13 Hotties Who Are Comfortable Going Braless In Public

From living in an era where showing a little bit of leg was frowned upon, women have surely come a long way. When it comes to fashion, women have undoubtedly defied society's once prude standards of how a woman should look and have reclaimed their freedom. And for that, you have to give it to women.

While some may argue that women today overshare and show too much, a woman's body is her own, nonetheless. In fact, there has been several movements, most notably the 'Free The Nipple' film and campaign, which have fought to alleviate the double standards when it comes to the human nipple. Supporters believe that a woman's breast are sexualized in a way that men's aren't.

Lina Esco, founder of the Free the Nipple Movement once stated: "This is what we had to do in order to pave the way for equality to be talked about. There is no way the wheels would be turning unless something was going to spark it, something controversial. And that was Free the Nipple." As far as some of these celebrities go, we may not know their personal stance on the issue, however, I'm sure all women can agree that bras in general are annoying and uncomfortable. There is nothing more beautiful than being comfortable in your own skin, literally.


12 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore first melted hearts when she made her first acting debut starring as the adorable Gertie in Steven Spielberg's E.T.. Since then, Barrymore has certainly grown up. Throughout her 30 year-long film career, Barrymore has earned a respectable reputation and proved she's nothing short of a bad*ss starring in movies such as Charlie's Angels. She's also shown that she's not afraid to be herself--occasionally going bra-less included. Barrymore has gone nude in seven of her movies including Doppelganger, The Evil Within, Bad Girls and Boys on the Side. In fact, Barrymore is so care-free and comfortable, she even flashed David Letterman on The Late Show, back in 1995.

11 Selena Gomez

They say that women have a certain glow about them after a breakup. Well, that seems to be the case for actress and singer Selena Gomez. The 23 year-old singer has certainly blossomed since her Disney Channel days but has always kept her sanity. In 2015, Gomez was photographed wearing a pink bikini which was followed by rude and mean comments regarding her weight. Critics claimed she was 'too fat' and needed to lost weight. The singer prevailed through all the negativity and responded with another bikini photo on Instagram telling her fans ,"I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove". Gomez proudly shows off her body sans-bra on more than one occasion going to show being comfortable in your skin is beautiful.

10 Rita Ora

In life, they say don't be afraid to take chances. 25-year-old singer Rita Ora has proven she's not shy of making bold and edgy fashion choices when she steps out on the red carpet, even if it is without a bra. And the most beautiful thing about her just might have to be her self-confidence. Ora is all about promoting self-love. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the singer commented on the subject of body image, saying: "You have to come to terms with loving your body[...]stand naked in front of the mirror, and say, 'I'm f—king sexy.' That's where it starts".

9 Chrissy Teigen

A model, chef and a sense of humor? We must admit singer John legend has hit the jackpot with wife Chrissy Teigen. Not just a triple threat, the self-proclaimed feminist takes a stand on women's choices and is on board with the "Free-The-Nipple" movement, saying in a Huffington Post interview: "A nipple is a nipple is a nipple. They are all the same". With that said, it is no surprise she has upset Instagram on several occasions with pictures subtly exposing her breasts. Teigen jokingly defied Instagram's guidelines by re-posting her infamous "nipple picture"--except in an 'artistic' manner. As far as how she feels about Instagram's rules? Well, she Tweeted: "the nipple has been temporarily silenced but she will be back, oh yes, she will be back".

9. Amber Rose

The list would not would be complete without the self-proclaimed feminist and model Amber Rose. Rose's transparent character makes her an easy target for critics and scorned ex-boyfriends to critique, but she takes the jabs like a pro. With a smile on her face, she lets women know that they should not be ashamed or apologetic of their sexuality. In fact, she started the Amber Rose Foundation which strives to "promote discussion about women’s rights and equality issues". It only makes sense why she's confident in showing off her body, bra-less and all.

8 Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry has made it clear that she is not one for the conventional bra aesthetic. The "Firework" singer has worn costume bras in the shape of cupcakes, movie reels, and peppermints (just to name a few). Why does she choose to ornate an already esteemed area? Well, it may be because it took her a while to embrace her body. In a Rolling Stone interview, the singer explained:

"I started praying for [breasts] when I was, like, 11. And God answered that prayer above and beyond, by, like, 100 times, until I was like, 'Please, stop, God. I can't see my feet anymore. Please stop!'"

She continued that she would tape them down until she was 19-years-old. It's never too late to fall in love with yourself and embrace features you were born with!

