5 Ways Rich People Travel (& 5 Ways They Don't)

The rich often conduct themselves in a manner that the rest of us could quite literally never even begin to fathom. A lot of them earn more money in a day than most of us do in a year, which shocks and amazes us in equal measure.

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As you can imagine they like to use their wealth in order to go traveling around the world, and we want to try and nail down exactly which forms of transport they enjoy using. After all, we can all dream about a future in which we're in that position and we want to know how we're going to explore.

10 YES - Yacht

The only way you’re traveling around by yacht without being famous or rich is if you rented it out for the day and spent a sizable chunk of money for the privilege.

People work hard for their money (most of the time) and they want to spend it in a manner which is going to make them feel good about themselves. A yacht does that pretty efficiently, and before you ask, no, it doesn’t matter how big it is – because a yacht is a yacht and that’s pretty darn cool regardless of how you spin it.

9 NO - Bus

Buses tend to be very common within most societies, and for the most part, quite uncomfortable in comparison to other modes of transportation. While you and I may take the bus pretty regularly, that isn’t often the case for rich folk.

There are options out there which would suit them better and which would be more convenient, which is kind of part of the problem.

Sure, that might come across as us being a bit stereotypical, but we have yet to really be proven wrong in any way, shape or form.

8 YES - Private Jet

There’s traveling in style and then there’s this. Even if your private jet isn’t the biggest thing in the world, it’s still a private jet.

The luxury of being one of the only people that a plane caters to is quite overwhelming, and it probably isn’t lost on the rich and famous – and yes, that includes those that take multiple trips on it every single day, week, month or year.

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This is the option most of us will be pretty jealous about, and there’s no point in trying to hide it. A private jet is truly a dream way to travel.

7 NO - Plane (Economy)

On the flip side, there’s no point in pretending like someone who is rich is going to sit in coach or economy class.

There’s a lack of room and comfort that comes with being in the cheap seats, and once you’ve tasted the high life of a private jet or perhaps even first class on a regular plane, you’ll never want to go back.

If you’ve got the resources to avoid it, then good for you – but spare a thought for the rest of us.

6 Yes - Limo

Some catch a limo to prom, whereas others will legitimately catch one to attend a local event that probably doesn’t even require their presence, but they want to show off the limo anyway.

They look pretty bizarre given how long they are, but let’s be honest with ourselves, they’re also really cool.

Ensuring that they’re kept to a high standard and looked after, we certainly wouldn’t mind cruising around in one from time to time. Even sitting in one for five minutes would be cool with us, all things considered.

5 NO - Cruise

A cruise ship is always pretty big and luxurious, but there’s just something telling us that it’s all a bit too ‘public’ for the rich. Sure, if it was exclusive and had the grandeur of something like the Titanic we may be able to understand it a little more.

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As it turns out, though, a yacht would probably be a more intimate setting for a big journey. Maybe the security of knowing how big a cruise is would lure some people to test it out once or twice, but it all depends on how recognizable they are.

4 Yes - Train (First Class)

Trains are a lot more fun than most folks give them credit for. Sure, they can be late more often than not and the economy class is absolute trash 90% of the time, but a first-class train experience is super relaxing.

You’re almost guaranteed to get a wonderful view, the service is usually great, and you’re always right at your destination upon stepping off the train.

With a plane one of the biggest problems is that you’ve got to go through security and deal with all of the chaos that comes alongside that. Trains eliminate all the hassle.

3 NO – Bicycle

Cycling is a great way of getting around and staying fit, but as opposed to falling into the trap of thinking that the rich use this as their form of exercise, realize that they probably have a private gym and many personal trainers that will sort all of that out for them.

A motorbike is probably more likely to be parked in the garage of the wealthy but those pedal bikes? They are mostly the transport of the masses.

2 Yes - Sports Car

The thing about sports cars is that there are just so many options in so many different colors and styles in the modern age, and it’s kind of overwhelming.

It’s a statement to drive around in a fancy sports car, and making a statement is what the rich love to do. Whether it’s the look of it or the sound of how fast it’s actually going, you know that you’ve arrived on the big stage when people stop and stare at what you’ve got to offer.

To be fair, they often do look absolutely stunning.

1 NO – Walking

Walking is good for you, gets you some fresh air, and allows you to have some fun interactions with people you otherwise wouldn’t even know existed. If you’re rich and famous, though, there’s always the possibility that you don’t care about any of the points that we’ve just made.

Instead, the priority will be doing what’s easiest – because you’re capable of spending all the money necessary to get over that hurdle. They say walk before you can run, but we aren’t so sure they do either. Then again, we’re open to being proven wrong.

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