10 Facts You Didn't Know About A Woman's "Joy Buzzer"

Everyone knows what's between a woman's legs, but does that mean you really understand how it all works? What some people don’t know is that the term vagina refers to the entire female reproductive apparatus. This is what many people refer to when really they just mean the vulva. The vulva is the external part of the vagina: including elements like the vaginal lips and the clitoris.

The clitoris is an extremely important part of the female anatomy, especially in regards to sexuality and sexual intercourse. While some guys out there may feel squeamish to talk about it or do some research, the proverbial "joy buzzer" is what brings us here today, and you'll be glad you've clicked on this link too.

Few things benefit a female’s pursuit of orgasm more than stimulation in this area. Research shows that around 75% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. As such a potent, orgasmic piece of the female puzzle, what other naughty secrets could it be hiding? We pull back the hood and showcase some of the juiciest facts available out there. Talking about the "little man in the boat" can be a wild ride, but one that your partner will be glad you're taking! After you get through this list you’ll have a much better understanding of what’s happening downstairs for her. Knowledge is power by way of sexual prowess, so it's time to dig in.

10 The Key That Doesn’t Go to Her Heart

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The word “clitoris” is Greek in origin. The exact reasoning behind the designation is unclear. However, people like to speculate on the original name-giver's intentions. There is a related Greek noun form, kleis. This means a key, or a latch or hook. Could this have been the coiner's intention? Name it “the key?” And the key to what, the female orgasm?

9 Liking it Wet

This is true for pretty much the entire female system: it feels better when it is wet. And it’s not even that contact feels better when it’s wet; It doesn’t feel good when it’s too dry. It feels bad. Don’t put her through that.

8 It Needs More

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More than just traditional intercourse is needed, in most cases, for sufficient stimulation. Most women can orgasm from clitoral stimulation, but significantly fewer can orgasm from vaginal penetration. What does that mean? You need to stimulate the right place if you want her to climax!

7 Slow To Start

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6 Times Change

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5 Pleasure Everlasting

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4 Higher Peaks Than Men

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The female pleasure response, especially when compared that of men, does a number of things better. From a purely reproductive standpoint, the clitoris can be called out for technically not playing a role in sexual reproduction.

3 Standing At Attention

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That’s right, a woman technically gets an erection when she’s properly aroused. Blood flows to the area and different parts of the vulva swell up to slightly greater sizes. Just like when a male's member enlarges upon arousal, a clitoris can become engorged with blood when someone or something is turning on the woman.

2 Size Doesn’t matter

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Every woman is different. Length and circumference are two helpful words when it comes to thinking about the dimensions of a woman's fun zone. These small organs can be over an inch long, and .1 to .3 inches in circumference.

1 It’s Bigger

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It’s thought that the complete clitoris could extend up to six inches into a woman, connecting somewhere to her pelvic bone. If that’s the case, six inches (in addition to however long the organ is that’s showing externally) means she could be “bigger” than you. With the average manhood size falling around five and a half inches, there’s plenty of opportunity for ladies to take home trophies in the length category.

There’s also research that suggests the internal sections look like a four-legged animal. Maybe that mimics your favorite position for stimulating such a powerful erogenous zone. Just remember that penetration can completely avoid stimulating the clitoris. Make sure to give it some attention!


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10 Facts You Didn't Know About A Woman's "Joy Buzzer"