7 Karruche

She may be petite, but that doesn't stop actress and model Karrueche Tran from embracing every inch of her body. As a civil member of the itty bitty committee, she tells her Instagram followers that there is nothing wrong with the way God made them. While she's not afraid to show off her stretch marks, she's also not afraid to show a little side boob every now and again. In 2014, she attended the Free The Nipple fundraiser showing her support for the movement and women worldwide.

6 6 Beyoncé

The queen can get away with anything, and that includes going bra-less on the cover of GQ's 2013 February issue. Beyoncé has made it clear she is here for women empowerment with her all-female band and lyrics supporting feminism. While we may not be able to live a day in the life of Queen Bey, she offers some close advice:

"There is unbelievable power in ownership, and women should own their sexuality. There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists. Men are free and women are not. That is crazy. The old lessons of submissiveness and fragility made us victims. Women are so much more than that. You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist -- whatever you want to be -- and still be a sexual being. It’s not mutually exclusive."


5 Kendall Jenner


It can be argued that Kendall Jenner is the only member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who is the most sensible. Although she may not have taken the surgical route to enhance her looks, she surely has not been shy of showing off what her mama gave her. The natural beauty has proudly shown off her 'less than busty' area on more than one occasion. In 2014, Kendall strutted the runway for Marc Jacobs wearing a sheer top showing off her goods. She had every blog talking about her--needless to say-- but this wouldn't be the last time the model would drop jaws. In honor of earning 40 million Instagram followers, she posted a celebratory picture showing off her nipple describing it as "genuine happiness". As long as she's happy, she shouldn't care what people have to say.

4 Nicki Minaj

Nobody can rock a pink wig and fill out a tight dress quite like rapper Nicki Minaj. Since her debut in 2009, she's topped the charts and has not been afraid to show her fellow rappers who's boss. Empowering and unafraid best describe not just her rap lyrics, but her demeanor as well. She prides herself on being a boss and a businesswoman all while embracing her sexuality. The rapper has gotten very cheeky on Instagram several times embracing her curves, and we're not talking about her smile. Nicki Minaj proudly flaunts her body as a pillar for women-empowerment. In an interview with Vogue, she stated:

"There are sexual things that I do that aren't for a man. I feel empowered sometimes by being sexy and being comfortable enough to be sexy on camera — a lot of woman struggle with that. But there are some days that I don't want anyone to see me. I'm just a regular girl. Some days I'm super strong; some days I'm super insecure."

3 Kim Kardashian

The head honcho leading the Kardashian empire, none other than Kim Kardashian comes at number three. With a curvaceous body like hers, we see why. She has posed nude on several occasions-- showing that even post-baby, you can still be sexy. In 2007, Kim first posed nude for Playboy and while she claimed she would never pose nude again, she has obviously had a change of heart since then. The reality-star turned MILF has suggested that she has felt empowered by her post-pregnancy body and would support her daughter North posing nude. But before you raise an eyebrow, she explained in an interview with 92.9 in Australia:

"I would support anything she wants to do. I don't do anything with the intention to promote anyone else doing it—that's not even what I'm trying to do. I do it because I'm proud of it. And it empowered me to feel good about myself after I had gained 500 pounds and looked like a huge slob for so long."

2 Rihanna

The Unapologetic singer makes it very clear that's exactly what she is with each red carpet appearance and paparazzi candid. Rihanna comes in at number two, admitting in a 2014 Vogue interview: “If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra" she continued, “if I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.” Respectively, her fashion sense is untouched, pulling off outfits such as her infamous sheer dress made entirely of Swarovski crystals at the 2014 CFDA Awards. Critics will continue to judge, however, the Bajan beauty will always remain an outstanding fashion icon.

1 Miley Cyrus


Hannah Montana fanatics were probably blindsided when the reinvented, twerking-enthusiast, and carefree Miley Cyrus decided to make her debut in 2013. Since she's reintroduced herself, there is no doubt she cares very little about what critics have to say. Cyrus has stirred up controversy several times, one instance being when she went on stage at the MTV EMAs in 2013 and decided to "light one up". The once conservative pop-star has broken free from her Disney shackles and liberated herself in a way like no other. But there is a method to her madness. Cyrus doesn't just parade around with her tongue out for no reason at all. The singer supports the LGBT community and fights to defy inequitable nudity laws. When she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she joked:

"To be honest, I'm a little cold, I would have worn a shirt — actually I wouldn't have — but you could have warned me." We may not know what she will wear next, but more than likely it will be without a bra and self-empowering!


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