10 Wrestlers With More Ego Than Talent

Wrestlers are supposed to have huge egos. We all know that, it just makes sense.  Fans love a confident wrestler that believes in himself and is good at talking trash on the mic.  Not only that but a

Wrestlers are supposed to have huge egos. We all know that, it just makes sense.  Fans love a confident wrestler that believes in himself and is good at talking trash on the mic.  Not only that but a wrestler with a big ego might be able to punk out his opponent and really make fans notice. Sometimes if you act like you are the best, then you might just be the best.  All in all, if a wrestler doesn't have a big ego then he probably is in the wrong business.

Still though, with all that said, sometimes a big ego gets in the way. Sometimes, no matter how good you are, you are still not as good as you think you are, and that can mess things up. This is true in life as it is in wrestling.

The wrestlers on this list, all of them, are extremely talented, but they all have enormous egos that are even bigger than their talent. In fact it would be fair to say that all of them think they are better than they actually are; and in wrestling, if you think you are better than you are,  sooner or later someone is going to take you down.

Here are 10 Wrestlers With More Ego Than Talent

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10 Chris Jericho


While Jericho is a very talented wrestler who is respected by many in the business, he also has a huge ego.  I mean come on, his book is called "The Best in the World." Doesn't that tell you all you need to know?  He has a big mouth and talks himself up so much that he has been in his fair share of fights because of it, both back stage and in real life. He constantly is talking smack about how other wrestlers have stolen his moves, when the reality is that he stole them from someone else in the first place. All in all, while this guy has a lot of talent, his ego is a little bigger.

9 Goldberg


Goldberg has a bit of an excuse for his ridiculously-oversized ego .He came up too fast in the business and had too much too soon. He burst on the scene in the WCW, and he and everyone else in the wrestling world fed his ego to the point of no return.  By the time he got to the WWE, his ego was so big that it caused him to make some bad decisions and he flamed out.  No matter how good you are as a wrestler, if you think you are better than you are you are going to have some issues.

8 Kurt Angle


Kurt Angle was a fantastic wrestler; there is absolutely no question about that whatsoever. Both as as Olympian and as a pro, he took on all comers and showed himself to be extremely talented. Yet when doctors told him that he needed to retire because of health reasons or risk being in a wheelchair, he continued on and continued through more health problems until the WWE finally cut him loose. He could have retired on his own terms while he was still on top, but his ego would not let him, which is why he earns a spot on this list.

7 Ric Flair


"Nature Boy" Ric Flair is a legend in professional wrestling. Some fans and experts on the sport consider him the best of all time. But no matter how big Flair's talent as a wrestler was, his ego was even bigger.  Flair was known for not talking to wrestlers that he considered not up to his massive talent level. Actually he wouldn't just not talk to them, word is that he wouldn't even make eye contact with them. Maybe it was just an intimidation technique, but either way Flair's talent for wrestling was only surpassed by his enormous ego.

6 Steve Austin


Now there is no doubt that Stone Cold Steve Austin was an extremely talented wrestler. There is also no doubt that he had a huge ego. Vince McMahon has had to work with a lot of wrestlers with big heads and he described Austin as “the most demanding star I have ever worked with”. There was no doubt that Austin was huge, so he probably felt he had a right to act the way that he did. Still, when it is said that you think you are “bigger than the business” by Jim Ross, you know you have an ego problem.

5 Triple H


Triple H is well known for having a huge ego.  Of course there isn't a whole lot of evidence to back it up, which makes us think that maybe a lot of his ego is a bit of an act. Still, with all of that said, where there is smoke there is pretty much always fire of some sort, so we are going to have to go with the opinion that most of the stories about the huge ego of Triple H are true.

4 C.M. Punk


Although it is part of his character that Punk tells us all that he is the best in the world, it seems like he actually believes it too. Being smug, confident and arrogant paid off for Punk, he was impossible to ignore and became an enormous star. While it is hard to be around someone with such a huge ego, Punk proved to himself and the rest of the world he had the skills to back it up. But still, no matter how good he is, he belongs on this list because he still isn't quite as good as he thinks.

3 Mick Foley


Foley is the perfect example of a wrestler who needs to be on this list. While he was no doubt talented, he wasn't nearly as good as he thinks he was. He constantly whines and complains to and about Vince McMahon about how his legacy should be greater than it is. While other wrestlers wrote memoirs about their careers, Foley wrote not just one book about himself, he has written four. While he was a good wrestler and made a name for himself, he wasn't world class. His ego though? That is another story, his ego is one of the best in the world.

2 Bret Hart


In Bret Hart's autobiography he describes himself as "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be”. I think it is safe to assume that he thinks that is true. In fact, his whole book is pretty much Hart telling the reader just how amazing he actually is, both as a wrestler and a person.  The thing is though, Hart wasn't that great. He was just another very good wrestler who came around at the right time and in the right place. At one point Hart refused to lose in Canada because he was a "Canadian Hero". Really Bret?

1 Hulk Hogan


At one time, Hulk did not have an enormous ego. But as time went on Hogan's head became bigger and bigger. Through all of the championships, the reality show and his enormous fame, it seemed Hulk was bigger than wrestling. He almost seemed like a cartoon character for a while, like he wasn't even real. He was real though, and so was his ridiculous ego. In fact the Hulkster embodies what this list is all about. No matter how good you are, if you think you are better than you are sooner or later you are going to wind up looking kind of stupid.

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10 Wrestlers With More Ego Than Talent