

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We all know someone that started their career in the workforce at a local shop. Most of these jobs are easy to get if you are a student or recently moved to North America. Before you decide to date a man or woman that works in a factory, you might want to take notes.

People that work in factories work up to 10 hours a day, and the work conditions are lower than average. There is no stability in this position, and when the economy takes a hit, their salary or job can be on the line. When you are on your feet for 8 hours doing the same thing over and over again throughout the year, it can feel like a dead end job.

The good thing about someone who wants this job is it shows that they are hard workers. Who knows? They might become a manager.

2 Psychologist

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The idea that a psychiatrist can't maintain a happy relationship sounds ridiculous to many. Most of these professionals have a high rate of breakups because of the mental and emotional stress helping other people. The challenging part of this job is when she offers advice she might look at you as a patient and rather than giving advice as a girlfriend.

There are times when psychologists get attached to their patients, often seeing them outside of the office. If the client is a man, most boyfriends will not tolerate this kind of behavior. The other side to this is although people are physical, an attractive psychiatrist that helps solve their problems can turn a professional relationship into a romantic one. Whether your girlfriend will be honest about these scenarios will depend on her personality.

One of the perks of dating a psychiatrist is they are good listeners that give professional life advice making their partner feel cared.

1 Security Guard

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When a woman is on the job wearing a security guard uniform, the feeling of power is one that most cannot walk away from. Many of these workers not only have the stress of keeping the premises of a company and its employees safe but they also have to protect themselves. The reality of working in this position is after work hours are limited, and female guards can become a victim of sexual harassment. Not to mention, some people don’t respect them as much as they respect a male security guard.

Most of the people that I know that had a security guard job worked overnight. They slept during regular business hours and went to work at around 8 p.m. Can you imagine working from 8 pm to 4 am? Depending on the company they used to work for, the salary was good, but it was difficult for them to manage a serious relationship.

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