10 Most Amazing Street Art Optical Illusions

Street art has grown in popularity since it first jumped into the public consciousness in the 1980s. Although street art can involve many different forms in public settings, such as poster art, street installations and even sculptures, the most common version usually involves chalks or paints. While many see it as simply another form of vandalism like normal graffiti, proponents argue that it breathes life into areas that are often left abandoned or are drab. They also put forward the case that it involves the public at large in art, giving a platform to artists to create works that are socially and culturally relevant to those living in the location of the work.

Whatever the case, it is hard to deny that many pieces of street art are spectacular. They fill the pavement and walls with imaginative murals or fantastic imagery, though the artwork with the most impact is arguably 3D art. These optical illusions appear as if they are part of the world rather than simply drawn on it. Such artwork can seem to be bursting from the very surface they have been painted on, creating a stunning effect that is hard to match. These are some of the best examples of 3D street art that took the breath away of everyone who experienced them.

10 Floating Whiskey

9 Hanging Words

8 Flying Cars

7 Dead Woman


6 Huxley Collage

5 Dies Irae


4 Ice Crevasse

Artist: Edgar Mueller

3 Floating Heads


2 3D Geometrics

1 White Water Rafting

Julian Beever is arguably one of the most accomplished and famous street artists in the world. Although he was born in England and learned his craft in York, he has since travelled all over Europe working as a freelance artist and has carried out much of his work in Belgium. Using chalk for his pieces, he uses a special technique known as anamorphosis to make the images appear to have three dimensions. Such is his ability that many companies have even hired him to help them promote their products in innovative advertising campaigns.


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10 Most Amazing Street Art Optical Illusions